View Full Version : GITP Monster Competition LIV - Gears and Ghouls Voting Thread!

2011-10-01, 06:05 PM
Gears and Ghouls

Well, that time is upon us, time to choose our favourite monster from the entries this time around.

Vote based on the most engaging, usable and unique creature, posting your chosen entry in Bold.

Our contestants are:
Mortismachina| Unasorta|
The Wyrn's Spine|Mr Bookworm|3
The Uncanny|Hanuman|
Apostle of the Cold Form|Bendraesar|5

Good luck to all who entered and make a point of thinking what artwork you might like as a prize [might take a while, i have to mastermind a haunted house this month].

Voting closes at midnight GMT, Saturday October 8th

2011-10-02, 10:00 PM
I vote for Mr Bookworm and The Wyrm's Spine.

2011-10-02, 10:47 PM
I second Mr Bookworm and his Wyrm's Spine.

2011-10-03, 12:13 PM
Unintentionally made this seem like a popularity contest for the people rather than creatures with one wrong word...

Vote for the creature you like, folks! The Wyrn's Spine takes an early lead...

The Tygre
2011-10-03, 03:55 PM
It's a tough call between the Wyrmspine and the Apostle, but I think I'll cast my vote for The Apostle of the Cold Form.

Also, Mullet; comic sans? Really? Why do you wound me so?

2011-10-03, 05:20 PM
Copy/pasting Djinn's work so i take no responsibility.

Sad little spoiler:
My actual working preference is Tahoma for computer screens and Caecilia, the default from kindle if i want to be able to read something fast. I like tahoma because it's a really large font with this wierd quality that i don't have to look at the tops of the letters, which i like on backlit screens, for some reason. Man, i really need to think less...

2011-10-06, 05:19 AM
I have to go with The Apostle of the Cold Form as well.

2011-10-06, 10:04 AM
What, no love for my poor little crankdragon? With more scares than I could think of, the Apostle of the Cold Form gets my vote as well.


2011-10-06, 12:24 PM
My vote is for the Wyrm's Spine by Mr Bookworm.

2011-10-07, 05:43 AM
I vote for the Apostle of the Cold Form

2011-10-07, 08:26 PM
I'm-a have to go with the Apostle of the Cold Form.

2011-10-08, 12:28 PM
Apostle of Cold Form

As mechanically (besides mine) it's one I see using most in my campaigns.

It most directly fits the archetyped flavor the contest was trying to capture.

Now, I think it deserves a picture. :smallsmile:

2011-10-08, 06:05 PM
Very well, the mob has spoken and this month's winner, with 63% of the votes, is th Apostle of the Cold Form by Bendreasar!

Please step forward to select your winnings!

Tanuki Tales
2011-10-08, 09:43 PM
Squee, I won!

I've PMed you what I would like. ^_^

Thank you all so very much! :smallredface: