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2011-10-03, 03:31 PM
This is an adaptation of the God Blooded template in MMV. Erythnul is the CE God of Slaughter. PEACH? Also, I might write up an St. Cuthbert Blooded and a few others. Any ideas?

Divine Endurance:this special quality is detailed in MMV, and is not OGL. Go look it up.

Erythnul Blooded
"Erythnul-blooded" is an acquired template that can be added to any chaotic evil humanoid, giant or monstrous humanoid. The petitioner must facilitate fights between at least 7 different races of creatures, and at least 1,000 points of damage must be dealt in the location. An Aspect of Erythnul then appears to watch over the final proceedings. The petitioner must then take a stand at the location challenging all who would face him in single combat to the death. If no one accepts the challenge, the petitioner gains the benefits of the template. If the petitioner defeats all challengers, the petitioner gains the template. Blood rises from the ground and engulfs the creature, mixing his blood with the blood spilled by his enemies.

Type: The base creature's type is unchanged, but gains the Chaotic subtype.

Special Attacks
Miasma of Bloodlust(Su): An Erythnul-Blooded can, once per day as a standard action, spew forth a bloody fog. All creatures within 60 feet, excluding the Erythnul-Blooded himself, must make a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Charisma Modifier) or become confused, as per the Confusion spell except that it only lasts one round. Every round the creature remains within the effect they receive a new save to resist the effect. Once a creature saves against the ability, they are immune to its effects for 24 hours.
Executioner of Erythnul (Su): Whenever an Erythnul-Blooded kills the target of his coup de grace, he heals damage equal to half the damage dealt by the coup de grace
Special Qualities
Mongrel Blood (Ex): Because of his mixed blood, the Erythnul Blooded may consider himself to be of any race of Humanoids, Monstrous Humanoid, or Giants, or may chose to not be considered as any kind of race. This allows the Erthynul Blooded to ignore negative effects that target specific races (such as the Favored Enemy class feature or the Bane special weapon quality) and to utilize magic items that are restricted by race or even learn racial feats or enter racial prestige classes, so long as the race is a Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid or Giant.

Additionally, the Erythnul-Blooded is immune to any effect that would change his type to anything besides Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid, or Giant; effects including Animate Dead, Polymorph any Object or similar effects.

Unlike other abilities, the Erythnul-Blooded retains the special quality even after losing the other benefits of this template.

CR: +1
LA: +1