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2011-09-21, 09:53 PM
Hi GitP folks. It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I'd like to run a run an Exalted Sidereal Martial Art I created by some experienced eyes , and see how to improve it. This might not be the best forum to work out Exalted issues , in which case I welcome suggestions on other forums to investigate as well.

Splintered Edge of Creation Style is a Sidereal Martial Art exploring the mechanics of Elsewhere , on a ninja theme. Since Elsewhere is used mainly as Hammerspace in canon , and Splintered Edge of Creation allows the martial artist to actually go there , some rules have to be laid down before the actual Style.
N.B. I have read as much canon material as I could, including the Dreams of the First Age and Compass of Celestial Directions: Autochthonia , but I have not seen everything , including the recent Autochthonians releases. Given that the Machine God is explicitly Elsewhere, and there is a Protocol called Elsewhere-Evoking Asana in The Alchemicals book pg 189 , I suspect there is more canon material on Elsewhere out there. I will always bow to canon when I find it.

Elsewhere Rules

1. Elsewhere is a physical space , adjacent to every location a person can have a physical presence in , such as Creation , Malfeas , Yu-Shan , the Underworld , and other places. Elsewhere is contiguous , in the same manner that a person can reach Malfeas from Creation just by walking. For brevity's sake, read "Creation" as the relevant reality below.
2. Elsewhere is featureless , vast , and empty. *There is usually no light source nor any physical objects within visible range when Elsewhere. There is effectively no air , and it is extremely cold ; treat those caught Elsewhere without protection as suffocating and experiencing bonfire-like damage from the cold.
3. No senses or magical effects extend between Creation and Elsewhere , except as specifically stated. *For example , you cannot hear or see the other reality , nor does the Torc of Unified Action function between realities.
4. Elsewhere can only be reach using magic such as Charms.
5. Items stowed using Summon the Loyal Bow or other magic follow the owner through Elsewhere in a loosely-bound group. The owner feels it immediately if the items are taken or otherwise disconnected. For instance , walking through a space occupied by an Elsewhere castle alerts the owner as his item is disturbed , but two owners each with stowed items do not notice simply passing by each other.
6. Ordinary movement is impossible while Elsewhere and there is no gravity. Only magic such as Tapping the Oasis allows movement.
7. Items not explicitly bound to a magic-user are left floating in the void. If someone dies with items stowed Elsewhere , the items float where they are. If someone dies while Elsewhere , her body and panoply float where they are , and her souls and any shards of Exaltations go to their appropriate destinations.
8. If a magic-user gains the ability to move while Elsewhere , then transitions back out of Elsewhere , she emerges in the corresponding place and maintains her vector. Transitioning back inside a solid object is usually lethal.
9. Essence is regained while Elsewhere at the same rate as in the adjacent reality.
ERRATA FOR ALL SUMMON THE (ITEM) CHARMS : Items stowed using Summon Charms experience no passage of time while Elsewhere. Thus , the daiklave does not return at the temperature of the void , and thus , the pinnacle charm of Splintered Edge of Creation Style.

When the ancient Exalt created Splintered Edge of Creation Style , she was already a master at dodging punches. She had long passed by the art of suffering not slings and arrows , and had acquired the ability to evade ideas as well. She sought , and eventually found , the means to sidestep Creation entirely.
Battlefields where this Style has been are marked by mirror-smooth slivers of every object touched .
This Style is incompatible with the use of armor. Its form weapons are the kunai and tanto , and the artifact equivalent , the switchklaive. All of its Charms may be used while in Creation or Elsewhere.

The Sutras of Abandonment :

There once was a maiden
Who witnessed the world, aloof,
Holding trouble at arms' length.
She discarded her belongings,
Dissolved her relationships,
Dismissed her servants,
Unburdened herself of false pretenses,
Sharpened her resolve,
And went away.
She did not intend to return.
She did not intend to see the end of all Creation.
She did not intend to know her insignificance.
She intended none of these things.
So she took up the imperfect world in her pocket
And whispered, You Are Mine.

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Splintered Edge of Creation Charms

A. Summon the Loyal Artifact

Cost : 1m
Mins : MArts 3 Essence 3
Type : Simple ( Speed 3 )
Keywords : Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prereq : None
This Charm functions as Summon the Loyal Bow , except that any nonliving item up to ( Essence x 100 pounds ) may be stowed Elsewhere. One mote is used per object , the Exalt may keep multiple objects stowed , and the martial artist may specify which items to retrieve at her leisure. Any number of items can be stowed , as limited by available Essence.
If a multi-part item is stowed away , it still uses one mote , and the whole item is retrieved as one discrete object.
Artifacts attuned to another cannot be stowed using this Charm.
If this Charm is used Elsewhere , the martial artist can separate multiple-piece items stowed using Summon Charms into separate summonable pieces , committing another mote for each separate summonable item.

B. Unexpected Fist

Cost : 1m
Mins : MArts 4 Essence 4
Type : Supplemental
Keywords : Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prereq : A
With impunity, the martial artist reaches across space to swat her enemies.
This Charm translates the force ( and only the force ) of an unarmed attack to any point and direction of the martial artist's choosing within ( Essence x 10 ) yards. No physical material is moved in the translation. The attack does Bashing damage unless improved by other Charms.
The attack is almost always unexpected. See the sidebar to give opponents a chance of predicting the next blow.
The terminus of Unexpected Fist may not be inside a solid object.

C. Panoply-Exposing Meditation

Cost : 4m or 4m, 1wp
Mins : MArts 4 Essence 4
Type : Simple
Keywords :
Duration : Scene
Prereq : B
The secret arsenals of enemies avail them nothing against the martial artist's penetrating gaze.
The martial artist examines a single target within ( Essence x 10 ) yards for one long tick. She must flurry any other actions ( socializing , fighting , etc ) while examining the target. At the end of the examination , she rolls ( Perception + Martial Arts ) against a difficulty of the target's Essence score. If successful , the martial artist determines the number of items the target has stowed Elsewhere. She does not learn what the items are , nor any other information other than the number of items. If she fails , she learns nothing and the target is none the wiser. The examination costs four motes.

For the rest of the scene , the martial artist can spend one Willpower and attempt to force all the target's stowed items back to Creation , rolling ( Wits + Martial Arts ) against a difficulty of the target's Essence score. If successful , the items all translate without warning around the target , usually falling unceremoniously to the floor. If she fails , the target knows that something is trying to affect her panoply , but not what or how.

D. Reality-Deceiving Attack

Cost : 3m
Mins : MArts 4 Essence 4
Type : Simple
Keywords : Combo-OK , Obvious
Duration : Instant
Prereq : C
The martial artist moves without distance.
She creates a very small, very temporary portal touching her body , with the terminus at a maximum of ( Essence x 10 ) yards. The portal can be used to enhance an unarmed attack or thrown attack with an item no larger than her forearm.
The attack is almost always unexpected. See the sidebar to give opponents a chance of predicting the next blow.
The terminus of Reality-Deceiving Attack may not be inside a solid object.

E. Steal the Heart

Cost : 3m
Mins : MArts 4 Essence 4
Type : Simple
Keywords : Combo-OK , Crippling, Obvious
Duration : Instant
Prereq : D
The martial artist strikes without mercy.
This Charm enhances a single unarmed attack. Her body or form weapon is surrounded by crackling black noise as tiny transitions to and from Elsewhere foam the edges. The attack is considered both Crippling and Aggravated.
This Charm may enhance blows using Unexpected Fist , Reality-Deceiving Attack , or Remorse of Careless Enemies.

F. Swords to Memories Method

Cost : 4m
Mins : MArts 4 Essence 4
Type : Simple
Keywords :
Duration : Instant
Prereq : E
The martial artist secretly reaches out and stows an opponent's panoply for her.
She spends four motes and concentrates on a target's item within ( Essence x 10 ) yards for six ticks. The item may be up to ( Essence x 100 ) pounds.
She then makes a ( Wits + MArts ) roll with a difficulty equal to the target's Essence score. If she is successful , the item is stowed away in the opponent's Elsewhere panoply. This Charm works on any object up to ( Essence x 100 ) pounds regardless of if any character is attuned to it, but it cannot be used to stow living creatures.
If the target has a relevant Summon Charm or similar magic , the item can be retrieved after a long tick has passed.
This Charm can also be used on an unattended item , and the item is left floating Elsewhere.
If the Charm is successfully used while Elsewhere , the item is translated to Creation with no other effect.

G. Soul-Slicing Blade

Cost : 4m, 1wp or 6m, 1wp
Mins : MArts 4 Essence 4
Type : Simple
Keywords : Combo-OK
Duration : Scene
Prereq : F
The martial artist creates a rectilinear break in reality no larger than her forearm. The sides are plain dull black , but the edges seem to suck in the light. The edges are perfectly sharp , with small amounts of material being translated every moment to Elsewhere. The martial artist can hold the blade without harm , but the edges pass through all non-magical materials without resistance.
The blade has the following traits : Speed 5 , Accuracy ( Essence ) , Damage ( Essence ) Lethal , Defense ( +Essence / 2 rounded down ) . If the blade parries or is parried by a mundane item , that item is cut through , and is destroyed at the Storyteller's discretion.
The blade ignores mundane armor, so that only magical materials, Essence-based protection, and natural lethal soak apply.
The blade can be thrown , but it ceases to exist if it moves beyond ( Essence x 10 ) yards from the Exalt.
The blade cannot be broken , but the Exalt can still be disarmed.
The blade is a Splintered Edge of Creation form weapon , and can be thrown through Reality-Deceiving Attack.
Spend an extra 2m to make dematerialized spirits valid targets of attacks with the blade.

H. Space-Slitting Escape

Cost : 4m or 4m, 1wp
Mins : MArts 5 Essence 4
Type : Simple
Keywords : Combo-OK , Obvious
Duration : Scene
Prereq : G
This Charm functions as Seven-Shadow Evasion , except that the martial artist translates to Elsewhere , out of sight and reach of any effect that remains in Creation. The Essence is spent immediately , and the martial artist is returned to Creation after six ticks.
This Charm counts as a Perfect Dodge.
This Charm does not grant the ability to move while Elsewhere.
The martial artist gains immunity to cold and vacuum for six ticks.
When the martial artist reaches Essence 5 , she may choose to remain Elsewhere indefinitely by spending one Willpower before the six ticks are up. When this Charm is used Elsewhere , the martial artist returns to Creation , and she may choose to remain indefinitely for no extra cost.
The martial artist may take items with her , up to ( Essence x 100 ) pounds. These items can be left in Elsewhere , but they are not bound to the user unless she also then uses Summon the Loyal Artifact. She cannot take living creatures with her.

I. Tapping the Oasis

Cost : 4m
Mins : MArts 5 Essence 5
Type : Simple
Keywords : Combo-OK
Duration : Scene
Prereq : H
After learning to float , the martial artist learns to fly.
This Charm only benefits the martial artist while she is Elsewhere.
She gains the ability to fly only while Elsewhere at ( Essence x 10 ) yards per tick. When she translates back to Creation , she maintains her new position and vector.
While the martial artist is Elsewhere , her stowed panoply is arrayed before her , flying around her at the speed of thought. *She may perform Ready Weapon actions at any time, at 1 tick per readied weapon, while the Exalt is Elsewhere with this Charm active.

NOTE : This allows the Exalt to steal items from another's Elsewhere storage, simply by reaching out and taking it. Use normal rules for dealing with unattuned artifacts - a daiklave is a very large and massive piece of metal to someone who hasn't spent half an hour attuning to it.
NOTE : Items not stowed using a Summon Charm or similar magic are left floating where they are in Elsewhere unless they are physically carried by the martial artist while she is Elsewhere.

J. Splintered Edge of Creation Form

Cost : 10m
Mins : MArts 5 Essence 5
Type : Simple ( Speed 5 )
Keywords : Combo-OK , Obvious
Duration : Scene
Prereq : I
The martial artist's body flickers and flows without rhythm , passing into and out of Creation at unpredictable moments. Her wavering silhouette tears at everything it touches , as if her opponents were no more than vapor. As small amounts of material are transitioned Elsewhere constantly , her footsteps are bitten through stone and her fingertips ruin and ravage all objects of mundane construction.

1. She may parry lethal and ranged attacks without a stunt.
2. Her unarmed attacks do lethal damage, and everything within one inch of her body takes 1L per tick.
3. Add ( Essence ) to her Dodge DV and damage of unarmed and form weapon attacks.
4. Add ( Essence ) yards to her standard movement rate in both Creation and Elsewhere.
5. She senses both Elsewhere and Creation as a flickering overlay. Whether she is in Creation or Elsewhere, she can sense the other reality with a ( 10 - Essence ) penalty on Perception rolls.
6. She may use all lesser Splintered Edge of Creation Charms as innate powers, without requiring a Combo.

K. Remorse of Careless Enemies

Cost : 5+m
Mins : MArts 5 Essence 5
Type : Reflexive ( step 7 )
Keywords : Combo-OK , Counterattack , Obvious
Duration : One tick
Prereq : J
The martial artist involutes the sphere of violence about her person , reducing the army surrounding her to tatters.
For this entire tick , the martial artist may translate opponents' weapons which hit her as if using Reality-Deceiving Attack. Add three motes per weapon translated. Use the original attack and damage dice pools. The terminus does not need to be directed towards the original attacker.
Since multiple opponents can attack simultaneously, each opponent performing a flurry of attacks must roll at least one attack.
This Charm counts as a Perfect Parry.
Due to the concentration required to perform simultaneous translations , it is easier to track the martial artist's translations during the tick this Charm is used. Observers gain a bonus die on the Perception+MArts roll for every opponent who hits during this turn.

L. Sanctuary

Cost : 30+m
Mins : MArts 6 Essence 6
Type : Simple
Keywords : Obvious
Duration : Indefinite
Prereq : K
While in Creation , the martial artist generates a netlike sphere of Essence and translates herself and a large amount of material into Elsewhere , including willing living creatures. The total amount of material must be less than ( Essence x 10000 ) pounds.
The Exalt commits a mote per magical being included in the translation. The being instinctively knows how to return to Creation, but does not know how to return to Elsewhere afterward.
The magical beings do not have the ability to move while Elsewhere , except from pushing or pulling against other translated material. This Charm grants no protection from the cold and vacuum.
This Charm can be used while Elsewhere , with the same maximum amount of material returned to Creation. No extra motes are required for magical beings when returning to Creation.

M. True Banishment

Cost : 20+m, 1wp
Mins : MArts 6 Essence 6
Type : Simple
Keywords : Obvious
Duration : Indefinite
Prereq : L
The martial artist initiates a contest of wills akin to the spell Emerald Banishment , except that anything with an Essence score equal to or less than the Exalt can be subjected to this Charm. If the opponent loses , then he becomes an item stored in the martial artist's Elsewhere panoply , experiencing no passage of time. If the martial artist loses , then both combatants are returned to their original positions.
The opponent must be in the same reality as the martial artist ( Creation or Elsewhere ) , within ( Essence x 15 ) yards.
This Charm counts as a perfect Mental Attack. It can be ignored with a perfect Mental Dodge , or if the opponent spends three temporary willpower. The original twenty motes are still spent.
First, both characters are translated to Elsewhere. The players begin an extended , resisted roll of ( Essence + Willpower ) as a Speed 3 , -1 DV action. The opponent suffers a -1 internal penalty for each five additional motes the martial artist spends in activating the Charm. Neither contestant can take any non-reflexive action during this time without forfeiting the contest. The challenge continues until either the martial artist or the opponent accumulates a number of net successes equal to the others' Essence.

Sidebar - Dodging Attacks Without a Source
Those who witness any of the translated attacks of this Style ( Unexpected Fist , Reality-Deceiving Attack , Remorse of Careless Enemies ) may make a reflexive Perception+MArts roll every new tick the martial artist acts , with a difficulty equal to the martial artist's Essence. If the observer know any SEoC charms , add the number of charms known to the dice rolled. Success means that starting with the next tick , the martial artist's attacks are not automatically unexpected for that observer. The observer does not need to make this roll again for the rest of the battle.