View Full Version : Saecula Mutata & D10/0 Homebrew Setting and System

2011-09-07, 09:46 PM
In my search for places to get more critiques, I finally decided to post here after lurking for so long.

I've got a custom setting and system I've been developing on and off over the past few years. I'm trying to move the latest incarnations up to a respectable point in development, but need commentary to guide what needs work and development.

Saecula Mutata - (Barely Alpha stages) - Post-Post Apocalyptic setting.
D10/0 - (Beta stages) - A system built around d10's and d100's with wide tolerances between components engineered in.

Both PDF's can be found on my website:

Any feedback is appreciated. Rip it to shreds if need be, it'll just point out on what I need to fix, add, or subtract. Anything is better than silence and a dead thread.

I'm focusing on the system primarily at the moment, but, again, any feedback is appreciated for anything on the site (probably more prudent to e-mail that commentary to avoid clogging up the thread). I've got a economic (M.U.L.E. meets Settlers of Catan) card game that I've been trying to do something with in a printable PDF, too.