View Full Version : Help with prestige class incorporating spell mantles

2011-09-20, 08:15 PM
Currently 5wiz/3(alterned harper mage, exchanged eschew materials for vatic gaze). my character is interested in finding ancient spell lore. considered loremaster and archmage paths but its prob our last campaign (we have kids and our dm is moving away) so the dm is being pretty lax about character development. So i was considering creating a pres class using the 5 lvls of harper mage as a base with the one alteration mentioned earlier.
i also have retibutive spell as a 1st lvl feat, looking as that as a prereq to this pres class.

mage1 knowledge, insight
mage2 arcane theory i (skill focus)
mage3 extend spell 2/day
mage4 ancient lore: vatic gaze
mage5 arcane grace (+2 vs spells and spell like abilities)
mage6 -
mage7 ancient lore: craft contingent spell
mage8 arcane theory ii (skill Focus)
mage9 -
mage10 ancient lore:spell mantle

anyway, just looking for some input. fyi, we are(were) playing in FR setting, then thrust into ravenloft (expedition castle ravenloft)