View Full Version : Barbarian build help

2011-10-03, 01:02 AM
Hello again guys, I haven't been on here in a while, but I'm looking for some good advice and input from you all on a char build.

The skinny is, I've been playing a Breaker Barbarian in our PF campaign and I'm liking being the tank, but as it's really the first time for me to play tank I feel like I didn't really maximize my char during the roll-up. We're looking at possibly resetting and starting at lvl 10, which gives me a lot of wiggle room to rework my Barb. I never really used a lot of the Breaker specials and was thinking instead about an Invulnerable Rager. I like the DR being half your lvl. I was also considering dual-classing in Oracle to get to the Rage Prophet prestige, and also because with a high Cha I could be super intimidating. Has anyone played a Rage Prophet and have positive/negative feedback on the class? I've played an Oracle before and had a lot of fun with the mysteries and spells available, and not having to prepare spells is always cool, but I don't know if the "coolness" is actually battle beneficial. I of course would take Battle for the mystery, and concentrate on spells and orisons that would buff me in combat, but would it be better to just forgo all of that and stay in Barbarian?

Feats are looking as follows: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave (duh)
Rage Powers would be: Increased DR(to add to the Invulnerable DR) and if I go the Rage Prophet route I need Moment of Clarity. Then for funsies I was thinking the Beast Totem Lesser and Mid to get the claw attacks then making my other Feat Eldritch Claws :smallcool:

Basically I want a guy that can wreck shop and take crap-tons of damage. You know, a tank :smallbiggrin:. Any advice is always welcome from you guys. Thanks.