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2011-09-06, 08:03 AM
I started to DM a campaign a few weeks ago.So far we've had two sessions and we're looking at playing every other week.
It's about goblins. Fighting a lot of goblins. We use a mix of PF and 3.5 material. Aiming roughly for tier 3.

The players, starting at fifth level:

Hime: he is a cute little boy with some sociopathic tendencies. He is a natural necromancer (DN) and his dead twin sister lives inside of him. In love with Helena. Animated her after she died.

Helena: young noble woman. Self-absorbed, hypocrite. She did not even acknowledge Hime's existence before she had a riding accident, broke her neck and died. Nobody saw her death, Hime animated her and now no one is the wiser.
The animation had the side-effect of making her love Hime unconditionally. She is the tank of the group. Necropolitan + corpsecrafting.

Hrafnin: this dwarven ranger - who plays a mouth harp and has a dancing bear for his animal companion - is the straight man of the group.
Part of the military, he holds the rank of Ranger-Captain. He hates goblinoids and is, like most other dwarfs, quite musically gifted.

Hrm ... : charming old sorceror put out to pasture. He has a long white beard, a blue cone hat and proper blue robes. In dim light, you can't see the breakfast in his beard of the stains on his robes and he looks quite impressive. He is quite senile and developed a tendency to mumble under his breath, quite dangerous if you work around a lot of scrolls. He is a quite talented ice sorceror in his lucid moments.
The group started quoting famous wizards and trailing off confused half-way through.

Mostly we make it up as we go along. Here is some of what we've made up so far

The World:
A small kingdom called The Accord or Accordia. It is a young kingdom, only a bit over a decade old. Once it was a part of a larger empire. A very small and quite irrelevant border province. The empire has been collapsing slowly for at least a hundred years. The imperial proxies were neglecting their duties, letting the roads fall into disrepair and letting bandits hang-out. They still collected taxes and were jerks, really.
So the people rose up, led by Astrid I, The Accordion Queen. The rebellion was successful and The Accord founded.

There is a mage guild, Benso-Jukai. They have a monopoly on the education that leads to wizard class levels. Like The Hanseatic League, except more LE and with magic. They like to hunt natural magic users like sorcerers and stick a magical straw into their brain through their ear to get at the juice.
In a lot of places, they have legal rights to hunt sorcerors. This is not the case in The Accord. Benso-Jukai services are expensive and The Accord can't afford to hire them. So instead they give amnesty to spontaneous casters. As a consequence, the queen has roughly 12 powerful court magicians. Apart from a citizenry with an unusual amount of magically gifted bakers and craftsmen.

There are three larger cities (towns really) in The Accord.

Dysterdorf, the home of Helena and Hime. It is a dreary place where the turn-coat nobility left over from the revolution live. A lot of squall rains and noble back-stabbing.

The Capital, we haven't thought of a good name so far. This is where the Accordion Queen holds court.

Grövsta, the city we'll be playing in. Trade port on a twin peninsula. Southernmost town in the country. Might upload a map later on.


The sessions:
First! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11792759&postcount=2)
Second! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11793526&postcount=6) scroll down a bit :3

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The first session:

Only four of us could make it. Players made characters, we talked about the setting, they came up with back stories etc.
Everyone started out stationed for some reason or other at Fort Bolta. The southern most military outpost in The Accord.
Hime a Dread Necromancer with the title of court magician, has feats that make him very unpleasant to be adjacent to. The other court magicians thought that maybe some fresh air would do him good. So he was sent to the backwater fort and out of their hair.
His undead girlfriend, the noble Helena came along of course. As a result of Hime reanimating her, she is in love with him and does not like to leave his side, ever.
Hrafnin, the third and last player this session is part of a military exchange program with the dwarves and acts as Ranger-Captain.
My plans for the session is to gauge party combat capability, let the players get to know the world and have some fun outdoors.

Defending the Fort:
When we start the game, the Fort is already under attack.
The party and some misc troops have been volunteered for the solemn duty of covering the retreat as Fort Bolta is evacuated. There has been little forewarning, the night-time assault take the the defenders by surprise.
The players defend a gate with reinforcements from the goblins every few rounds. The first four trolls are in trouble. Helena has anvil of thunder and they keep failing their saves while Hime debuffs them and heals Helena with negative energy.
Hrafnin and his bear demolish a troll as well. Before Helena can finish them all off with fire, a formation of goblins armed with crossbows crest the hill and fire off a volley at Helena. She doesn't enjoy it.
Hrafnin charges into them and well, a lot of them start to die.
There's another wave of goblins, a shield wall of fighters this time. They try to protect the archers and fail as Helena sets fire to the last trolls with a swordsage move.
The players are whittling down the fighter shield wall, manage to kill the crossbow pointman and the archers scatter and run.
More trolls enter the stage and the last fighter falls. Before they really get to work on the trolls a huge wave of goblins (a tweaked mob) crest the hill and the players decide to run for their lives.
Combat was a little on the long side.
I wanted to get a good sample so I can balance encounters to be dangerous but doable. I have trouble getting the hang of it.
And also I wanted to figure out for how long an encounter with waves is interesting since there'll be a lot of that in the campaign, probably.

I made a random encounter table for the wilderness between Bolta and Grövsta. I had some NPCs in mind for the campaign which the players would get multiple chances of meeting. So I put them on the table with some other stuff and let them roll on it once a day.


Hrafnin took good care of them in the wilderness and he managed to lead them to a little cottage surrounded by beehives. A little lady lived in the cottage.
She was tending to the beehives without and protective gear and apparently didn't get stung.
She offered them lemonade and honeycomb cakes, complimented the ranger's bear and patted it on the nose. At that point, Helena wanted to roll a sense motive because she'd been offered cookies and Hrafnin because the little lady had just patted his bear on the nose.
She seemed legit and they had cakes. Well Hrafnin and his bear had cakes. Hime noticed that Helena would probably take 1d8+1 positive energy damage if she ate one.
The little lady didn't seem very distressed by the goblins. Except maybe that they might get stung.
The PCs got to spend the night. Helena and Hime had to sleep separately. Goodness, they weren't even engaged. Oh my no, that simply would not do.
In the middle of the night, Helena though she heard someone shouting "Arrgh, beeees!"
She resolved to be a bit less caustic to the crazy bee lady next morning, just in case.
A few minutes out from the cottage they found two little goblins next to a beehive with it's top taken off. They were covered in stingers and not at all alive.

In which Agent H sits in a tree, spying and poison is not very effective

I have never really had occasion to use spot rules outdoors as a DM. Like, how far away you see the other guys. After this session I actually found that there were random range parameters based on the terrain you're in that limit spot range but hey, that's no fun.
Anyway, the group were making their way down the slope of a valley in the forest when the ranger saw some tents and a fire pit, I think some 300 feet out. It was a goblin camp.
Hrafnin decided it was a good idea to camo-up and climb a tree to get a better visual and count the goblins.
So he picked a likely tree ad started to climb. He was quite focused on climbing and was pretty surprised when he bumped into a soft, distinctly buttoxy substance with the top of his head.
The lady on the branch above him yelps.
In the tree sits a lady dressed in brown, grey and green. She is pretty, has long blond hair and a telescope.
"Oh, hello"
Hrafnin's player runs him all bashful and respectful of the lady. She introduces herself as Agent H, (pronounced as a sigh). They bond a little bit. She is spying on the goblins. She has been trying to read their lips through the telescope and she has been able to suss out that there is a little chest with something important inside kept in the tent of the head honcho goblin, Gir. She points him out as the one with the fancy clothes and nice boots.

After they get down from the tree, the group agrees to help her capture the chest. They decide to fan out and attack from two directions at once. Agent H and Hrafnin skirt around the camp. The bear gets to stay and guard Hime, because the bear is crap at sneaking.
On Hrafnin signal, Helena will open fire on Gir with her composite longbow. The signal Hrafnin explains, "is when I shoot him in his face".
And do they ever. He goes down before he can manage to take cover. The rest of the goblins however, roll incredibly well on their hide checks as they scatter into the trees.
Both groups make their way towards the camp. Two turns out they are ambushed by goblins in wait under blankets covered in leaves. They flank Helena and try to sneak attack her. Being necropolitan, she is not terribly impressed and kills them without a lot of fuss.

Hrafnin and the Agent are not as lucky. The agent is shot as six goblins rise from the undergrowth all around them, two of them armed with bows. The agent draws her rapier and she and Hrafnin prepare to fight them back to back. As it turns out the fight is not so bad. Hrafnin does a few incredibly competent five foot steps throughout the fight and consistently manages to deny sneak attacks as he carves his way through the goblins with his choppa.

Meanwhile Helena and Hime reach the camp. Hime and the bear about one move behind. Which is probably good because when Helena steps into the camp she hears a hissing noise and is not at all poisoned. Because she is still undead. She coughs as some of the powder is caught in her throat.
More alarmingly the head honcho goblin is nowhere to be found. There are blood stains where he slumped against a tree but no body.
They meet up with Hrafnin who finished up the fight. Agent H went in pursuit of the fleeing archer gobbos.

They dig through the camp. No more traps apparently. And they do find a chest. It is small, brown, lidded and locked. It rustles like paper when shaken. None of them manage to beat the hide check from the head honcho goblin as he sneaks up behind Hime, the DN, and hold a knife to this throat.
Now there is no way for the goblin to kill the DN in combat on a single turn. My players know this obviously. One of the reason I love them is because instead of sacrificing some of Hime's HP and getting on with things, they begin to RP the hostage situation when I hiss "Gimmie the chest before I start to operate! I think you'll find my rates fair but lethal!"
in my goblin voice.
Helena yanks the chest from Hrafnin and kicks it over to Hime's feet as the goblin instructs. When Gir shifts to keep his knife at Hime's throat when Hime bends to pick up the chest, we roll initiative. They roll better than the goblin. Hrafnin the best. He throws his axe at the goblin, hits him.
Helena misses with her warhammer, misses badly and manages to hit Hime instead.
The golbin manages to snag the chest and starts to run away.
I'll get him my love, stay still Helena tells Hime. She catches up to the goblin and grapples with him. The little guy bites down on his alchemical tooth releasing a gas into Helena's face. She is not very impressed but he does manage to slip out of her grip with escape artist and legs it again. Hrafnin passes through the gas... and is a dwarf.
Agent H steps out from behind a tree and trips the running goblin over her leg. Which was probably redundant because Helena is faster than he is. On catching up to the little green dude Helena grabs him by the scruff of his neck, throws him onto a rock and destroys the bones in his feet with her hammer while yelling "this" slam "is for what" slam "you get" squelch.

The party scores some tents and gear, set up camp a mile or so away as Agent H has some quality time with the lock. And that's where we end the session. One day left in the wilderness. They have water, tents and food as well as a goblin, apparently named Gir, with broken feet.

2011-09-06, 08:32 AM
Obligatory link of funny (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4MqTCIDKhU)

This sounds like an incredibly fun campaign.
Those poor goblins, thwarted several times simply by the fact that not all the party is strictly living.

I especially like the bee lady. My players would most likely be so very paranoid about her that she eventually would attack them for being so very rude.

2011-09-06, 08:58 AM
Don't forget about mob and swarm templates if you want to keep goblins without much class as convenient foes as your players level up.

2011-09-06, 10:28 AM
Yes, this does sound very fun, with about the mix of anime tropes that I tend to prefer. :smallredface:

I assume you put the Benso-Jukai there as an in-game context for keeping the game below Tier 1?

A bit curious about the names. Where are you from IRL? Accordia reminds me of Ecordia, as in the home of GRIGNR THE BARBARIAN from "The Eye of Argon". Grövsta could be a Swedish rural backwater, and would mean something like "the very thick place", with slightly inappropriate undertones. Dysterdorf would be Swedish + German for "sad city".

2011-09-06, 11:29 AM
I'm glad you liked it :3

Yes, this does sound very fun, with about the mix of anime tropes that I tend to prefer. :smallredface:

I assume you put the Benso-Jukai there as an in-game context for keeping the game below Tier 1?

A bit curious about the names. Where are you from IRL? Accordia reminds me of Ecordia, as in the home of GRIGNR THE BARBARIAN from "The Eye of Argon". Grövsta could be a Swedish rural backwater, and would mean something like "the very thick place", with slightly inappropriate undertones. Dysterdorf would be Swedish + German for "sad city".

Oh, which tropes were obvious? :3

Not exactly. I would be fine with wizards as long as they hit t3. I had the idea in my notebook and needed something to make magic internally consistent in the setting. It sort of grew from there.

We are from Sweden so you're right on. There are a lot of puns. The guilt is collective. It was Helena's player who came up with dysterdorf.
As for the name of the country, the actual name didn't really translate well so I've changed here.
Its a play on Accord, obviously.

Fourth player makes it this session. She plays a sorcerer who focuses on cold spells. I think this might be her first friendly, vaguely nice character. They are usually murderous, this one is just senile and a little confused.
The old sorcerer, two girls with kitchen knives and rolling pins and a boy from the stables leading a mule stumble upon the player camp. These are some of the evacuees. The old sorcerer is another of the court magicians (and the newest player's PC). Or used to be. He has been put out to pasture and was living out his senile days away from anything magical he could mess up. Apparently mumbling and speaking to yourself under your breath when once you knew fluently languages of power, isn't a great thing to be doing around a bunch of other magic. It causes problems, frankly.
We are just getting ready to go again after catching up when the girl who is going to play the sorcerer cheers triumphantly. She is holding up a fig from a big box of old wargaming minis. It is an old man with a long white beard, blue wizard robes and a cone hat.
As she holds it up she declares dramatically "I am the wielder of the flame of Ano...." and looks around "has anyone seen my ... my ring?".

In which a senile sorcerer returns and somebody loses an eye

And that's where we start. After settling the "why and how is he here" I tell them about the contents of the little lock-box. Mostly its scraps of paper written in a cypher. But there is one very official looking letter with the Benso-Jukai (The LE magical Hansa). seals on it.
It states that funds have been received and that the class 3 necromantic warhead shall be delivered post-haste. Love and kisses, have fun.

Rolling some knowledge checks the magical contingent of the group are aware of what the bombs approximate size and what it does. It's about the size of a basket ball and releases necromantic energy. The radius is large enough to take out a city block... probably. It will wither and erode objects within its radius and deal enough damage to kill any reasonable commoner. Though possibly not a mid level hero.
After this piece of worrying news they start to travel again. Today, they come upon a group of soldiers from Fort Bolta and about 50 goblins.
Helena's player makes up a lieutenant Crum and I placed an NPC with this encounter earlier. The players join the fight. It's a retooled mob from cityscape. The sorcerer lets loose with a barrage of cold balls and the melee fighters charge in. The brigade breaks formation and starts to run, what's left of it, when the the PCs get a round of AoOs as it tramples them the first time. I am a little sad because I wanted to hurt them some more but what can you do? Crum got himself killed and will posthumously be awarded a medal of bravery. His second, Officer Fite lost her eye. She is all kinds of mad about that.
Along with their new additions, the party heads for Grövsta, arriving later that day, quite late in the afternoon.

The duchess and the bear
The city i on a peninsula, bisected by a broad river in which rests three islands of increasing size. On the largest a castle has been built. Bridges connect the islands to the mainland and the sibling peninsulas with one another. I should really upload them map instead of describing it.
Anywho, the players head straight for the Guard House on the second largest island. Once there they learn that the Captain, Carrrrl, is in the castle reporting to the Duchess, Glida.
Names, names, names.
The group leaves their soldiers in the Barracks and head for the castle.
Helena, on the way, suggests they go to Aursta where her family owns a house. Her annoying brother is there however, she warns them. Agent H takes her leave, she is going to see her contacts.
They have no trouble getting to see the Duchess. A servant shows them to the antechamber of the audience room and leaves them there, telling them to wait.

The doors are slightly ajar. To be, ehrm, polite, make sure they aren't barging in on something important, Hrafnin goes up to listen at the door. He overhears some of the conversation. Captain Carrrl seems to be running in circles around the somewhat senile duchess. Deliberately confusing her. It is hard to hear what are talking about more precisely.
Hrafnin decides to make his move on gut feeling. He figures if he is setting something up he should quash it if he can. Also, no being mean to old ladies. They all head inside.
Helena distracts Glida, having met her before. While Hrafnin talks to Carrrl. The duchess comments on Helena being awfully pale and shouldn't she get some sun? And incidentally would she like to see some portraits of her grandchildren?
The best part for me is when the senile duchess meets the senile sorcerer. They have a shared history and probably fought together during the war one player suggests. I have fun having a "drift in and out" conversation as the duchess talking to the sorcerer who is equally out of it. The duchess has completely lost interest in the captain and suggests they all retreat to her drawing room for a sherry. She will show them some lovely portraits of her grandchildren. Hrm the sorcerer is happy to join her. The rest of the group cites various duties. She doesn't seem to care so much.
So Hrm sits in a comfortable chair having a very confusing conversation with the duchess over a sherry. Servants carry live sized portraits through the room. The duchess calls them by arbitrary names. Though Hrm can't be sure. Memory and all.
The rest of the party go to Helena's house. Helena suggests a romantic bath to Hime. Hrafnin invites himself. Helena invites him and his bear to bathe in a barrel of rain water on the courtyard. Hrafnin isn't picky. It sounds lovely.

The Barrel Report
While in his bath, Hrafnin hears a lady cough discreetly behind him. He puts away his mouth harp and greets Agent H. She has been to see Carrrl and has decided to also report to Hrafnin. She has intel on goblin troop movements and numbers for the Ranger Captain.
We discussed it and figured Ranger Captain was equivalent to Guard Captain. However, the Guard Captain is already in command and so the chain of command defaults to him on top.
I dislike long expositions but I haven't had time to set things up really so what the hell. Agent H also has intel on motivations and has been able to authenticate the bomb documents. As she is finishing her report on troops, Helena and Hime join them in their exquisite bathrobes on the muddy courtyard. Hrafnin tells to agent to go on. And she explains that the goblins appear to be on something like a crusade or holy war. There is a contingent of holy men and women in the main body of the army. When prompted the goblins she has been able to question have quickly worked themselves into a hysterical frenzy. Difficult to translate goblin, closest approximation is "The rolling saint comes, he is rolling, he is rolling, he rolls, he is rolling"
Agent H says that there is usually such a lot of spit by that point that she has to go wash her face.
It's clear to everyone that these are not the goblins they knew and in Hrafnin's case, held racial hatred against. Goblins are supposed to flee, like all the time, that's how they survive in the wild south.
They are also not supposed to fight in formation or be so well armed.
Something is certainly up. They players talk about it and set Agent H on examining the port authority records for suspicious traffic. Maybe they'll get lucky and find a bomb. The PCs decide to rally the troops from Fort Bolta and work out just what to do now.

We take a break for about twenty minutes. While we eat, I tell them that I have made an outline of how the siege will run and that their actions can improve the conditions for the defenders to a point where they can actually win. And that they are welcome to use their starting resources of eight officers, fifty soldiers and their wiles to help the city fight the goblin army.
Also, every day of in game time offer an encounter featuring wave after wave of enemies. The more waves they complete, the more behind the scenes points they get. Its there as an no brainer way to gather points. They are welcome to run before they use too many resources or get in real trouble during these. The point is to see how long they last.
I have already rattled off a lot of information about the city at this point from the rangers knowledge checks and Helena's social connections. Like, about the buildings, population, social stratification.
They know what the guard are like, who is in the militia. They know about the lady who runs the magnificent menagerie in the public park and that one of their attractions is the world's fattest owlbear.
Anyway, they spend some time making plants.

When we start playing again proper they have an outline of what they want to work for during the Siege Council later that evening.

Planning for Defeat
They meet up with Hrm at the Guard House and make for a room on one of the upper floors where the meeting is being held. Hime can't shake the feeling that he is being watched.
Captain Carrl doesn't look crazy about their presence but doesn't make a thing out of it. The players hear his plan for defending the city. He wants to hold strategic points in the city until they become untenable and then retreat. Stalling the siege and bleeding the enemy army. This is not a bad plan, the group feels.
They then set about modifying it, sneaking in their own ideas as his, using flattery. It works like a charm. At one point he does get upset and threatens to use his pull with the duchess. The group subtle pull their ace out of their sleeve, Glida and Hrm are senile bffs. Go to her and we'll see who wins. There's also the bit about the bomb. Where it is revealed that Agent H didn't tell Carrl anything about it. Judging by his reaction they can't blame her. He goes spare. They leave quietly during his tantrum.
For much of the in game night the tactically savvy Helena and Hrafnin go about rallying the troops. They want to arm and organize the militia using their officers, only four of them have surviving units.
The players name some of the officers:
Scout Lieutenants Ditt & Datt,
First Cavalry Lieutenant Kalas
and then there's Lieutenant Fite who commands the Footmen. That leaves four to work on the militia.
They also want to free up an armory belonging to the craftsment that is left over from the war so they can arm the militia.
Further, they intend to declare martial law the following day and begin to evacuate the citizenry. Which is pretty ambitious.
Their first day in Grövsta is over.

In which frozen deserts are made
The next morning they all have breakfast together in Helena's house. Her brother is barely civil to them, he just glares and goes to eat in the garden. Hime is in a good mood. We find out he has been doing awful things to Gir in the basement. On the tail end of breakfast they get a missive from Agent H. She believes she has a lead on the bomb. The players decide to move quickly and head for the warehouse while the coffee is still warm.

They take the southern bridge from Aursta to Blåsta, down to the harbour and in among the tiered warehouses. Most of the buildings in Blåsta were whitewashed once. The constant salty wind has been turning the white into a blue like the color of losing a fist fight for more than a hundred years. Probably.
I make up some excuse as to why Agent H can't join them. Don't it to seem like I am holding their hand.
I hadn't planned on them finding the bomb before the siege but they got clever and it seemed like a fun so I didn't really see the point in trying to stop them from tracking it down when I had expected them to try and find it sooner or later anyway.
They got to explore the warehouse by mini. A goblin near Helena rolled a nat 1 when he shouldn't have. She heard a cough coming from one of the barrels. She started going along the stacks, knocking on them her hammer. Her move was out and it was Hrm's turn. He was looking over some boxes. He poked at a sign on one of them and it fell off. Revealing the Benso-Jukai logo.
Hrm coughed and started to say "Ehhrm", this caused Helena to stop her knocking. From the next barrel over she heard a distinct sigh of relief. She and Hrafnin who was standing next to Hrm exchanged nod.
"Need to dump some of these in the river to make room for the next shipment" she started
"Oh yar" Hrafnin started for his weapon "I'll come give you a hand"
"Whut?" Hrm said.
"Noooo" the goblins in the barrel next to Helena kicked the bottom out and leapt out. Another squeaky voice was shouting that the jig was up. "Attack!"
From out boxes and barrels shot goblins with sharp little knives and beady eyes. There were ten I think. A pair to a box. We rolled initiative.
Helena managed to catch one of the goblins who tried to escape her with the barrel, Hime cast blind on the other one from the barrel. It failed the save and ran screaming into a wall.
Hrafnin, his bear and Hrm were surrounded by goblins. Hrm shot a ray on his turn. Rolled a nat 1 while standing next to the suspected bomb box. I said that some of the planks shattered and a bunch of dead white mice fell out through the crack.
Just wanted to scare them a little. The sorcerer then threw himself on the box yelling "Take cover!".
What followed was a low point in my dice rolling history. They were goblin rogues, level 4. The first cluster of them did okay, almost killing the bear. The other cluster had sprung up all around Hime and managed to trip him. But they were also sickened and shaken. And that's how eight attacks missed a prone target. It wasn't great.
Hrafin and his bear kept killing goblins. Got two out of five.
I did some damage to the prone dread necromancer but didn't manage to kill the bear Eh, I mean, the goblins did.
My miniboss, an alchemist, came out of his box after another round of extreme fail.
He threw a bottled ooze, Gelatinous Cube at the squares occupied by Helena and Hime. Hime failed his save and was engulfed and paralysed.
Helena did a lot of damage to the cube. Hrafnin and bear killed the last goblins while Hrm shot a [Cold] Fireball at the goblins and the cube. The cube exploded into slightly acidic frosty desert. Like maybe lemon sorbet. Rogues saved though. Unfortunately, the acid damage had brought Hime into the negatives.
The alchemist got out of his barrel and threw a bomb with tanglefoot on Helena. She saved but was still entangled.
Hrm did another blast, taking out the last goblins.
Once they were down the alchemist really wanted to get out of there. Though Hrafnin did a x3 crit on him, his AC ad free action potion belt saw him through to a wall he could spiderclimb up. At that point they had really already won and I let it go on to see if they would manage to catch the alchemist. Though he went through most of his potions and extracts (more gel cubes). He managed to fool Helena away using a borrowed voice thingy, pretending to be Hime.
So they managed to kill a bunch of goblins, got their hands on a really nice bomb but had the Alchemist escape on them.
And that's where we left it last session, the PC's also gained a level.

2011-09-06, 01:10 PM
Lots of H names and a senile wizard. Recipe of hilarity, apparently. Not sure how trolls are gobs but, well, at least the characters aren't getting horribly eviscerated by their claw-claw-rend like some of my melee characters have had the misfortune of.

2011-09-06, 04:12 PM
Yeah, there is that, but having a bunch of siege trolls around seemed like more fun/reasonable than goblins using catapults (and me learning another set of rules).
We sometimes decide on a letter that every character's name starts with. No reason :3

2011-09-07, 10:59 AM
Yeah, there is that, but having a bunch of siege trolls around seemed like more fun/reasonable than goblins using catapults (and me learning another set of rules).

Aww, c'mon! Launching rotting carcasses, dire rats and unlucky goblins over walls is a recipe for funny, especially if the catapults are second hand or scavenged together. :smallwink:

2011-09-07, 11:17 AM
I do like the idea of goblin "paratroopers" :3

2011-09-07, 06:03 PM
Actually, I've always admired the warhammer goblins for their...ingenuity. Whenever I have a goblin siege I try to include one of these bad boys: