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2011-10-01, 10:13 PM
As part of my desire to better get into RPGs, I thought I'd post up minor things that I've cobbled together. I don't have much yet, I've only made two things so far. Nothing big or ambitious, I mostly plan on making minor artifacts and the like. This is an ongoing project, though, so I'll try to come up with something on a semi-regular basis.

Fracturing Blades (Artifact Template: Adds 1 dot to an existing artifact)

Base Artifacts: This template is applicable to any standard artifact that serves as an artifact version of a mundane sword (Daiklaves to straight swords, Grand Daiklaves to great swords, etc).
Effect: For the cost of 1 mote, a Fracturing Blade splits off into the mundane version of the artifact plus (New Artifact Rating) throwing knives. Though they bear the stats of ordinary versions of those weapons, they still benefit from being an artifact made of a magical material (nigh indestructibility, material bonus, etc). When invoked in this manner, weapons split off from the artifact are reflexively readied by default. If all weapons remain within (Essence*2) yards of the owner of this artifact, they may pay a single mote to retrieve them and convert back into the artifact's base form. This action costs an additional mote for each piece of the artifact outside of this range.

Commentary: I know that Call the Blade, a Solar Charm, is also a mote cost with Permanent duration, so I've compensated by having a shorter range in and out of battle. Also, the return action doubles as a combine action, so it costs 2+ motes to reuse a weapon in this manner.

My prose is weak at best so I won't bore you with fluff. The premise is that a Dawn Caste (I call him Iron-Headed Hydra) tried mastering all of his Caste abilities and hit a few problems. 1) The number of quivers, sheathes, and holsters for his weapons was getting ridiculous and 2) for whatever reason he never discovered or was incapable of learning Summoning the Loyal Steel and its upgrades. This artifact template was more or less his alternative.

Help is always appreciated.