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2011-09-26, 11:26 PM
Lightning Warrior
d8 HD
Poor BAB
Poor Saves
Proficient with simple weapons, light armor, and shields (except tower shields)

Biofeedback (Ex)

At 1st level, a lightning warrior heals hp every hour rather than every day (this process occurs without need for rest). This also exempts the lightning warrior from needing to eat, sleep, or breathe to survive and makes them reverse age until adulthood for their race (they lose any ability bonuses or penalties for aging as well). At 10th level, this ability improves further and allows them to recover from any single affliction affecting them every 10 minutes as well as causing them to heal hp every 10 minutes rather than every day. To remove an affliction they must succeed on a save of the same type against the same save DC that was allowed against the initial effect or a DC 20 will save if no save was allowed against the initial effect (this ability cannot remove death or the con/level loss associated with being returned to life).

NOTE: Save DC's against the lightning warrior's abilities are equal to 10 + 1/2 Lightning Warrior level + Charisma Modifier.

Chain Lightning* (Su)

This ability allows the lightning warrior to create an electrical discharge as a standard action that strikes one target and then jumps a number of times equal to your level to other targets within range dealing 1d6 electricity damage per lightning warrior level to each target. The initial target may be up to 400 feet + 40 feet per level away from you but any secondary target must be within 25 feet + 5 feet/2 levels of the primary target. Reflex saves can halve the damage taken by a target.

Flash Counter^ (Su)

This ability allows the lightning warrior to produce a dispel magic effect as a move action except that he adds his lightning warrior levels, may add more than 10 to his check if he has more than 10 lightning warrior levels, and may dispel anything that a mages disjunction spell would have a chance at dispelling.

Seeking Ray` (Su)

As a standard action, a lightning warrior may cause a stroke of lightning to strike one target within 100 feet + 10 feet/level unerringly and deal 1d6 electricity damage per level. The target must then make a Reflex save or be entangled for 1 minute as the energy wraps around them (they take an amount of electricity damage thereafter equal to your lightning warrior level while entangled). The penalties and concentration checks increase of the entanglement are increased by an amount equal to the lightning warrior's level.

Tenacious Energy (Ex)
At 2nd level, a lightning warrior's abilities are almost impossible to fully impede and either 10% of the ability is almost always unaffected by impediment or the ability is 10% likely to be unaffected by almost any impediments (* marks 10% unaffected, ^ marks 10% likely to be unaffected, and ` represents both). This amount increases by 10% at 4th level and every 2 levels thereafter until reaching 100% at 20th level. Furthermore, targets cannot benefit from the electrical damage caused by the lightning warrior's abilities unless he allows it. Some impediments may be completely effective against this ability (generally the DM has chosen to cause the impediment to be effective in this case).

Thundershifting` (Su)

As a move action, a lightning warrior can become change locations almost instantaneously by changing form into electrical energy and arcing to the new location. If he impacts a target at his destination, he rebounds 5 feet back from the target and he may cause the target to take 1d6 electricity damage per level (Reflex save for half) or allow the energy to dissipate harmlessly. A valid location for this ability must be reachable by an opening of at least 1 foot radius in size and must be within a certain range which depends on the level of the lightning warrior (close range up to level 4, medium range up to level 8, long range up to level 12, anywhere on the same plane up to level 16, and even across planes after level 16).

So, what tier is this class? Is there anything I can clarify? Anything that needs fixing?

Mando Knight
2011-09-26, 11:55 PM
1) Make it quotable.
2) Make a table.
3) Tenacious Energy is weird.
4) Very small warrior to lightning ratio.
5) Far too front-loaded.

2011-09-27, 12:19 AM
I like the flavor, but it's lacking in power.

2011-09-27, 12:22 AM
1) Make it quotable.
2) Make a table.
3) Tenacious Energy is weird.
4) Very small warrior to lightning ratio.
5) Far too front-loaded.

I agree.

I'd also consider changing the name, as Lightning Warrior was the name of a widely known parody class that didn't even get a familiar!

2011-09-27, 12:23 AM
So... at first level it gets better than average healing (fine), chain lightning at-will, move-action mage's dysjunction at-will (not fine), and a move-action "teleport" at-will? And then it gets nothing else except some improvements to those abilities (I'm not counting Tenacious Energy, because as written it does nothing).

Well, Tier-wise, I'd call this Tier 4, I think, because cosmic power does not a higher Tier class make. This has no versatility at all. Worse though, it's abilities are immensely powerful making it wreck encounters in a manner similar to an uber-charger. The worst offenders are the move-action dysjunction and the move-action teleport. They are pretty much unacceptable. Seeking Ray is over the line as well given its automatic damage aspect.

What you should probably do is cut back the raw power of the class by A LOT, as much as 50%, but add more versatility and more abilities spread over 20 levels. Remember, making something overpowered doesn't make it high Tier, it just makes it overpowered.

2011-09-27, 01:58 AM
I was going for simplicity but I just remembered how much damage a warlock does. I think I'll scrap this idea and go with another one.