View Full Version : Theme Music for a Cerbermancer?

2011-09-30, 07:39 PM
Hey Playground!

I was wondering, do you guys have any ideas for a good theme song for a cerbermancer?

Specifically, my cerbermancer is a telepath/diviner. He spends most of his actions inhibiting/debuffing opponents with Spells like grease, ray of enfeeblement, glitterdust, and web and powers like energy stun, ego whip, and entangling ectoplasm. (though he has just learned haste and dispel psionics.)

The only song I can think of off the top of my mind is "With My Mind" by Cold, but I don't think that really fits.

So, any suggestions?

2011-09-30, 10:25 PM
Theme song for the movie "Megamind"?

2011-09-30, 11:03 PM
Theme song for the movie "Megamind"?

Hmm... which song is that, I can only seem to find the "megamind rap."

2011-09-30, 11:09 PM
Why, Brainstem (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li5nMsXg1Lk) of course!

2011-10-01, 04:11 AM
In this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nVrUZ4Jnzg) video at around 2:25 you can find a snippet of a fitting song, but I ware unable to find the whole song (if it even exists).

2011-10-01, 06:19 AM
Theme song for the movie "Megamind"?
Something by AC/DC? They have a few songs in the trailers.

Personally I don't really understand what you want here, did you want a song to base the flavor of your character off of? Because having psychic powers doesn't really give us much to go on.

I'd go with something more like Yansımalar, Beats Antique or Knossos personally, but that's just because I like those flavors.

The Glyphstone
2011-10-01, 09:28 AM
If he had a romantic interest, Skullcrusher Mountain would be perfect.