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Totally Guy
2011-09-08, 04:36 AM
Can you pass the "What's my character's name?" test?

Think about a campaign you're playing in or have in the past played in.

Tell us the other player's character's names.

I was put on the spot when talking about our longest running D&D game from a few years back. Out of the 3 PCs (that weren't me) I only got one right. How bad is that?

2011-09-08, 04:48 AM
Hmm. It's been years and years since I've played at an actual table, but I can try.

In my first game, we had an Elven Wizard named Istarius (yes, that was me. Yes, I'm ashamed), a human monk named The Nameless Monk and a guy who changed his character every two weeks. He was always just "the bard", "the rogue", "the sorcerer" or "[Player Name]'s Character".

And yeah, for most of the games back then, I can't even remember my own character's name. Though Eldan (the character) had a colleague named Surya. I remember that one because we were only two.

2011-09-08, 06:00 AM
party 1 (current)
Rogar Riverborn , halfling monk (me)
Maldor, elf avenger of the raven queen
Jebedia, githyanki swordmage
Nebradil (forgotten surname), wizard
Resolute, human brawler-fighter
Drake, human pacifist cleric

party 2 (same group as party 1, ended 1-2 years ago)
Cathal Fergus, human fighter/cleric of Kord (me)
Rock, dwarf/warforged fighter
Farkil, dwarf cleric
???, elf rogue (this one is on the tip of my tongue, as the PC was an ass... but I just can't remember it)
???, human wizard
???, drow assasin (intern)

party 3 (ended over 6 months ago)
Ash, longtooth-shifter runepriest of Tempus (me)
Lasher, kobold warlock
Kryton, dwarf warden
???, human invoker (of chauntea?)
Sigil, warforged artificer

part 4 (current)
Vinter, halfelf sentinel druid (me)
- with Taman the badger-spirit
Vald, eldarin who-is-not-a-vampire
Z'Zim, human mage
Furion, dwarven warden

This is harder than I expected!
Haven't included the game I GM for, as that's etched into my mind.

Totally Guy
2011-09-08, 06:03 AM
This is harder than I expected!
Haven't included the game I GM for, as that's etched into my mind.

Tell me about it! :smallredface:

I remember the names of the character's in the games I GM just fine though. :smallsmile:

2011-09-08, 09:52 AM
Party I play in:

Cainach Desford - Snow Elf Warblade (Me)
Thormar - (?) Barbarian /Warblade/Exotic Weapon Master
Albrecht Halberstadt - Human Knight/Occult Slayer
Morgallta - (?) WIzard/War Weaver/Archivist/Mystic Theurge
Jester Talon - (?) Psion (the blasty psion discipline)

the fact I could probably call each level they have saddens me.

Party I DM in:
Kristath Droverson - Half-ElfMonk
Hedrah - Lesser Ooze Para-Genasi Ranger
Azaro - Wood (?) Elf Rogue
Alexander - Human Cleric
Marros Tamikos - Human Wizard
Ienzo - Human Sorcerer

What the hell, previous partys:

Samantha - Halfling Marshal; traded for Lia, theSnow Elf Swift Hunter
Derp Rogue - Hlafling Rogue; traded for Torg, the Water Orc Warblade; Traded for Garrick (Garlic), the Wood (?) Elf Ranger/Barbarian; traded for Krate, the Dragonborn Orc Warblade.
Urmnaf - Dwarf Binder; traded for Nefret, the Unseelie Fey Warlock
Tyris - Elf Monk
Urist McDwarf - Dwarf Cleric


Bosco - Dragonwrought (Child of Eberron) Beguiler (Me); traded for Bosco MkII , the Wizard/Rogue/Spellwarp Sniper

(?) - Lesser Aasimar Bard; traded for Half-Minotaur Tripper; traded for Warmage/Force Missile Mage guy
Diplo - Gray Elf Wildshape Ranger (never got to wildshape); traded for Rheys - Gray Elf Wildshape Ranger (never got to wildshape); traded for Tiger Beasthawk, the Synad Psion
Captain Norton - Dragonborn Warforged Psion (summony discipline); traded for Nefret, the Unseelie Fey Warlock; traded for (?)
Albrecht Halberstadt - Human Knight
Argyle - Elf Rogue; traded for Factotum (?); traded for semi-derp Gnome Rogue; traded for Half-Orc Swordsage

Aion - Human Warlock/Cleric
Zoortag - Half-Orc Barbarian
Tyris - Elf Monk
the other 2 in this party I don't remmeber name. But it was a Warforged Fighter and a Factotum.

Why do I remember This?

2011-09-08, 10:07 AM
Can't say for the second game I'm in, honestly. But the first one...

Elf Druid: Lia Silverleaf (My character)
Warforged Warblade: A1T-F4 (He intentionally uses his manufacturing code as a name. For short, most of the party calls him "Altie". Lia prefers "F4 [Effore]")
Halfling Warmage: Melk Witterwick (I might be misspelling that, but I'm not sure)
Human Rogue/Psion: Jordan (I don't recall his last name though)
Changeling Ninja: Xia (Originally disguised as a human named Jason, if I recall correctly - Xia was outed as a Changeling some time ago)
Human Fighter: Loki d'Cannith (temporary hireling - has since parted ways with us)

We have just gotten a new ally, a Tiefling Cleric, but I haven't learned his name yet.

2011-09-08, 10:11 AM
From a Warhammer game of years ago:

Janey Feltwhistle (AKA Janey the Slayer): Halfling thief and Assassin

Gladitor: Dwarf Pit-Fighter

Manfred Keselring: Human Watchman

Jacob Corleone (Jaeherim Corleith): Elf minstrel (me)

2011-09-08, 10:12 AM
This is all in Pathfinder if the system matters to anyone.

In the campaign I'm DM'ing currently:
Jander - Human dual-wielding swashbuckler
Mordrith - Human Druid (Therin is his Snow Leopard)
Oberon - Sylph Evocation Wizard

Everyone hates surnames in this campaign for some reason...

In another:
Merrick Mayfair - Human Bard/Ninja (Me, I steal names from books sometimes, sue me...)
Tarquin Blackwood - Half-Giant Barbarian/Rogue (Took the name because of my chosen name)
Elesbeth - Half-elf Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline)
Fadreus - Human Wizard

Finally, in a third campaign (hasn't started yet so I only know 2/4 names):
Dexter Brunswick - Human Alchemist (Me)
Preston Brunswick - Human Rogue (Mute DMPC because... well I don't know why he's going to be there aside from the fact that he's my brother.)

2011-09-08, 10:50 AM
party 1
Kyralia, elf rogue / Fenn Shadowfox, whisper gnome rogue / Talthar, Grey Elf Dread Necromancer / Fatima, Hengeyokai monk/drunken master/warshaper(Me)
Tarana, human cleric
Xavier, human wizard
Grom Hellscream, Half-Orc (then dwarf) Barbarian

Yeah, I died a lot in my first campaign.

party 2
Kethrati, Raptoran Ninja
Krix, Kobold Paladin
Vaelgar, Human Shield-basher Fighter (who enjoyed punching hookers in the face)
Savannah, half-elf druid girl

Party 3
Alys, Githzerai Monk
Vash, Synad Psychic Warrior
Synad Psion, can't recall the name
And I can't remember name OR class for the 4th

Party 4
Destiny, Human Paladin and then Vigo, Human Wizard
Rorik, Shifter Seeker turned Invoker
Luna, Tiefling rogue / Aria, Genasi Psion / Quinn, human ranger (me)

First switch was a death, second was character's decision to leave the party.

Party 5 - Current
Audric, Drow ninja/cleric
Horus, dwarf dragon shaman
Rodney, shifter fighter/lasher (3.0 whip using PrC)
Edar, dwarf ranger-smith
Alexander, changeling duskblade
Shaelin, Human swordsage

Totally Guy
2011-09-08, 10:51 AM
You guys are good at this.

It's got to be confirmation bias. I mean if you have forgotten you can just choose not to post. :smalltongue:

2011-09-08, 11:01 AM
Let's see games I have been in...

Party 1
Thorcrest- Dwarf Monk
Brandz- Elven Wizard
Bill- Human Necromancer
Erik- Human Ranger (killed), Erik- Human Druid (Killed, not original on the names), Cyrano- Human Paladin (killed)
Brotor- Dwarf Cleric (killed)

Party 2
Heltar- Human Rogue (Me)
?- Human Mercenary (Brother to the Fighter)
?- Human Fighter (Brother to the Mercenary)
Ralz- Human Spiritor (Hombrew, Killed), ?-Human Barbarian

Party 3 (I DMed)
Trinian- Centaur Ranger
Spoone Tang- Halfling Rogue
Kri... Kotore (I forget the first name)- Dwarf Paladin (killed), Truggar- Half-Orc Druid.
Vicus Vitare (I think I got that wrong)- Human Cleric

Party 4 (In a game of Mythus)
Aljar el'Dakir- Cavalier (me)
And I can't remember the names of anyone else :smallfrown:

Party 5 (In a game of Gamma World)
Sadly I can't remember any of the characters here... :smallfrown:

Party 6 (Legend of Zelda D20 Game)
Foun- Goron Wizzrobe (me)
Leaf- Kokiri Performer
Eternity (Leaf's Fairy)- Artisan/Drifter
Do-Dore- Kokiri Wizzrobe
Ori (Do-Dore's Fairy Companion)- Wizzrobe
Thor-Ax- Hylian Warrior (Killed)
Dub- Goron Warrior (Killed)
Vurin- Hylian Warrior (Left)

Party 7 (In a game of Space 1889)
Captain Sir James Carling- Naval Officer (me)
Professor (?)- Scientist (killed)
Captain Sir Seamus O'Callaghan- Army Officer
Lord Simon (Something or other...)- A detective (killed)
(?)- A smuggler
(?)- A game hunter

And many other games that were simple one shots, all of which I have forgetten the Characters... I am pretty bad at this... :smallfrown:

2011-09-08, 01:23 PM
I haven't attended my game in months (April?) due to work scheduling... and even then, I had to ask the other players their character names, because they didn't volunteer them, despite it's a game where we're a group of secret agents that work together on a daily basis.

Plus the group did all restat/rebuild their characters.

My guess though:
Leader: Mr. Smith. No first name as of last I knew.
Former heavy, now likely tactical/fire rifle user: Kora (my gf's character)
Former psychic, now melee specialist: (forget first name) Norris. I remember a Chuck Norris Joke

And without looking at my character sheet... I forget the guy's name. Jack Castle? Jack Spade? Jack Bishop? I originally had a tech/med/support skills character, but remade into the party face.
*checks char sheet*
Jack Silver

Bobby Archer
2011-09-08, 02:54 PM
I'm playing in two Exalted games at the moment:

Game 1 (been running for ~2 years now fairly regularly):
Mendicant Oak - myself, Twilight Caste healer
Chichiro - Zenith Caste priestess
Somber Orchid - Eclipse Caste funerist
Scarlet Jax - Night Caste archer
Vazsh Madrine - Dawn Caste sailor (deceased)

And that's not counting the dozen or more named NPCs that travel with our Circle and our myriad recurring enemies. Actually, the name that the players have the hardest time remembering is my character's because he recently changed it (it was a whole thing).

Game 2 (been running sporadically for maybe a year):
Dagger - myself, Night Caste assassin
13 - Eclipse Caste monk
Lynn, the [something-something] Blade - Dawn Caste duelist and healer (played by my fiance)
Rake - Zenith Caste demonslayer
?? - Twilight Caste detective/necromancer
Silken Veil (?) - Twilight Caste bureaucrat/sorcerer (deceased or corrupted)

For this game, I have the other PC's names written on a piece of paper I keep with my character sheet. The deceased characters in both games were played by someone who moved across the country not long ago.

2011-09-08, 03:13 PM
Current group (only had one session)
Galsrik, noble priest human virann (real name Galderglaur) (me)
Adrian, secretly a wizard, half elf (illmania/middle lander)
Klodkar, berzerker human virann
Don't know his name, begins with an A, shieldguardian half elf (illmania/virann)
Don't know his name, storyteller who thinks he's a human (actually a half elf)

Yes, lots of half elves in my group. They are supposed to be rare. :smallsigh:

Last group (last sessions with me as DM)
Asgalt, wizard human stormlander (me) (previous character Jorgrim)
Maugrik, merchant and aspiring hero, middle lander
Nora, hunter/survivalist, stormlander
Vigur, entertainer/acrobat, stormlander
Johir, spirit shaman, halftroll (stormlander/kingtroll)
(there are several one-shot guest members but I won't list them).

2011-09-08, 03:13 PM

Evil Game, ended a year ago
Muaag Khatijad'Kon of the Hand Shatterers, Hobgoblin Cleric (me)
Tegurious Tegu, Kobold Dread Necromancer
Not-Mother: Blue Dragon Zombie
Bonesy: Hill Giant Skeleton with a zombie head
Chairman Liggy: Imp Familiar
Stogoph Laserson, Ibixian Duskblade
???, Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Binder (I can't remember his name because I just called him 'lizard')

Pathfinder Game 1, ended more than a year ago
Misho, Human Monk (me)
???, Half-Orc Rogue
???, Human Sorceror

Pathfinder Game 2, ended a year ago
Durias Dragobor, Human Fighter (me)
???, Human Witch
Rupert: Goat Familiar
???, Orc Barbarian
???, Gnome(?) Summoner

I don't get to play much. I guess I have a bad memory for names that we don't think of while playing!

2011-09-08, 03:52 PM
Alright let's see if I can do this...

Players listed in the same order in both lists as these are both played with the same group.

In my Fading Suns campaign:

Marco Alejandro Diego Fernando Rodrigo de Hera of The Hazat - My Hazat noble. Charming and a decent duelist. Trying to serve his Emperor and find a place in the universe.
Archbishop Raphael Sextus (Though we just call him Brother Ralph) - Wandering priest and healer, overly-beloved by the common man. Probably the only responsible person in the party.
Kavethi HardEnoughToPronounceLetAloneSpell - Weird Obun techie who wields powers not designed for mere mortals.
Hank Freeman - Ace pilot, druggie and dodgy scoundrel extraordinaire. Recently turned "space gangsta" after discovering he accidentally worshipped a demon.
William De'Bon - Secretly the presumed-dead heir to House Hazat. Thug, bounty hunter and professional ass.

In my newly started Hunter: The Vigil game:

Warren Alexander McArthur - Professor of archaeology and lecturer at the University of Philadelphia. Knowledgeable, decent with a gun and owner of an evil cat.
Harry (?) - All around asskicker working in the private security business his former Haitian warlord father started. Always wears a suit.
Willy Wang Dong Johnson - Texas born Chinese American star of such B-grade, action classics as "Raging Thunder". Party face, kung-fu practitioner and all-around good guy.
Buddy - Special effects master and equipment guy. Got a bum leg and a kickass dog.
Andrew (?) - Burnt out EMT addicted to morphine and what have you. Stunt driving god and fairly selfless good guy.

I am proud of my ability to pay attention!:smallbiggrin:

2011-09-08, 04:03 PM
This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. :P I'll start with the easy stuff, the game I'm in currently (where I also write out notes for each session).

Xelryn -- Human Archivist//Wizard (my character)
K'thaandyr "Thaan" -- Human Cleric//Rogue
Lushky Kishmir -- Tibbit Scout//Fighter
Damian -- Human Sorceror//Rogue
Sumsylaltael "Adder" -- Elf Ranger//Rogue

Petras -- Human Knight//Fighter

[Originally named Greenstar when he was a Dragonborn Paladin//Fighter]
Jack -- Human Street Fighter//Rogue

[Tomboy, grew up on the streets pretending to be male but is teasingly called "Jacqueline" by PCs or NPCs that feel the need for a fist in their face]
Avithion Somethingoranother III "Avith" -- Dread Necromancer//Warlock

[The character is an 8 year old boy who goes by Avith because his full name is "too long and hard to say." It's kinda funny that he says that though, since he has one of the highest INT scores in the party. :P]
????? "BT" -- Tiefling Bard//Sorceror

[New player just joined in the last game and the PCs have yet to learn his name, although Avith has nicknamed him BT... I don't know why though. His introduction was amusing though:
[I]Petras: I am Petras, may I ask your name?
"BT": You may.
[long pause]
Petras: ...Uh... what is your name?
"BT": You are not worthy enough to know it yet.]

Now I've been in three other D&D games in the last 2-3 years... but there's only one game where I can remember any of the PCs names (including my own) and that was the one from three years ago.

Rhial -- Gnome Druid (me)
Cade -- Halfling Rogue
Bob -- Half-fiend Human Rogue
???? -- Human Monk
???? -- Human Psion
Konn'r -- Human Psychic Warrior (DMPC)

I can't think of character names for either of the other two games though. :(

2011-09-08, 04:19 PM
Oh! I just remembered a major campaign that I am in (that is on hold) that I forgot to mention in my previous post, so let's see if I can do any better and redeem myself by remembering the characters... (This is a homebrew DnD 1ed/2ed, complete with homebrew rules, races and classes, so if things seem unfamiliar, that might be why! :smallbiggrin:)


Horatio- Centaur Cleric of Makof (me)
Frederich- Idian Wizard
(?)- Idian Necromancer
Oompa- Ogre Fighter
(?)- Goblin Thief (killed, player left after 1 session)
(?)- Wow, I don't even remember this guys race or class... he had a magic cannon instead of a hand... player disappeared after one session
(?)- Minotaur Warrior
(?)- Elf Thief (killed), (?)- Hobbit Assassin
Arthur... Arthurus... Arrurus... Human Paladin of Makof (now an NPC)
(?)- Elf (?) Was Secretly King of a Country but did not know it (Before I joined the group. (Player is gone, but makes occasional fuest appearances).
(?)- Elf (?) (Left before I joined)

All sorts of NPC which I thankfully don't have to name, because I can barely remember the PCs!

I really suck at this... :smallredface::smallfrown:

Archpaladin Zousha
2011-09-08, 04:22 PM
Georg Redcrosse, Human Paladin who talks like Ahnold Schwarzenegger (me)
Taliesin, Kobold Werewolf Sorcerer/Cleric, collected the ears of slain enemies to wear as a necklace
Alizel, Elf Bard and amnesiac time-traveller from the past
Aramil of Gilderland, Half-elf Druid and financeer/accountant, was destroyed by a sphere of annihilation in the campaign's final battle
Amara Silvertree, Elf Ranger, incredibly shy
Rushalia, Halfling treehugger (custom class), destroyer of nations and all-around troublemaker.

Later on, Rush got himself killed by going into the Underdark to investigate some invading robots on his own, so his player rolled a new character:

Underbow, Halfling rogue/wizard/arcane trickster, slayer of the Tarrasque.

Laura Eternata
2011-09-08, 05:11 PM
My typical group is only two other people, which is too easy (Tartarus the ranger and Jaina the fighter/rogue) so I have to think back to the last larger group I had. I know there was:

Ilos, the half-minotaur warblade (me. Yeah, I might have been feeling a bit vindictive towards someone that night.)
"The Dude", an elven wizard who lifted his name and entire personality from The Big Lebowski.


This is much harder than I thought. I remember that the other two were a half-elf rogue and a half-elf bard, but I can't recall the names. I think they might have just picked ones from the PH.

2011-09-08, 05:20 PM
Can you pass the "What's my character's name?" test?

Think about a campaign you're playing in or have in the past played in.

Tell us the other player's character's names.

I was put on the spot when talking about our longest running D&D game from a few years back. Out of the 3 PCs (that weren't me) I only got one right. How bad is that?

No, that's about normal. People tend to forget names with the quickness, if it isn't their character. I honestly couldn't give you a single name other than mine from our current campaign, though in fairness, it's only one session in. I could recite what each character is and how they operate, tho.

2011-09-08, 05:38 PM
let's see... In campeign order, from oldest to newest.

Where I played the bard, Arthur:
Tor- warforged barbarian
Schmee- Halfling Sorceror
Glib- Halfling Binder
Kathica- Halfling Wizard
Joira D'Cannith- Human Artificer
Slaughterbeast- Anthro Wolverine Paladin of Slaughter/Barbarian/Black Blood Cultist/Whatever gives you Deathless Frenzy. Learned the hard way that Melee cannot beat casters when he surprise-attacked Joira.
I don't remember the name of the Drow Legacy Champion, the Warforged Dragon Disciple, or the Human Cavalier, just who was played by whom.

Where I played the Wizard, Bold
Grotnarg- Dwarven Fighter
Nyelelleliass- Drow Bard
Don't remember the names of the Human Fighter (Because he was only there for one session) or the Gnome Nightmare Spinner (Even though we were constantly butting heads)

Where I played the Paladin, Eric
Jacob- Human Crusader
Thomas- Human Wizard
Irol- Human Dread Necromancer
there's two characters I'm forgetting, both sorcerors and brothers. Looking back, this was an all-human campaign o.0

Where I played the Cleric, Yin
Yang, Human Fighter
Samson Lynch, Human Barbarian
and really, that's all I can remember, namewise. Our groups got split up into 3 seperate groups run by 3 dms. there were 16 players, so I really didn't try hard to remember the names of anyone not in my group. There was also a warmage in our party, but he died about halfway through.

Where I played the wizard, Hallmark:
y'know, despite this one being the most recent, I don't remember any of the other character names offhand. The campaign was never finished, so there wasn't much chance for anyone to make a serious impact on me. We were playing Kingmaker, and they kept rotating DMs, until it fell apart (I had to completely redo my character at one point, when the next DM decided we were running core only, with point-buy stats now)

Dusk Eclipse
2011-09-08, 05:38 PM
from anima beyond fantasy game

Captain :waves hand: James Edward (novel)
Asamiya Athena (mentalist)
Professor Gideon (summoner)
Daisuke (technician)
Princess Isabella (no idea of the archetype)
Shaina (tecnician)
Rico (warlock)
Dusk (technician) (me)

fron a prior 4e game

ravnos ( kobold assassin) me
fenris (shifter warden)
cleffa ( genasi bard)
tzotz ( gnome wizard)

a 3e game from a few years ago
Oak ( half elf cleric/ranger)
Pulps ( catfolk pyrokinetist)
Daydream ( kalashtar psion)
Dusk Eclipse (the original one a shifter rogue/swordsage)
Crazy dude (actual form to refer to him in game a human swift huntet)

2011-09-08, 06:10 PM
I'm going to abstain, mostly because I'm almost always the GM, and my tendency to write campaign journals about our ventures. :smalltongue:

2011-09-08, 06:15 PM
I have real life issues with names, anyway. I have to use extremely bizarre mnemonic devices just to keep things straight. I don't even remember the names of the characters in the L5R game I'm running unless I'm looking right at the notes. However, I do know that one of the characters in the D&D game I'm in has the family name "Mordavian." I remember this because he likes spiders.

2011-09-08, 06:23 PM
Hmm, first campaign?

Three characters I can't remember the names of. There was a rogue I think... And a druid..? I was a sorcerer/monk and actually I don't remember my own character's name or race... I think it had an X... The one character I do remember was my friend's dwarf paladin: Dwarf Dwarferson. Also his catch phrase "Dwarf's my name, dwarfin's my game!"

The second campaign is easier. There was me, Vurjil the half-orc cleric, ERROR (I AM ERROR) the gnome bard, I don't actually know if the halfling rogue had a name... It's not really fair because half her character gimmick was not talking often. Anyway then we had the monk, Rauchebeir or however it's spelled.. Drunken master, naturally. The druid's name I don't remember but no one could as it was an archaic name and almost unpronouncable by our people. We ended up calling her Booster and so that basically counts.

The third campaign, which I dm'd, featured the scout/druid Sancho [the Stachemaster], the warforged dragonfire-adept Pledge, the half-ogre psychic warrior Gorguts, the beguiler Cecile (only appeared 2 sessions), the cleric douchetta (appeared maybe 4), the paladin Eormenhild, Sancho's air elemental companion Gus-Gust... that's it I think.

The current campaign I'm DMing... There's a dread necromancer//warlock The Undertaker (he hasn't really decided a name. There were jokes about Tom B. Crypt, but that's not going to be a thing I don't think.) Then we have Drae, the knight//shugenja [fire]... Ok so I'm not the best with their names yet but they just came up with them last week so I'll get there. I know the team paladin//healer has a nordic influenced name, and has decided to have a beard.

Akal Saris
2011-09-08, 06:23 PM
Oh dear, I'm terrible with names...

Dragonlance campaign (I'm the DM)
Addonis, "the Dark"
Shadow McShank
...Centaur PC...
(Wow, I feel bad...the centaur's name is on the tip of my tongue, but even after over a dozen sessions, I can't quite think of it)

Pathfinder: (I'm the DM)
Avitus Saul
Anita Mann
Aziel Blacktree
(Whew, easy one!)

...Scout 3/Ranger 10... (me)
...Wiz 8/Warweaver 5 PC...
...Cleric 13 PC...
...Druid 13 PC...
...Rogue 5/Thief-Acrobat 8 PC...
(God, I'm horrible. I had to look up their names on Wikispaces after I gave up here)

2011-09-08, 07:05 PM
Current campaign:
Hadsil, human Sorcerer
Kaydus, elf Paladin
Roke, human Cavalier
Unjust, dwarf Monk, was Sarla (R.I.P.) human Fighter
Winter, elf Fighter
Summer, elf Rogue

Previous campaign
Godric, human Crusader/Master of Nine
Mordecai, half-elf Fighter/Elven Sworder (Home made prestige class)
Dani, human wizard
Aerean, vampire (long story) Fighter/Gerovian Sworder (another home made prestige class)
Savion, elf Cerebremancer
Thamior, elf Wizard then killed, became Rambo, human Fighter/Warblade

Second campaign
Bari, human Cleric/Sacred Exorcist
Niko, human Rogue
Angel, human Wizard
Tuugen, human Barbarian/Psy-Warrior/War Mind
August, vampire Psion

First campaign
Thoron, human Cleric/Church Inquisitor
Maximus, human Rogue
Cyndia, half-elf Sorcerer, changed character to Doriane, human Fighter/Battle Maiden (I think home made prestige class), then Firetop, human Bard when Doriane was killed.
Moses, human Fighter
Truuls, purposely unknown Druid/Shapeshifter after changing character from Ironblood, dwarf Monk
Rusty, human Ranger

Previous campaigns before this was with other groups and over 10 years ago. I'm not going to remember. I remember all my characters' names and a few of other players'.

2011-09-08, 07:22 PM
For the game I'm playing on IRC with some buddies from another forum, the characters are as follows:

C. Darcroft the human rogue (we've yet to find out what the C. stands for)
Atharla the elf wizard (me)
MK the half-elf bard (yes, that is his name)
Coryn the dwarf cleric
Hecalba the elf ranger
Azalea the human fighter/sorcerer

Wow, we've got the same classes as the Order of the Stick (bar the sorcerer multiclass)!

2011-09-08, 07:54 PM
Most of the gaming I've done in the last year has been Encounters, and the other gaming was with a group that rarely bothers to even name their characters. =|

The last legit campaign I played in, out in Colorado, however:

Beryn Sorn - human ranger/wizard
Vaugn Sorn - warforged (adopted :smalltongue:) rogue
Volshen Archante - elf wizard/cleric
Miranda Archante - half-elven psion
Oskar the Serpent - phrenic human soulknife/psion
Graven Swordhand - half-ogre human fighter/barbarian

2011-09-08, 09:53 PM
Um, er...:smallconfused::smalleek:...I'm sure it's something ripping off referencing the Lord of the Rings. Do I pass?

2011-09-08, 11:07 PM
That's easy! My group is currently playing Naruto d20, so the family names are already memorized; it's just a matter of matching them to the right personal names...

Current Party:
Senju Yoshikaze (myself), Fast Hero / Samurai
Uchiha Musashi, Fast Hero
Uchiha Takahiro, Strong Hero
Inuzuka Rievai, Tough Hero

Plus, everyone's favorite NPC:
Byaku John

Before that, my last real game was quite a long time back. I was DMing some good ol' third edition Dungeons & Dragons, using the Book of Exalted Deeds...

Last Party:
Augustus, LG Human Monk
Morgan Feng, CG Human Wizard (who had the best backstory ever)
Martel "the Hammer", NG Sanctified Human Binder
Ratsworth Xavier, NG Human Were-Rat Cleric

And, naturally, I remember every character I've ever played. Of course, that may be because after so many years of DMing I've had to cherish those few moments I get on the other side of the table...

My Characters: (in chronological order)
Krugar Stonefist, CN Orc Wizard
Varius Martel, LE Changeling Magus/Gunslinger
Raedgar "Red" Stonefist, CN Orc Sorcerer
Melanie Blackwater, NG Human Mage (d20 Modern)
Senju Yoshikaze, CG Human Samurai (Naruto d20)
Lorelei Lovèl, NG Human Cleric

2011-09-08, 11:18 PM
Let's see... I'm the GM in all of these

Group 1 -

Group 2 -
Pippin Duffy Samidoc

Group 3 (about 2 years ago was the last we played) -
Redgar (yup)
Don't remember the fourth, but I remember he kept forgetting it too during games...

Group 4 (1.5 years ago)
Clutch/Mippy/???/???/??? (Was a Chameleon with 5 different personalities)

Group 5 (2 years ago)
Vicious (yeah...)
(Didn't have a name)

2011-09-08, 11:28 PM
The one lasting campaign I ran (leveled from 3-17, set in the forgotten realms during 3.5) has stuck in my head pretty well, names included. It may help that the players are my best friends from high school, and they tend to stick to certain character names between unrelated campaigns.

1) Artemis Swiftblade, LG Half-drow Monk/Fist of Zouken
2) Hazl Bivin, CG Orog Barbarian/Orc Warlord (had a full on orc horde by the end of the campaign)
3) Dante the Black, CN Sun Elf evoker (a chain smoking, alcoholic, elf-hating elf)
4) Tim the rock gnome, TN Fighter (with guns and gnome artificer items from an NPC). Tim was short for some ridiculously long gnome name, but I can't be expected to remember the entire thing 6 or 7 years later. :smalltongue:
5) Kenneth Forcetus, NE Human fighter (sword and board, went off on hilarious(ly evil) side quests when the party wasn't busy on main adventure stuff).

I also remember a few of the names from the Dark Heresy game I ran a while back. Same group of players, but we rolled all character traits, including name. I only remember two, though:

1) Frag the Feral World assassin. Decided to embrace his character's name and low intelligence, and carried a burlap sack filled with as many grenades of various types as he could afford. Would roll to see which grenade he threw in any given round. Somehow, this NEVER backfired, even when he threw (and fumbled the roll for) a hallucination grenade. He was the best assassin I've seen in a Dark heresy game.

Which is a shame, because he shared the assassin gig with...

2) KHAN CORTEZ! the Imperial World assassin. Played by the same player who played Artemis the half-drow monk. The latter character was the most dangerous in that 3.5 campaign (despite the fact that: a) most fights were rather challenging, and b) the wizard was no slouch in trying to break the game at mid levels); the former...not so much.

Cortez regularly tripped over things, lost his blades, and got shot often. The first party firefight involved him rushing into a room full of gangers with autoguns/pistols, armed with only a monosword, where he preceeded to (fail to) leap over a couch used as cover (The acrobatics test was failed so hard I almost made him roll agility to avoid falling on his own sword, but I'm not that mean :smallbiggrin:), before getting shot repeatedly. Somehow, he survived.

On the plus side, any time the player rolled really poorly someone at the table would do their best Shatner impression. :smalltongue:

2011-09-09, 12:24 AM
In the campaign I'm in right now...

Retired Characters (For now):
-Hawk Grayson (My old character, who survived near death and is now covered in third degree burns, so currently out of commision. He duel wielded everything from a sword and a gun, to two guns, to two swords, and frequently went crazy, charging in, and attacking bad guys mid monologue. Half-Elf CN)
-Dr. Will Smith (Will Smith, he's a doctor and does healing, and rapping, and is generally awesome, unforetunately his gun blew up in his face and he was attacked nearly to death by a land shark, and now is in a wheelchair, though he may recover... Human LG)

Current Characters:
-Art (Okay this is my current character, and I can't remember his last name... he's an elf who uses a large great sword, also he's a scientist and uses intelligence and massive strength to kill things. He also has a cool background, but it wouldn't make any sense without the context. Elf CG)
-Grumble (The new character for the player who was Dr. Will Smith. He's a massive orc who can build weapons and armor. He's the most awesome crafter ever basically. He was thrown out of his Orckansas (like Arkansas, but in post apocolypse and filled with Orcs) for not being strong enough. He wields a 50 cal sniper rifle from the shoulder cause as an Orc he can do that. Dude's awesome. Orc NG I think...)
-Mix N Match (I may have spelled her name wrong, but that's how it's pronounced. She's got the head of a dragon, and hooves and claws. She carries a tommy gun, but primarily uses spells to kill things, everything from chain fireballs, to standard fireballs, to acid arrows. She can also fly planes and dumped Napalm over an army with the help of the character below. She doesn't really mind team attacking either, and can bluff her way out of anything. Spellborn CE)
-Rholma Jones (The party chemist, she makes energy potions for us which we can use to cast spells, or get stat boosts, or for temporary hitpoints. More of a support character, Rholma wields a repeating crossbow (built by Hawk before Grumble joined the party), and made the napalm used in the earlier example, and has since made molotov cocktails and the like for our use. Human LG)
-Laura Lie (I spelled her name wrong probably... anyway, she's a short feathered exoskeleton'd animal training chick with a bolt gun. Currently she has two dragons (actually firedrakes, but the characters--and most of the players--can't tell the difference), and a dog that are insanely loyal to her, ready to attack anything that seems a threat. She is obsessed with seducing things ( Here's an example... (http://www.drunkduck.com/BattleFox_Comics/5350398/)) but never seems to succeed. Spell Born NG)

So I think I did pretty well, I can't remember at all the characters in the group I just started DMing, but we only had one session before I had to leave for college, so yeah.

2011-09-09, 07:25 PM
I'm reasonably new to posting on the forums, but I've been off-and-on following them for a year at least since I found out about Order of the Stick.

So...character names, hmm?

The current campaign I run consists of the following PC's:

Alaric (LG Human Cleric/Warpriest)
Kiru (LG Human Variant Monk/Crusader/*insert custom prestige class here*)
Iryssa the Leywalker (CG Grey Elven Sorceress)
Neemo (CG Half-elf Scout)
Tearny (CN Wood Elf Warlock/Fey Witch - a custom prestige class based on Fey origin warlock abilities)
Forgsplat (CG Hill Dwarf Barbarian)
Tamir (NG Human Ranger)

On a note, both Forgsplat and Tamir are on-again, off-again companions.

Another two memorable Campaigns I've been a part of in one way shape or form:

An Old AD&D Game
Mikhail (LG Human Paladin - Me)
Shaye (CG Elf Thief)
Alora (CG Elf Bladesinger)
Delbin Lockwhistle (CG Kender Handler)
Force Thedorn (LN Dwarf Fighter)

My Sky Pirates campaign

Serah (NE Sky Elf Swashbuckler/Swordsage)
Blitz (LE Warforged Warblade)

2011-09-10, 02:17 AM
Hmm... I can remember all of the character names of the groups that I'm running. Does that count?

In the two games in which I'm currently playing, we've only had one session each, so I haven't familiarized myself with the crews in play. In the game that we just finished, a True20 horror game, we had:

Rachel O'Sullivan, cunning librarian (and later psycopathic mind controller)
Frank Leahy, helicopter pilot (and later PTSD telekinetic)
Marcus Leeds, con artist (and later physical embodiment of the concept of Stasis, attempting to destroy all life on Earth. That one caught us by surprise.)
Todd Malcolm (Me), Security Guard (and later paranoid anti-magical fanatic).

2011-09-10, 02:56 AM
I have an easier time remembering the characters names than the people for a few campaigns.

2011-09-10, 04:48 AM
1st campaign(can't remember much about it);
Joe--fighter(my character, pretty sure that was his name), I can't remember more than that.
Iko--elf wizard, male I think.
Gerald(not quite sure on the name)--male elf ranger.

2nd campaign(I remember slightly more about this one);
Tser..something, I can't remember the rest of his name(my character)--winged minotaur.
Something Ilara--female grey elf bard(same player has played in all of the other campaigns after this, each time as a differently built elf sub-race bard)
Janagatha--male avoral

3rd campaign;
Bedwyr(my 1st character for this campaign)--male human fighter(had been planning to gish with cleric until he was killed)

Female Changling rogue(I can’t remember her name, but I think it was from the sample changling names list in the ebberon campaign setting)

Kira? Ilara--female high elf bard(same player as before, also the one who ended up slaying bedwyr)

Chaos Gnome sorcerer(I don't think he ever said what his character's name was, though he didn't talk much during the sessions)

Baldwyn(at least I think I used that for his name. my 2nd character for this campaign)--male wood elf shapeshift druid focused on melee.

4th campaign(dmed, fell apart after one session due to busy schedules, I can't remember the characters names, or much about it other than it was a darksun game)

5th campaign(the current campaign I'm dming);

Kita Ilara(same player as the other Ilara bards)--female snow elf bard/warblade(focused on damage spells and self buffs)

Oggati--male dragon blood human(homebrewed race) with draconic template and a major dragon bloodline, also an earth bender.

John Janogath Johnson--male human warblade(fluffed as a swashbuckling pirate)

Amy--female elf ranger(with a fox companion)

Gar the Strong(npc healbot)--male goliath paladin(focused on healing)

Vladislavo Grigory(npc healer & crafter)--male human pf alchemist