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2011-09-06, 04:52 AM
Sadly I have next to no experience playing dnd and none when it comes to homebrewing.

That I aside I love seeing everyone making homebrew. Whether it new and original, or if it was an old class that needed some love and a lot more fluff. I also love when people create classes from something outside of dnd and roleplaying.

I yack too much.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Manga(actually manhwa) Tower of God. I was kind of hoping, if no one was doing anything in particular, wouldn'št mind taking a look and having a go and making five classes. The classes are based off five catagories that people fit into when they are climbing the tower.

(I want to mention you will have to scroll down with this manhwa)


(It is a little ways down before they mention the positions. Fisherman, Spearbearer, Light Bearer, Scout, and Wave Controller.)

Its good to read and I only suggest reading to give you an idea of the world as well as introduce some mysterious energy called shinsoo. It seems one can use it any many ways from creating fire, water, light, etc. barriers

http://www.mangareader.net/1757-57102-6/tower-of-god/chapter-9.html (on the barrier.)

Sorry if this seems like advertising but I just thought the whole world was cool and would like to see it roleplayed as well. I hope someone takes up the challenge. Good luck and if I can help in anway I promise not to get in the way.