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I make remakes for Bloodlines. I've already made them for the old Dragon bloodlines as well as the demon/devil/angel lines. Well here's the Elemental ones.

Sibling of the Elements

(Brother, if male; Sister, if female. ??? if Dromite.)

Long have there been heroes touched by the power of the elements. Warriors who wielded flame, archers who shot with the wind. These individuals are the Brothers and Sisters of the Elements, capable of calling upon the primal forces of the world to aid them. Their origins are varied and shrouded in mystery for the most part. It's not like someone's grandmother was a Fire Elemental (Though she'd probably have been hot). If some sort of more logical origin is to be assumed, it likely has something to do with the mother traveling to an Elemental plane or somehow coming in close contact with that element. Occasionally an Elemental Bloodline can result from a near-death experience, such as a child who almost drowns, surfacing with a Water Brother Bloodline after being deemed worthy to live by the powers of the wave.

Major1 Skill 1 +22 Skill 1 +2 Energy Resistance 53 Ability 1 +14 Skill 1 +2 Energy Resistance 5 Elemental Blast5 Elemental Affinity +26 Ability 1 +1 Elemental Power 17 Skill 2 +28 Energy Resistance 5 Elemental Blast Elemental Mastery +19 Ability 2 +110 Elemental Affinity +2 Energy Resistance 1511 Elemental Affinity +412 Ability 1 +1 Elemental Power 1 Movement Boon13 Skill 3 +214 Skill 2 +2 Elemental Power 215 Ability 3 +116 Elemental Blast Elemental Mastery +1 Elemental Mastery +217 Elemental Affinity +618 Ability 2 +1 Elemental Immunity19 Skill 4 +220 Elemental Affinity +2 Energy Resistance 15 Avatar of the Forces

Skills 1-4 +2: Brothers and Sisters of the Elements vary widely in their talents. They gain bonuses to different skills as determined by their Lineage.

Energy Resistance: Brothers and Sisters of the Elements are naturally resistant to their elements. They gain Energy Resistance to the type of energy corresponding to their element as denoted above. In addition, Siblings of Earth gain a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves against being crushed by stone when they gain Energy Resistance 5, which increases to +4 when they get Resistance 15.

Ability 1-3 +1: Just as they have different talents, they have different traits. They gain bonuses to varying Ability Scores depending upon their Lineage.

Elemental Blast: The power of the elements is foremost among the Brother and Sister's abilities. When they call, their element comes. As a standard action they may make a Ranged Touch Attack against a target within 30ft+5ft/2 levels for Major, /4 for Intermediate and /8 for Minor, dealing an amount of damage of the appropriate energy type equal to 1d6 plus 1d6 for every 3, 6 or 12 levels the Sibling has, depending on Bloodline strength. They may use this ability as often as they please.

Elemental Affinity: One recognizes one's own. The Siblings gain bonuses on all interaction checks with individuals and creatures possessing the corresponding subtype.

Elemental Power: The Brothers and Sisters of the Elements gain additional benefits depending upon what force favored them. Depending on their Lineage they gain different abilities. Caster level is 1/2 or 1X the Sibling's level, depending on bloodline strength, and saves vary depending on lineage (Fire=Cha, Water=Wis, Air=Int, Earth=Con).

Elemental Mastery: The environment around a Sibling influences their capabilities. They gain a +1 (and later a +2) on all checks, attack rolls, saves and AC when in an environment corresponding to their element (Fire=Desert, Water=Ocean, Air=High places, Earth=Underground. These are just examples, not the only places where this comes into play).

Movement Boon: Their control of natural forces gives the Siblings greater ease in maneuverability. Depending on their Lineage they gain a different bonus to movement.

Elemental Immunity: At this point the Sibling has become entirely immune to their element, having gained near total control over it. They gain Immunity to the appropriate energy type, and Earth Siblings are additionally immune to being crushed by any stone.

Avatar of the Forces: The Sibling of the Elements has attained total control of their domain. Their type changes to Outsider with an appropriate elemental subtype. Once per day they may cast Summon Nature's Ally VI with a caster level of 20, though only to summon elementals of their kind. Lastly they may Rebuke or Command elementals of their type at will, with a 40 HD command cap.

Lineage: Depending on which element they were blessed by, the Sibling's manifested abilities will be different.

Energy: Fire
Skills: Diplomacy, Bluff, Perform, Gather Information
Abilities: Charisma, Intelligence, Strength
Elemental Power 1: Produce Flame 1/day
Movement Boon: +10ft land speed
Elemental Power 2: Flame strike 1/day

Energy: Cold
Skills: Sense Motive, Heal, Spot, Tumble
Abilities: Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution
Elemental Power 1: Cure Moderate Wounds 1/day
Movement Boon: 30ft Swim speed + Water Walking
Elemental Power 2: Control Water 1/day

Energy: Electric
Skills: Tumble, Jump, Balance, Move Silently
Abilities: Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma
Elemental Power 1: Gust of Wind 1/day
Movement Boon: 30ft Fly speed, Clumsy maneuverability
Elemental Power 2: Control Winds 1/day

Energy: Acid
Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft
Abilities: Constitution, Strength, Wisdom
Elemental Power 1: Soften Earth and Stone 1/day
Movement Boon: 30ft Climb speed, 15ft Burrow speed
Elemental Power 2: Move Earth 1/day

Suggestions, requests, errors and the like welcome, as always.

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You should specify the damage type of each of the lineages for their various abilities. While you do mention it in elemental resistance, it seems it would make more sense there.


2011-09-08, 09:20 PM
You should specify the damage type of each of the lineages for their various abilities. While you do mention it in elemental resistance, it seems it would make more sense there.


You've got a point there. Fixed.

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Ooh, I like this. Much better than the vanilla elemental bloodlines.