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Red Mage
2011-10-01, 07:23 PM
I apologize with every part of me, but this thread is closed to outsiders.

Welcome to Astra, the land far east of Kanto.

Story Preview
You are group of youths from Lil' Dipper, an island in east Astra. You've grown up in virtual poverty, Astra being a dilapidated land stricken with the cancer that is evil men. Lil' Dipper itself is the most rural area of the province, leaving you shielded from the worst that the metropolitan areas have to offer, though the island remains thick with gang violence.

The majority of Astra is entirely covered by the dregs of a once massive industrious city. While some parts have become overgrown and remain in disuse, former boroughs and neighborhoods have become separate city-states of their own. While it is said one can make a living for himself on the main-land, it is a far more dangerous place than home here on the island, schoolyard gang fights or no.

In Astra, the dominant force is Team Rocket, a malicious organization once infamous decades ago in the far western region of Kanto. Its said that about 50 years ago, sometime before the fall, the remnants of this crime syndicate fled all the way to Astra to lick-their-wounds and rebuild to an even greater height. They have done so with ease. Without any major force to oppose them, (and being one of the sole organized forces that retained pokemon technology post-collapse) they now act as the de facto government for the whole region. (Think loose yakuza-style control). It is the dream of all young children to one day be worthy of the honor that is wearing the R, to be the a member of the highest order of the land.

You 4 specifically formed a special bond at an early age, being the only ones of your younger generation. To defend yourselves against the older hoods of the island, you allied together in a band all your own. For 18 years you've watched each others' backs, waiting for the day when things would change. Change how? Only time will tell.

Setup so far:

Jer- Allen - Vulpix
Dobes- ? - Geodude
Dylan- Milo - Evee
Steve- Ryan - Poliwag

As soon as we get text colors, names, pictures and back-stories in this thread I will link you to the IC thread and we shall set forth on this last adventure.

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