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2011-09-26, 12:19 AM
Posting homebrew class for an upcoming game for review. It is not totally finished, but at a workable stage.

The Spec Ops
Pre-Reqs: BAB: 2
Skills: demolitions 3, Slight of hand 3
Feats: Either burst fire, or advanced firearms.

HD: 1d6

Skills: to come

{table]Class Level |Base Attack Bonus| Fort Save| Ref Save| Will Save| Class Features| Defense Bonus| Reputation Bonus
1st| +1| +1| +2| +0| Australian Split| +1| +0|
2nd| +2| +2| +3| +0| Professional Warrior| +1| +0|
3rd| +3| +2| +3| +1| Bonus Feat| +2| +0|
4th| +4| +2| +4| +1| Lightening action| +2| +0|
5th| +5| +3| +4| +1| Explosive cover| +3| +1|
6th| +6| +3| +5| +2| Bonus Feat| +3| +3|
7th| +7| +4| +5| +2| Tools of the trade| +4| +1|
8th| +8| +4| +6| +2| Suppressing fire| +4| +2|
9th| +9| +5| +6| +3| Bonus Feat| +5| +2|
10th| +10| +5| +7| +3| Covering fire| +5| +2|

Australian Split, when withdrawing, the Spec Ops may either burst or autofire before moving twice his speed away from the enemy.

Professional Warrior, the Spec ops suffers -4 to Diplomacy on civilians due to his outlook on life, this turns into a +4 intimidate bonus against soldiers, who realize he is not someone they want to mess with.

Lightening action allows the Spec ops to reload any of his weapons as a free action and draw any weapon as a free action.

Using Explosive cover the Spec ops can turn any grenade into a mine using spare items. This takes a minutes work to do, but can be done on the run, and takes a full round action to deploy.

Tools of the trade Spec Op soldiers hate going unprepared, for them, unarmed means unfound. Specs Ops count weapons as half their normal weight, and size for the purpose of carrying and hiding them on their person.

Suppressing fire, when targeted by either burst or autofire, by the Spec ops, enemies must pass a will save (DC 15) or become shaken till the end of encounter or the Spec Ops is out of sight/disarmed/disable/dead. This stacks with itself, shaken becoming frightened, becoming panicked.
must change this.

The Spec ops Covering fire is such enemies that are in cover and targeted by either burst fire or autofire treat all of the spec ops allies as possessing concealment, 20% miss chance, so long as they are also shooting.

2011-09-28, 10:44 AM
Bump. Please Playground, post some feedback on this class, my partner here is going to use this class and we really need to make sure this is balanced.

2011-09-28, 10:40 PM
Heavy gunner

Pre-Reqs: BAB: 2
Skills: intimidate 3, know tactics 3
Feats: advanced firearms, strafe

HD: 1d8

Skills: to come
{table]Class Level| Base Attack Bonus | Fort Save| Ref Save| Will Save| Class Features| Defense Bonus| Reputation Bonus
1st| +1 |+2 |+0| +0| Weapon specialization| +1| +0
2nd| +2 |+3 |+0| +0| Heavy load |+1| +0
3rd| +3 |+3 |+1| +1| Bonus Feat |+2| +0
4th| +4 |+4 |+1| +1| Allow for recoil| +2| +0
5th| +5 |+4 |+1| +1| Cross fire |+3 |+1
6th| +6 |+5 |+2| +2| Bonus Feat |+3 |+1
7th| +7 |+5 |+2| +2| Master gunner| +4| +1
8th| +8 |+6 |+2| +2| Practiced aim| +4| +2
9th| +9 |+6 |+3| +3| Bonus Feat |+5| +2
10th| +10| +7 |+3| +3| Cutting fire| +5| +2 [/table]

Weapon specialization:

Heavy load
Weapon specialization, does not count towards your encumbrance.

Allow for recoil
When firing on autofire, weapon only fires 5 rounds, normal 10.

Cross fire
Heavy gunner using strafe can drag his line of fire over an enemy twice. E.g. instead of targeting any 4 squares the heavy gunner can target two adjacent squares with two autofire attacks.

Master gunner
Treat weapon specialized in as having a die one size larger, d10 becomes d12, d12 becomes 4d4.

Practiced aim
Heavy gunner does half damage on autofire if he either misses, or enemy passes reflex save

Cutting fire
If a heavy gunner targets an enemy with autofire the enemy must take cover on its turn. If the enemy cannot or does not take cover, and the heavy gunner targets it again, the enemy must pass a DC 15 fort save or be reduced to -1 Hp.

Another class up.