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Howler Dagger
2011-09-10, 10:22 PM
This is not for the d20 system. It is intended as a simple RPG dungeoncrawl

The rules:
Each player (there is no GM) has a character, who is an adveturer in a dungeon. To determine who goes first, each player rolls a d20. whoever rolls highest starts, then it goes clockwise. On each turn, the player rolls a d20, then using the table below, describes what happens bawsed on his roll. Each character has 10 HP. A player dies when they are reduced to 0 hit points. They ascend to godhood when they get to 21. Generally, the game ends when all players are dead or ascended.
I intend on making more table, such as a tomb of horrors, magic, and gold tables. When using multiple tables, you roll once per table on your turn. Each table has a stat assigned to it, which starts at 10. The table will generally modify its own stat (except for ToH, which can modify both its stat and HP). Getting 21 or 0 in atleast one of them is required to win (or lose). When an efeect says roll again, or you do not roll next turn (for example), it refers to rolling for that table.
{table=head] Roll|Result
1| Attack of the Tarrasque! Lose 10 HP
2| Attack of the under CRed Monster! Lose 5 HP
3| Attack of the Lame Monster! Lose 1 HP
4| Attack of the Lava pit with a bridge over it! Lose 1 HP and roll again
5|Attack of the Not-So-Firendly Minotaur! Lose 3 HP and you do not roll next turn
6|Attack of the Time Bomb! Lose 3 HP after your next roll
7|Attack of Deadly Bleading! Lose 1 HP every turn, untill you are healed in some way!
8|Attack of the Witch's Curse! You are not affected by the next healing effect
9| Attack of the Doorway! Roll again
10| Attack of the Unfriendly PC! you and the next person who rolls loses 1 HP
11| Attack of the Friendly PC! You and the next person who rolls gain 1 HP
12| Attack of the Maze! Do not roll next turn
13|Attack of the Zombie Apocalypse! Lose 1 hp this turn, 2 the next, then 3, on the next, then 4 after that
14|Attack of the Pelor! Gain 10 HP
15| Attack of the Cleric of Pelor! Gain 5 HP
16|Attack of the Healing Potion! Gain 1 HP
17|Attack of the Stairway to Heaven! Gain 1 HP and roll again
18|Attack of the Friendly Minotaur! Gain 3 HP and roll again next turn
19|Attack of the Blessing of Pelor! Gain 1 HP every turn untill you are damaged
20|Attack of the Temporary Hit Points! You are not affected by the next loss of HP
{table=head] Roll|Result
1| Attack of the Epic Level Rogue! Lose 10 gold
2| Attack of the Moderatly leveled thieves guild! lose 5 gold
3| Attack of the level 1 rogue! lose 1 gold
4| Attack of the Banking account! Lose 3 gold, but on your next turn gain 4 gold
5|Attack of the Stock Market! Gain 3 gold, but lose 4 gold on your next turn
6|Attack of the Gambling! Lose any amount of gold you wish. You are treated as if you rolled again, with a result equal to the gold sacrificed.
7|Attack of the Agnry Dwarven Miners! Lose 1 Gold, and do not roll next turn
8|Attack of the Overly Priced Item! Lose 3 gold, but gain 1 in any other stat
9| Attack of the Eve & Larry's Alchemy! Gain 1 Gold and 1 in any other stat.
10| Attack of the Ones who Hate the Color Yellow! You are reduced to 1 Gold
11| Attack of the Treasure! Next time you lose HP, gain Gold equal to the HP lost.
12| Attack of the Charitable Rich Man: You gain gold equal to the amount you need to get to 20 gold
13|Attack of the Jaywalking Fine! Lose 1 Gold, but this cannot reduce you to below 1.
14|Attack of the Charity Organizations! Gain 5 Gold
15| Attack of the Treasure Chamber! gain 1 gold every turn untill you lose gold
16|Attack of the Random Falling Gold from the Sky! Gain 1 gold
17|Attack of the Haley! Lose 5 gold, but gain 5 in any other stat
18|Attack of the Trophy Room! Gain 10 Gold
19|Attack of the Fake Artifacts! Gain 5 gold, but lose 3 gold more gold the next time you lose gold
20|Attack of the Golden Alchemist! Gain 1 Gold this turn, 2 gold next turn, 3 gold the turn after that, and 4 gold after that turn

Howler Dagger
2011-09-10, 10:27 PM
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