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2011-09-11, 11:21 AM
Hi everyone, I'm here to present my homebrew system...

Briefly, it's a D6 system, inspired on Ars Magica but trying to "keeping it simple". It has a 100% original system, which is still getting improved day after day, that being quite generic will work in any setting - you can just get rid of Magic and play a realistic medieval game.
The setting I had in mind when writing though was Mythical Europe.

The goal I set for this game was to write a Core Rulebook which holds the basis of the game, then a number of Supplements expanding each area of the game (equipment, monsters, magic etc) beyond what's written in the Core Rulebook; all these books will be less than 10 pp long, so as to be easily and quickly read.

You can find everything HERE (http://www.arcanixrpg.webs.com)
Please give any feedback, it's highly appreciated. :smalltongue:

2011-09-13, 04:50 AM
I forgot to add, should anyone have problems downloading the files, let me know!

2011-09-15, 02:30 AM
Uploaded New Supplements - Equipment Book & Bestiary!

Don't miss them!