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Howler Dagger
2011-09-10, 01:29 PM
The purpose of this is to make a full-fledged RPG system, which could be used in real games.
Voting works like this: you get 3 votes, two of which add 1 to an option, and the other subtracts from an option
Round One: Genre
Sci Fi is the winner!
Round Two: Dice rolling mechanics
d12 and Dicepool B ( certain numbers are successes, each tasks requires one or more success) are the winner!
Round Three: Success Number
Now we are voting for what number (or higher) will be a success.
8 1
6 -2
Voting will end October 1st, 12:00 GMT

Tell me if you think i should include any lower numbers, and feel free to suggest gameplay mechanics or fluff bits.

Zeta Kai
2011-09-10, 05:06 PM
For Modern & Sci-Fi.

Against Fantasy.

2011-09-10, 05:28 PM
For Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi

Against Fantasy

The Underlord
2011-09-10, 05:44 PM
For horror and Fantasy
Against Sci-fi

2011-09-10, 06:04 PM
I vote for Cyperpunk and Universal.

Vote against.. Horror, I guess.

Lizard Lord
2011-09-10, 06:20 PM
For Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Against Modern

Epee Assassin
2011-09-10, 06:24 PM
Cyberpunk and Fantasy, definitely.
Against Sci-Fi :roach:

2011-09-11, 12:37 AM
For: Universal & Sci-Fi
Against: Horror

Tired of fantasy but yet not against mixes of fantasy and technology.

Fera Tian
2011-09-11, 12:45 AM
nevermind, delete

Ilorin Lorati
2011-09-11, 01:05 AM
For Horror and Universal

Against Fantasy

I generally think that setting should be removed from core system crunch, but it's hard to have a good horror without it being a core aspect.

2011-09-11, 06:28 AM
For Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi

Against Fantasy

2011-09-11, 04:24 PM
For Sci-fi and Horror.

Against universal.

Lord Loss
2011-09-11, 04:34 PM
Vote for Horror and Sci-Fi and against Cyberpunk

2011-09-11, 04:59 PM
For Sci-Fi and Horror, against Fantasy.

2011-09-11, 05:08 PM
+1 to universal and fantasy,
-1 to sci-fi

2011-09-11, 05:32 PM
Horror and Cyberpunk
Against Sci-Fi

2011-09-11, 05:37 PM
For Sci-Fi and Modern.

Against Cyberpunk.

2011-09-11, 05:38 PM
For Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Against Cyberpunk

2011-09-11, 05:48 PM
Let's see if we can do Sci-fi Horror without getting Cyberpunk mixed in.

2011-09-11, 06:42 PM
For Cyberpunk and fantasy against Universal

2011-09-11, 06:51 PM
For Cyberpunk and Fantasy

Against Horror

2011-09-12, 07:38 AM
Sci-fi and horror, don't give me cyberpunk

2011-09-12, 07:51 AM
+1 Modern & Fantasy
-1 Horror

Howler Dagger
2011-09-17, 09:58 AM
Sci Fi is the winner! now moving on to part 2

2011-09-17, 04:07 PM
d6 and d12 (yes, I dared), against d20
Dicepool B and Dicepool A, against X vs. DC

2011-09-17, 05:55 PM
+1 to D6, 4dF
-1 to d20

+1 to Dicepool B, x vs DC
-1 to Roll Under

2011-09-18, 01:10 AM
For d10 & d12
Against d4

For Dicepool A & Dicepool B
Against Roll Under

2011-09-18, 02:57 AM
For d10 and d6, against d20.

For Dicepool B and Roll under, against X vs. DC

2011-09-18, 10:05 AM
Part 1: d4 and d8, subtract from d6.
Part 2: Dicepool A and B, subtract from Roll Under.

2011-09-18, 10:43 AM
Part 1
For d10, d12 Against d4

Part 2
For Dicepool B, Roll Under Against X vs. DC

2011-09-18, 10:48 AM
For D12 and D8
Against D20

For Roll Under and Dicepool A
Against X vs DC

2011-09-18, 11:09 AM
Ok, this just makes me want to build a system based on d12's...
Get them some love...

Howler Dagger
2011-09-24, 09:05 AM
Round 2 is over! d12 and Dicepool B are the winners! Now we are voting on success number.

2011-09-24, 09:09 AM
For 8, against 6

2011-09-24, 01:33 PM
For 9, against 6.

Howler Dagger
2011-09-24, 02:00 PM
you both get one more positive vote.

2011-09-24, 02:42 PM
9, against 8

I don't really like anything but 9.

2011-09-24, 03:30 PM
For 8, 6
Against 9

9 is pointless. It gets 4 out of the 12 possibilities, and as such is equivalent to 5 on a 1d6 (2 out of 6), or 3 on 1d3. 8, meanwhile, is 5 out of 12, and actually takes advantage of the die in question, as the probability can't be mirrored with a smaller die. 6 is similar, getting 7 out of 12.

2011-09-24, 06:36 PM
+1 to 7 and 8,
-1 to 9.

Lizard Lord
2011-09-25, 09:08 AM
For 8, 6

Against 9

2011-09-25, 09:13 AM
9+ = Success
6- = Failure

a roll of 7-8 is a not a success but doesn't have any dire consequence, like a failure would, and usually allows a reroll on a subsequent turn.

2011-10-10, 02:54 PM
For 8, 7

Against 9

Also for abk108's system but with success 8+, failure 5-.

2011-10-11, 03:00 PM
For 8 and 7

Against 12

2011-10-18, 05:26 AM
For 9 and 12
Against 8

Lord Loss
2011-10-18, 05:40 PM
For 9 and 12

Against 7

2011-10-18, 11:39 PM
Guys, this is a dead project. The success number vote was supposed to end weeks ago, to be replaced by another.