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2011-10-11, 10:03 PM
This homebrew content is an addition to the Chameleon PrC from Races of Destiny (pg 113). It is a new apptitude focus with the relevant table and text.

Meldshaper Focus: You gain the ability to shape and bind soulmelds, which may be selected from any meldshaper list, and an essentia pool to fuel these abilities. You otherwise shape and bind these soulmelds just as an incarnate does. The number of soulmelds and chakra binks available to you, the chakras to which you can bind, and your essentia pool are noted on Table 5-2(b). Your meldshaper level is equal to twice your class level.

You also gain a +2 competence bonus to knowledge (arcana) and spellcraft checks and a +2 bonus to fortitude and will saves; at 5th level, the bonuses improve to +4.

Table 5-2(b) Chameleon Meldshaping/Binding
{table=head]Level|Chakras|Soulmelds|Essentia|Chakra Binds





5th|Feet, hands|4|6|2



8th|Arms, Brow, Shoulders|5|9|3



The ability to chose from any soulmelder list is extremely versatile and obviously allows use of normally totemist only soulmelds, but fits when you compare it to divine focus chameleons poaching spells from domain lists, or arcane focus stealing from obscure arcane lists. Plus no totem binding is allowed, which prevents some of the scary stuff.
Chakras available are nearly the same as incarnate advancement, actually a tad slower for feet and hands.
Soulmelds, essentia pool, and number of chakra binds are just a tad faster than incarnate advancement, much like chameleon spellcasting is slightly faster than its counterparts.