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2011-09-23, 01:55 PM
So I'm making a game for an upcoming Halloweenish D&D game. I got the basic premise of a sleepy little hamlet in the outskirts of civilization with a strong druid presence being assailed by werewolves, zombies...maybe vampires if I can figure how to make them at all scary.

Anyway, I could use some ideas..hooks even and building tips. Or just some useless banter would be fine too. For Inspiration..or as said in my native land...Inspiration.

Archpaladin Zousha
2011-09-23, 02:14 PM
Take a look at Paizo's Carrion Crown (http://paizo.com/pathfinder/adventurePath/carrionCrown) adventure path. It's perfect for lifting horror-based encounters and such from.

Lord Loss
2011-09-25, 09:38 AM
Expedition to Castle Ravenloft is a great (but expensive/hard to find) campiagn (or mini campaign, it can be as simple or complex as you want) about a zombie infested town under the control of a vampire who has werewolf minions. It's more complicated than that, of course, but it fits your requirements and really is spooky.