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2011-10-09, 11:53 AM
I'm curious as to what the typical play style these days is. Answer the poll, and post reasons below!

Umm...can't add a poll here. Never mind.

2011-10-09, 03:33 PM
Well we play with a large party 6-10+. We don't do a lot of dungeoning, mostly above ground. We run a gambit of PC's, we don't restrict much, we aren't keen on min-maxing or over optimizing. Our DM is unforgiving but not a PC killer. If we die it's cause we did something dumb. I run my own games the same way.

We have little focus on background or such but character goals become very important (I once spent a year or more -out of game-to legally acquire an abandoned keep that we cleared out at level 2 & become a lord, in never to prescience over the story goals but it help shaped my character a lot). We usually play young characters so why have a complicated background when would rather build a story during play?.

We have a tendency to break from the DM's original plotline because we will think something/someone or such was worth note &/or be oblivious to what the DM wanted (also we may totally screw up a situation that we shouldn't have even been in. Player's are notorious for that) but our DM is fast on his feet & will generate stuff on the fly. Our DM will never say no. He will let something play out to it's logical conclusion however. We play in a well immersed world. We always feel the consequences of our actions (good & bad). We have a sort of roll with the punches kind of playstyle.

2011-10-09, 05:16 PM
I have a group of 5-6 people, 1 DM, 4 Players the last guy is an Assistant DM so he has a a player if he can attend but if not he helps me with making them game fun for the other four.

We aren't into Optimizing or Min-Maxing, I run my campaigns with a focus on RP, but too much seeing as I'm easing them into it right now, so each character has at least 1/2 page backstory (single space) which I pull adventures from.

Any other info needed, i wasn't to sure what you exactly wanted?