View Full Version : Sylvan Blade - 3.5e PrC

2011-09-09, 01:20 PM
This is one of the prestige classes I've been working on in an effort to convert the characters from my 2E campaign to 3.5E. The original 2E character is a half-elf Ranger/Cleric, using a Priest of Meilikki kit.

This is my attempt to solve the spell-casting penalties that multiclass casters suffer in 3E, without the class becoming too powerful:


I've gone back-n-forth several times between it being a base class vs. a prestige class. As a base class, it was smoother to balance, but it had some weird interactions with the Ranger and Druid classes, due to too much overlap. As a prestige class, I was able to make it work similar to the Sacred Fist prestige for Monks, though it loses some of the diversity from when it was a base class.

I'd love to hear from other DMs and players what you think of it, and what tweaking may still be needed to keep it in line with other prestige classes.