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2011-09-17, 02:22 PM
I read this about a year-2 years ago. I can't remember exact details but I remember it being the best read I've ever come across. They did two campaigns, and I might be mixxing them up, but I remember that they killed a blue dragon and then ressurected it and had it pull thier ship around for awhile. They were running from some major evil dude who had these bugs(I think I remember it like that) that would gather energy or something. I want to say at one point a character lost thier legs but had just learn how to levitate.

Any help, I know it's vague :(

2011-09-17, 02:30 PM
You are probably talking about the SilverClawShift Campaigns. You can find them in this thread. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116836)

2011-09-17, 02:32 PM
Yes, that's it. Thank you.