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2011-09-15, 10:16 PM
Demons should come in every forms, lets figure out some of them.

1) A giant praying mantis made of glass and mirrors. Hidden in its empty body is the face of a sleeping women. Wherever she goes people go mad with envy and blood will be spilled.

2011-09-17, 08:01 AM
This is a very lonely looking thread.

I will try to help.

2) A bull with arms where its horns should be and the body of a lion, enshrouded in darkness and cold. An omen of adultery.

3) An exotic looking woman's head with a peacock-feather ruff, her pupils occasionally swapping eyeball. Only the ruff or the face can be coloured at any one time; otherwise they appear as gray. A servant of the Lord of Despair.

4) A lone finger with a dirty nail, attached to a rattlesnake's tail. An omen of regicide.

Pretty much, strike out randomly and see if the words hit some kind of vague form.

2011-09-17, 10:11 AM
5) A large red eye, sitting atop ten mechancical, jet black legs. A foreteller of disater caused by man.

6) A moth, whose wings bear markings of pain and suffering, and whose anntennea are iron spikes. A bringer of war.

7) A small, starving child, whose voice sounds with the voices of the endless legions of every war ever fought, and whose eyes are whiter than snow. His coming signals the End of Days.

2011-09-17, 01:30 PM
8) A demon is possessing a tree that grew from the grave of a man unjustly killed, his body dumped in a forest. His spirit desired blood and vengeance against his murderer. Once every seven years, the demonic tree comes alive and seeks a person that bears some resemblance to the original murderer. All the blood is drained from his or her veins. For the next seven years, every night, one drop of blood falls down from the tree, and a scarlet flower blooms where it fell. During winter, these drops burn a tiny hole through the snow and bury themselves underground, waiting for spring. The flowers make the tree a local attraction, and the locals have come up with various reasons for the flowers, most of them silly stories about lovers dying in each other's arms.

The man originally killed there did find peace of sorts when the tree's fourth victim happened to be the murderer's niece, but he's unable to rest since the locals unknowingly keep desecrating his grave.

Yay, murder mystery and false lead towards a vampire.

2011-09-17, 02:03 PM
9) This demon is short, but bloated to the point of near-helplessness. Its stubby fingers cannot grasp any object, and its legs are too small to carry its greasy bulk. It relies on its beguiling voice and persuasive rhetoric to get others to move it, feed it, and otherwise do its bidding. It's skin is pale yellow in hue, with black veins beneath the translucent surface. It has no hair, save for the hair on the bottoms of its feet, and on its fingertips. It has no neck, either, and smells like old people and rotten wood.

10) This demon lives in a book. It cannot get out, but it can change the wording within in an attempt to convince the reader to take up an evil way of life. It can hear and see, and will use any knowledge it has of its reader to tailor its argument to their desires, but it remains subtle, so as not to reveal its true nature. Once it has corrupted enough souls, it will be free to kill that awful wizard.

11) This demon is bright green with brown eyes all over her arms, but not on her face. She has useless, dangling insectile legs where wings should be, and her mouth is open and toothless. She wears armor made from undead fish.
She lives in a cave, where she sings of despair and loss with three tongues. She was an angel once, and fell. She changed its mind since, but can never go back home.

2011-09-17, 02:16 PM
12 and 13: These demons are always found together.

12 is a large, powerful demon with great horns. He is missing his legs, his body has been attached to a special armor with large wheels in the back. This allows him to pull himself around and provides a place for 13 to ride. 12 has grown very used to his situation, and is able to charge at surprising speeds, swing his rear wheel spikes at people flanking him and rear up on his rear wheels, usually falling forward to crush his foes.

13 is a weathered old small demon with whispy gray hair that build 12's armor and rides in a special area built to fit him. He uses bolas to stop/slow prey and a flail for anything that gets too close, he also has bolas that are filled with poisons or greek fire that break on contact. On his own he is weak but when riding on 12's back his ability to control the battlefield combined with 12's great strength make them a very dangerous foe.

2011-09-18, 01:04 AM
14:) This strange elfen creature sits alone within the abyss, sobbing. When it opens it's eyes, you see tears of blood framing black eyes that destroy all who see them.

2011-09-18, 01:19 AM
15) What appears to be a stitched together child stands before you. Her hair is tangled and unkempt and, if one looked closely enough, sewn into the thing's scalp. The stitching on her body appears surgical, but is coming apart in places. The patches of sewn skin all seem to be from the same person, though what lays beneath the creature's blood and bile stained surgical gown is anybody's guess. In one misshapen hand she holds an equally horrific stuffed teddy bear with wide, insane eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go and a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat of Wonderland wince in pain. Where the girl's eyes are supposed to be is nothing but void that seems to want to destroy all light should it manage to scape the child husk. The same void can be seen licking out of the frayed stitching and issuing from her mouth, which hangs ever so slack.

2011-09-18, 06:17 AM
Quick and brutal way to do this.

>download dwarf fortress.

>generate world.

>Look in legends.

>Write down the appearance of any legendary demons, or other beasties.

>Enjoy your new procedurally generated demons!

2011-09-18, 06:43 AM
I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of what it comes up with, maybe with a bit of flavour... *hinthintdammithint*

2011-09-18, 11:25 PM
16) A wretched creature resembling a hairless cross between man and wolf leaking bile. Plants wither where he walks as hate blooms in the minds of men. His bite curses others with lycanthropy and he has power over those inflicted.

2011-09-18, 11:39 PM
Passing through the Gate: Before you is what appears to be a large brass ring surrounded by six leathery wings, through the ring you can see an endless white sky filled with black stars. You feel an overwhelming urge to cross through the ring into that endless white expanse.

Human Paragon 3
2011-09-19, 10:01 PM
18) A plucked and decapitated foul, perhaps a chicken or turkey, standing 13 feet high. Its bleeding neck cavity is lined with razor-sharp teeth. It forces its prey into its gaping, tooth-lined gullet, shredding them in the process. Victims swallowed by the demon are transformed into gold coins bearing a rooster's face. The demon can spit these at will to confuse and tempt mortals. These coins inspire gold lust in all who see them.

2011-09-19, 11:47 PM
19) A massive undead beetle with a face painted onto its back. The face talks rather then the beetle, but it uses ventriloquism to make it appear as if the mandibles are making the voice. When the beetle is killed the face appears on the back of the nearest corpse, reviving the body as its new host. The demon waits for its enemies to leave before moving, and then it pretends to be a different demon in its new form so as to prevent others from learning its weakness (killing it without leaving any corpses nearby).

2011-09-19, 11:57 PM
18) A plucked and decapitated foul, perhaps a chicken or turkey, standing 13 feet high. Its bleeding neck cavity is lined with razor-sharp teeth. It forces its prey into its gaping, tooth-lined gullet, shredding them in the process. Victims swallowed by the demon are transformed into gold coins bearing a rooster's face. The demon can spit these at will to confuse and tempt mortals. These coins inspire gold lust in all who see them.

Elaboration: In it's lair, you find the picked-clean remains of an elderly human. Other than the skeleton (which likely died a horrible death,) all that's left are a white suit and hat. (e.g., trying to suggest the demon ate Col. Sanders.)

2011-09-20, 12:00 AM
(this is a demon I once used in a campaign)
20) An incorporeal demon of fear that takes the form of a poem, anyone who hears or reads the poem becomes infected with the demon and starts to become more and more afraid, and an obsessive compulsion to to say the poem to others. In the first few weeks those targeted will start feeling watched, shadows will scare them, every dream will be visited by a nightmare, after some months the person will start to get flashes of horrible images, each time getting worse and longer, until the victim is in a permanent hallucinatory mad panic. Some crawl into a corner and perish, others will be driven into a mad rampage.
Only those who are infected know the poem.

2011-09-20, 12:24 AM
21) A jet black writing quill. No matter the color of the ink it is dipped in, the words it produces come out blood red. As the writing dries, it begins to produce thin wisps of smoke. Eventually, the writing burns through the page, reducing it to ash.

The exception is suicide notes. Somehow, these seem to linger forever, remaining bright and legible long after they should have faded with the years. Why so many scribes have taken their own lives after coming into possession of this writing implement is anyone's guess.

2011-09-21, 09:15 AM
I'll give it a go.

22. A glittering spindly spider that makes no noise itself, only mimics and repeats things that it has heard before. It attacks while people sleep, removing their faces then stitching it into an ever-growing cocoon of distorted screaming faces.

23. A large all-black furry beast that fades into the darkness and resembles a dog, except with shiny pure red orbs for eyes and when it opens its mouth the sound of insane laughter fills the air as the jaws move impossibly wide. An ivory clawed hand reaches out from the maw to choke its victims and inexorably drag them into row after row of razor sharp teeth.

(The postmans nightmare? =p)

2011-09-21, 01:45 PM
I love Fiends. Here are a few I whipped up for my homebrew campaign.

1. A giant, barrel-chested figure, stripped of all its skin so only raw, glistening muscles are shown. Atop this rests a fire-blackened breastplate of iron and a short skirt of rusted metal scales. Its head appears to be that of a great ram, though constantly wreathed in a corona of fire that sears the flesh from its skull even as it regenerates. In viciously clawed hands it wields a large flail, with many heads - reminiscent of a scourge.

2. A tall, statuesque woman of terrifying beauty. Her skin is flawless, and her hair is a waist-length mane of wild red hair. Her eyes burn with an inner light, and her naked body is wrapped tightly in razor-sharp barbed wire and thin, bladed chains, causing her perfect flesh to rip and tear with each movement before healing up as suddenly as it was injured leaving her skin bathed in a constantly shifting pattern of bloody rivulets.

3. A disfigured, corpulent figure, roughly humanoid in shape. It is clad in thick plate armor, the iron rotted and rusted with age and pestilence, while the tattered robes of a leper are draped atop this. A dark, buzzing halo of insects and vermin hover about him, filling the air with a constant droning buzz as they sing in praise of their rotting master. Other vermin follow in his rancid footsteps, as they feast upon the slimy rot and corruption that seeps from the sickening metal of his armor. A rotted staff of gnarled wood glows with green balefire in one hand, while a large and serrated sickle is held limply in the other.

4. A strangely churning cloud of thick, cloying black smoke that seems unable to be dispersed by even the strongest breeze. Held aloft in the smoke, always at the fore-front is a mask of polished brass, bearing a wide grin and smiling eyes, which seems to give some sort of strange, otherworldly shape to the suffocating presence. Tendrils of dark smog seek out the breath of those around it, seeking to flow down into their lungs and literally suck the life from them.

5. A towering giant of a man-shaped thing, clad from head to toe in a dull, lusterless armor covered in wicked barbs and spikes. The finely-crafted steel is constantly slick with blood, and from the fully-enclosed helm wafts sulphurous smoke and as it speaks with its hollow voice, the crackle and pop of sparks are visible beneath the blank visor.

That is all for now.

Mono Vertigo
2011-09-21, 02:31 PM
29. A vulnerable, floundering woman with long, pale silky hair reaching her ankles and hiding the lack of arms past her shoulders. Her face is but stretched skin with 5 holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. On the side, hands whose dexterous fingers, plunged into these holes, pull to change her expression.

30. A naga whose forearms are skeletal, ending with a snake's skull instead of phalanxes, and as its mouth, the lower jaw from an anaconda's skeleton. It has four strong, mismatched arms attached to its head. These limbs' colour and texture doesn't match the rest of its body, as if stolen from other beings.

2011-09-21, 03:00 PM
31. A set of smooth, flat stones with mouths on one side with the power to cause forgetfulness, illusion and distraction. The stones arrange themselves to look like a well-worn road. Travelers who walk on this road don't notice that the stones in the back shift themselves to the front, leading them into danger. Occasionally, the stones make themselves into a set of stairs or a bridge that collapses at the worst possible moment for the user. The mouths gleefully eat whatever remains of the victim afterwards.

2011-09-22, 01:33 AM
32.A being that looks like a handsome, well dressed, groomed and well spoken man (according to the local culture) to everyone except the being it's actively tormenting. To that lucky soul, he appears to be a vile, rancid ogre bursting his clothes at the seams with a voice that sounds like Tom Waits gargling blood with a backup chorus consisting of dying rabbits. It's every action seems innocuous to others but is clearly an atrocity to the victim of its abuse.

33. A four-legged creature in the shape of a canine with clearly human feet in place of paws and a head that combines the features of man and beast.

34. A dark, sentient cloud with a voice like thunder that rains blood and snakes. It hovers over isolated towns, screaming and raining until the people have either gone mad or appeased it with a series of increasingly horrific sacrifices.

2011-09-22, 08:22 AM
35. In city parks, a table occasionally appears. This table is only visible to children (can be seen by others via see invisibility, etc.) and is loaded with heaping piles of delicious candy. Children that eat this candy usually come under the effects of demonic posession (often of the trasnformative kind.)

36. A black, six fingered hand crawls quickly towards you. In between each pair of fingers, a red eye can be seen.

2011-09-22, 07:07 PM
37. A black-painted shack appears on the ridge overlooking the village, black smoke trailing from its chimney. The fields wither and die, madness and fear spreading with the contagion. Nobody who has entered the shack has ever returned.