View Full Version : [4e] I done a swordmage power: Force Throw!

2011-10-10, 04:50 PM
Hey, everyone! I've been playing in a 4e game, and wanted to try dabbling in making my own powers. I ended up coming up with a power that works in tandem with Lightning Lure - Force Throw, which allows you to hurl an enemy in any direction and knock them prone with some minor damage.

http://t-t-t-t.battlestudio.com/2011/10/10/4e-swordmage-power-force-throw/ You can find it here in my blog formatted all nice, or in the quote below:

Force Throw
Encounter ♦ Minor Action
Close burst 1
Target One creature in the burst that is grabbed or has been affected by Lightning Lure in this turn
You whirl your foe through the air before sending them hurtling away with a pushing blast of arcane force.
Keywords: Arcane, Implement, Force
Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude
Hit: You slide the target into any square adjacent to you and then push the target up to 2 squares. The target takes damage equal to your Strength modifier and falls prone.
Miss: You slide the target into any square adjacent to you.
Aegis of Ensnarement: You can use this ability as a free action after using your immediate reaction to pull a marked target into an adjacent square.

Swordmage Attack 7

It does a little much for a minor action, but it's balanced by the limited conditions under which it works (you must have already succeeded on a grab or Lightning Lure before using it). What does everyone think?