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2011-10-12, 01:34 AM
So imagine this, you are in a bar and in the bar is every single character you've made who (by the same magic that placed them there) are aware just what they are and who you are to them.
What would you do? Is there anything you would want to talk to them about? Anything you think they would want to ask you?

Or do you think they would just be freaked out over the fact that the bar is populated with several dozen clones of the same person? :smallbiggrin:

2011-10-12, 01:38 AM
Well, running is kinda useless against someone with spellcasting... and attack dogs...

So I'd probably beg for mercy.

2011-10-12, 01:40 AM
Half will probably gladly drink with me, the other half will probably ask me why I made them so miserable, or attack me...

2011-10-12, 01:44 AM
Most of the characters I make are Munchkins and non-good, so I'd get out of there ASAP.

Yuki Akuma
2011-10-12, 01:45 AM
Considering most of my characters are hyperactive Good types who were designed specifically to be fun to be around...

That'd be awesome.

Especially the three godling characters.

2011-10-12, 01:51 AM
For me, I imagine there wouldn't actually be much drinking going on... due to the bar being full of birds (surely there's a heath code violation there somewhere).

Edit: Actually that's not that accurate, the bird thing is probably more just a more recent development. It's odd now that I think about it considering how much I like animals and how many Rangers I used to play but how seldom I bothered for the animal companion option.

As a whole I've treated my characters well, so I doubt there would be much bad blood.

2011-10-12, 02:03 AM
*counts* So between the less-than-completely sane assassin twins, the half dozen rogues, a few more assassins, three half dragons, four full dragons, six deities (dragons...), the batsh*t insane ghost druid, the quite living, far more sane but much more xenophobic druid, the wizard with a love for setting things on fire and several handfuls of other characters (less developed/not worth thinking of/etc.)... I'll go have a drink with the two necromancers that are actually fairly civilized people and pray the assassins haven't gotten to far into their drinking since they get stabby.... come to think of it, same goes for at least two of the above mentioned deities.. and another one don't need a reason what-so-ever...

I'd run... but really running just means I'll die tired.

(The joys of being a hobby writer on top of a role player... some characters are meant to be overpowered....)

2011-10-12, 03:23 AM
Hmm ok... lets see here. Not counting characters from my early days. A priest of Asmodeus, a charming romantic warrior, a faithless blacksmith mercenary, a mischievous scoundrel, a mighty dwarven zworda warrior, a nature wizard, a werewolf warrior and now a friggin' dragon.

Yeah I'd get out before the tavern gets destroyed. A shame though, a lot of those characters are good people (only the first and last are evil).

2011-10-12, 03:31 AM
Mostly, I'm concerned about the statute of limitations. I notice a distinct lack of "D&D characters" or even "gaming characters." So there'd be superheroes, and all sorts of different video game builds, and all sorts of characters from short stories and even a few poems.

Honestly, I wouldn't be worried. There's enough superheroes in there and a pretty distinct lack of high-powered awful people (maybe one of my Shepards as the most dangerous 'bad guy', and it's not like a renefemshep is going to start shooting up civvies for creating her).

Talk about awkward, though.

2011-10-12, 03:55 AM
Mostly, I'm concerned about the statute of limitations. I notice a distinct lack of "D&D characters" or even "gaming characters." So there'd be superheroes, and all sorts of different video game builds, and all sorts of characters from short stories and even a few poems.

Very true. If we include video games, well, I and the whole world are probably screwed. Especially if you include playable characters from non-rpgs. I mean, even just the Katamari guy has massive potential for destruction. And even if we include only CRPGs, I recently bought one where you play Cthulhu.

Now, if you only include gaming characters...Well, considering I have DMed in the past, that means all my BBEGs would be there, so I'm still screwed. I'd be fairly safe if you included just PCs, however, since the good ones would far outnumber the evil ones and the evil ones generally aren't the type to start a barroom brawl.

I guess I would probably spend most of my time begging them to take me with them. I mean, presumably they'd be real on some level in this scenario, so it could theoretically be possible. I'd give anything to be in a world where I had made some meaningful difference, even if it was a fictional one.

2011-10-12, 04:03 AM
I would certainly run for my life. :smalleek:

All characters with unhappy childhoods or hideous defacements would blame me for it.

2011-10-12, 04:04 AM
I'm so very, very dead. I think.

I mean, between the angel, the many Eladrin, the gold dragon, the two Lillendi, the Pixie Summer Knight, the Pixie Sorcerer, the pixie sorcerer and the Einherjar bard on one side and the three vampires, two devils, the arcanaloths, the epic mercenary-binder and the Rakshasa-Lich...

Yeah. Hopefully, my collection of rogues, bards, ninjas and swordsages could sneak me out before the battle started.

2011-10-12, 04:20 AM
I'd ask for a heal spell or cure disease spell to try and be rid of my allergies; some gold, some future tech to sell to a multi-million dollar company or five...

And then maybe invite one of them back to my place after the drinks are done. (Opposite gender one, of course!)

2011-10-12, 04:42 AM
A cross between abject terror and unbridled ambition...
My epic wizard might start a debate about deterministic universes and the implications of time travel on that structure, but would most likely ignore something "merely human", depending of course on the continuity. Alternate Universe versions will likely give a hearty slap on the back, offer an ale and spend the night laughing and carousing while looking for metagame advice in a good natured way.
I'd try to go ignored by my transhumanist artificer who's thanks for allowing him to surpass his limitations would be to "make me better" though the many applications of grafting and polymorph
I'd probably start up a conversation with the barkeep, a mad god who knows all the secrets, provided anything he says makes sense
The nihilist warlock/ur-priest would likely have some rather pointed things to say about interference with free will. pointed burning things. I hide behind the barkeep.
The rogue? Well he'd probably be busy running a scam and trying to sell the barkeep his own ale.
Never having played anyone good (aside from Alt Universe/Pre face-heel turn lichdom CG wizard) i'd have very few real allies. But confronted with the evidence of supernatural occurrence and possible ascension, I'd try to get into the wizard's good graces. Or the god's. Depending on what threat each one feels the others pose to his goals, I'd get the heck out before a bar full of reality warpers goes critical. (Or hide behind the barkeep)

2011-10-12, 09:07 AM
Hmm... Lots of clerics, wizards and sorcs. A few rangers, a couple artificers and one barbarian gish that I'd be more than happy to meet face to face. Heck, even my evil halfling wizard wasn't too bad. Just gotta keep him away from orphanages.

2011-10-12, 10:39 AM
Having started playing only a while ago, and having a hard time playing jerks, I'd have a pretty good time. Wildshape ranger, nice Cleric guy, Binder woman in a PbP that never got past the first bit of dialogue, A Brawler who punches orcs in the face. Hard. But he's a pretty cool guy anyway. The warblade who got resurrected at third level and had an awesome rescue-my-bros scene, despite having no backstory whatsoever. He'd be pretty chill. And my current favorite guy, Obidiah the halfling warlock/gunsmith.

TL;DR I'd be ok, unless they blamed me for giving one or two of them some pretty painful backstories. Like, you know, almiost being hacked to death by their fiancees.

2011-10-12, 10:49 AM
Actually, I think I had one or two chaotic good elven mages. But they were under level five so they wouldn't be able to protect me against all the savage barbarians and greedy rogues.:smalleek:

Dusk Eclipse
2011-10-12, 10:50 AM
.... damn I don't know what would happen I have characters all across the alignment spectrum and while I try to avoid Angsty backstories some will definitely be mad a me... Though seeing how D&D Dusk react to ABF Dusk would be amusing to say the least...

2011-10-12, 11:02 AM
I would announce myself as their creator and god, and make plans for us to trample all of creation under our feet.

2011-10-12, 11:14 AM
Well, the suave drug dealer I would have a drink with.

The monk with no eyes and a life-draining curse might punch me. Hard.

2011-10-12, 11:24 AM
Oh god. I just remembered a few earlier characters. The Talenta halfling barbarian who had his soul stolen as part of his backstory, the human mercenary, the exiled elf prince...

Yeah. There's a few in there I'd like to meet, but those are a minority.

Morph Bark
2011-10-12, 12:00 PM
I wouldn't be too scared about my life, considering the only super-evil character in there, despite having godlike powers, would most likely try to seduce me and promise me the crown of King of the Multiverse.

And considering most of them would be spellcasters (plus some ToB-ers and bards), we'd start working on a Tippyverse.

Dusk Eclipse
2011-10-12, 12:01 PM
I would announce myself as their creator and god, and make plans for us to trample all of creation under our feet.

.... this... just this.

2011-10-12, 01:58 PM
Mostly, I'm concerned about the statute of limitations. I notice a distinct lack of "D&D characters" or even "gaming characters." So there'd be superheroes, and all sorts of different video game builds, and all sorts of characters from short stories and even a few poems

Well I assumed RP characters was implied (considering the forum), but that being said there are superhero settings so I see no reason why they wouldn't be included.

I only really have one 'superhero' character under my belt, who actually also was the only character of mine of the opposite gender. She was also a 12 year old girl who was protected by a large raven (who was much more player character worthy then she was, and I played it appropriately). She was pretty cheerful and xenophilic though so I imagine she would have a ball with the situation.

2011-10-12, 02:11 PM
They would probably have respect for me but hate me with a passion. Especially my RIFTS characters (if they weren't already killing each other)

2011-10-12, 02:37 PM
Hmm...interesting idea. Pretty sure all my characters have something to ask me, so in order:

The monk: How come I kept accidentally getting shot by the rogue?

The mercenary: Why did you put me in a Druid party when I'm phobic of shapeshifters?!?!

The Halfling paladin: How come we never finished the adventure?

The half-celestial cleric: Why did you make my backstory a complete setup for disaster and despair?

The half-elf witch: ...actually, she'd probably just shatter my mug as a prank..

Other than that, it'd be a party :)

2011-10-12, 02:52 PM
"You sick bastard, why did you make me open that chest with the acid trap on it? How could you not know it was trapped? Who just leaves a chest out like that in the middle of a non-descript room? Were you dropped as a child?"

2011-10-12, 02:53 PM
Well, let's see. The synad kineticist would probably ask me why I gave him a problem with determining human gender, but other than that, we'd get along fine. The dude's cool.

The Dire Lion primeval would probably be sitting off alone with his his animal companions. Nobody bothers a guy with a cheetah and a lion, a 5 charisma, and a short fuse.

The aquatic war blade would be in some sort of bucket of water, since he can't breathe on air. He'd be friendly, but not particularly interested.

The silverbrow bardblade would ask me why I retconned his name halfway through building. Not much else to say, really.

The pyrokineticist and I would be best buddies, obviously; I modeled him off of myself, and this account is named for him.

And last, but not least, the anthropomorphic bear.

The bar-song-singing, vodka-drinking, party member-and-anvil-wielding, pimp hat-wearing anthropomorphic bear.

I'm going to leave it there.

2011-10-12, 04:33 PM
Does it count if you didn't get to play them? If it didn't, I'd probably stay because I only got to play about 3 or 4 characters, and they were sane enough they wouldn't destroy the tavern.

2011-10-12, 05:01 PM
Well firstly I wouldn't drink, since I had an assassin who poisoned just about everything he touched (and sometimes things he didn't touch). Though I can see most of the crowd getting along all the little differences would build up and....I can see the more aggressive characters starting fights.

2011-10-12, 05:37 PM
Well, running is kinda useless against someone with spellcasting... and attack dogs...

So I'd probably beg for mercy.

Yeah, me too.

That half-elven thief would totally stab me in the face with her Dagger Of Vital Organ Seeking +5 for rolling "princess of an entire country" as her background and then rerolling it in exchange for precious building points until it was "raised in a slum as the daughter of a prostitute and an unknown father + spent two years in jail + broke her leg during training = negative starting honor score".

2011-10-12, 06:47 PM

I have a cleric, he died due to the DM being an ass. (the only reason the DM had that game was to hit on one chick). He'd be kind of pissed. downing in a foot of water is kind of a lame way to go.

The other from that game was a wizard. not one of my best and one of the shorter characters I played. meh, he'd be a wacky, obnoxious dude.

new DM!

after that I had a game where I was a planes walker, but that was a game where we were being rail roaded to hell. He would be kind of cool, he got stuff done off the tracks.

New DM!

I was a sorcerer/barbarian unstoppable killing machine. ultimately that turned into a 3 session game. meh. he'd be kind of short tempered fellow.

New DM!

L5R game, I was a member of the matsu Lion clan on a quest to slay a powerful oni who had wronged my family. pretty cool, he was quiet the strategist. might be kind of a stuffy guy to talk to.

New DM!

playing a mage game, this guy was an 80's pun. everything he did or was based off of was an 80's pun. talking to him would be annoying as ****

Playing a cleric of Hephaestus on a quest for raw and unworked gold. Cool dude, would probably be good at story telling.

New campaign!

Playing a rogue/wizard, excellent illusionist, but had to give up character to DM that game.:smallyuk: I think he's be pretty cool as long as I treated him well and didn't give him a reason to steal from him. he'd have some cool stories to tell.

2011-10-12, 07:33 PM
First off I'd steal the line from Naruto, "All right Me! Time to find out who the strongest Me is!"

After the fight I think most of us would get along, tell some tales the others might not all know, and spend some time just chilling out. My BESM tech expert and the Bard Lich would either attempt to study each other or hate one another on principal that "He's way to different"

After figuring out how many mes there are I think we'd declare ourselves a separate governing body and with expert diplomacy/bluff skills (see bard lich) talk everyone in the world into leaving us alone instead of trying to take us over.

2011-10-12, 07:56 PM
On the good side, most of them would be friendly or at least non-hostile, and many of them would share a lot of my interests. And the whole place would positively reek of class.

On the bad side, at least two of them would ask me why I made them miserable. They wouldn't be angry, just sad, and I'd feel very bad.

2011-10-12, 08:15 PM
Well, the necromancers would be too curious and polite to hurt me. I guess I would try to get the MtAs alchemist to protect me...

... from the LARP Sabbat vampires. The absolutely twisted sexual torturer Tzimisces on one hand, and the Lasombra elder, on the other, who literally would see it as a philosophical necessity to try to break me on every level, since nothing that can be broken can be the true divinity, and as such, all pretenses of truth, goodness and divinity must always be suscepted to the strongest possible attempts at shattering... :smalleek:

2011-10-12, 08:37 PM

How big is this bar?

I've made... a LOT of characters. Dozens, perhaps hundreds.
Fortunately most of them are decent people, and the most powerful ones pretty decent overall... still uh... there're some uh... rather power-crazed entities with the ability to change reality in the bunch.

If you include NPCs I've made and fleshed out as if characters? It had better be a really big bar.

Overall, I think there'd be far too much pandemonium for the first hour or two for me to worry about survival, much less talking.

El Dorado
2011-10-12, 09:02 PM
The dead D&D characters would be happy to be alive again and would be retiring to quiet NPC existence. The sci-fi ones would be looking for a way out of the backwater tavern. The living D&D characters would be glad to be away from peril for a few hours. If things stay too quiet, they'll form a group and go looking for adventure. The mages would chill out. The vampires would go looking for bite.

2011-10-12, 09:42 PM
Right so my post from last night kind of sucked... but some of my more notable characters happens to have less than nice backstories and they might have a few questions for me... or want to hurt me depending on where in their timeline we interupt.. but assuming it's at the best possible time...

Assassin twins: "...So not only did you have to give us abusive parents, you also had to nearly kill one of us with illnesses and make the other one pretty mentally messed up?" *poisoned and stabbed*

Epic level assassin (the girl in my avatar... yhea lvl 28...): "Yhea so my childhood wasn't that great and all.. just one question.. why did you have to give me a water phobia? I mean really? And serious issues with anything cooler than 'blazing desert'?"

Nercomancer (wizard specialized in the school.): "My only issue is... why in the name of the gods did you make my older brother a paladin of Bahmut?!"

Half bronze dragon fighter: She'd probably buy me a drink actually... she's pretty friendly... just don't arm wrestle with her, she'll break it without even trying. (Character flaw.. can't control her strength.. and she has 28 of it.)

Half red dragon fighter: Is actually a fairly good person.... but if it's before noon I'm not going anywhere near her. Actually nowhere within 30ft.. breath weapons are painful.

Night Elf druid: Would either be sitting in a corner glaring, or pacing around the shadows as a panther, neither is good, and possibly try to maul me simply cause I'm human. (militant xenophobic... yes the Warcraft rules for D&D)

One Tin Soldier
2011-10-12, 09:43 PM
Let's see, to remember all the characters I've made...
From D&D, I have a sorcerer from a modern campaign that is straight up me. Then there's the generic cleric, and the gnome paladin. Then from Dark Heresy there's the Farm Cop Arbiter. And then there's the nWoD characters, two vampires, a werewolf, a changeling water elemental, a robot, and a mage.

First off, I'm very glad the Arbiter is more likely to fear the supernatural types than hate them, or it could get ugly fast. The mage will unfortunately be left out of a lot of things, since he doesn't speak a word of English. Too bad, I'd like to apologize for making such poor mechanical decisions while creating him. I've been pretty nice to my characters in terms of backstory, though the werewolf might feel a bit pissed that I had his entire former pack killed. Then again, he just rediscovered one of them, so he might be less inclined to claw me open. Then he and the changeling might talk, and find out that they exist in the same game universe, not to mention the same town.

I'd love to strike up a conversation with the robot, find out what it's like to live as an artificial intelligence, not to mention take a peek at his cool gadgets.

One of the vampires would be drinking up a storm. (Beer, not blood.) The other... um... I'd probably run away from. He's a scary mofo. And he probably wouldn't be all that averse to blood drinking either.

The gnome would probably feel frustrated that he's the only short one there, and the cleric would probably feel frustrated that I never gave him anything resembling a personality. (Sorry dude, everyone has weak characters when they start.)

Now if NPCs got included... I'd run for the freaking hills. Crazy nazis, mad scientists, and nazi mad scientists who I allowed to be defeated/killed a tad too easily? Yeah, don't want to mess with that.

2011-10-12, 11:36 PM
We'd plot.


2011-10-13, 01:55 AM
I would either run away screaming in terror (one of my former characters in a Call of Cthulhu game accidentally-on-purpose performed a ritual that turned him into an Old One, and that's just where it begins...), or drink and be merry (a couple of chaotic good bards are in there somewhere). While I wonder about the funny-looking wizard-like creature in the corner who may or may not be either a werebear, a dragon masquerading as a human, or both.

Meanwhile, we'd all have to be on guard for the there-is-no-overkill Star Wars mercenary to BDZ the bar from orbit.

2011-10-13, 07:15 AM
Question: If I can persuade (some of) my past characters to sit around one of the tables with me and play a game of DnD... does they character I create for that game appear in the tavern?

2011-10-13, 07:55 AM
Question: If I can persuade (some of) my past characters to sit around one of the tables with me and play a game of DnD... does they character I create for that game appear in the tavern?

That's a gooood question.

I'm off to create two-dozen chaotic good succubi and a level 80 character whose greatest dream it is to give all his amazing WBL to his creator.

Edit: I also have played several gods in the past.

2011-10-13, 08:02 AM

How big is this bar?

I think some of us are going to have to go for the Convention Center option. But that'd be ok; I could organize group therapy sessions for the Hooded Loners, panel discussions on "The Agony of Being Universally Adored" for the Mary Sues, and round-tables on "Family: Options Other than Orphaning" for, um, probably every character I created before I graduated college.

Then I could wander off with all the tinkerers, scientists, and spellcasters, and we could work on remaking the universe to suit our whims. (Although the aspiring goddess who plans to make every creature alive her telepathically-controlled puppet is not invited; she's a bit power-mad.)

Question: If I can persuade (some of) my past characters to sit around one of the tables with me and play a game of DnD... does they character I create for that game appear in the tavern?

You know, it is much too early in the morning for my brain to be exploded already.

2011-10-13, 08:06 AM
You know, it is much too early in the morning for my brain to be exploded already.

Actually, that's not proper abuse yet. I suggest teaching every character there D&D. Then have them all fill out sheets for enormously powerful, yet subservient creatures who only wish to serve humanity. And don't need any resources.
As soon as we have a few dozen, they can continue filling out more sheets. Next would be living spaceships, then living resource generators and nanobot swarms.

Oh yes.

2011-10-13, 08:23 AM
Actually, that's not proper abuse yet. I suggest teaching every character there D&D. Then have them all fill out sheets for enormously powerful, yet subservient creatures who only wish to serve humanity. And don't need any resources.
As soon as we have a few dozen, they can continue filling out more sheets. Next would be living spaceships, then living resource generators and nanobot swarms.

Oh yes.

What? There are spells that copy or instantly write pages of information. So, really, you only have to make one properly built wizard for this to become hilarious.

*Thinks about the bazillion wizard chars he's created*

Yeah, if this worked, one of those massively inted geniuses would think of this in a heartbeat, and we'd be exploding the world within a minute.

2011-10-13, 08:38 AM
Hey, I forgot that.

In that case, we build the tippyverse via scribe traps.

Morph Bark
2011-10-13, 08:54 AM
Hey, I forgot that.

In that case, we build the tippyverse via scribe traps.

Trap-creating traps even. We don't build the Tippyverse, we create a way for it to build itself.

Thane of Fife
2011-10-13, 10:30 AM
Hmm, at first, I was thinking that all of the Superheroes I've created should be enough to keep me safe from the relatively few, but very powerful, villains I've created.

But then I remembered that I made the Gatekeeper, who was an omnipotent god of making sure stuff like this doesn't happen. So, I'm thinking that this would go nowhere for me.

Titanium Fox
2011-10-13, 11:02 AM
Hmm. Let's see. Extremely Self-Centered Monk/Rogue, Duskblade Human raised by Elves, Awakened Pony who got an eye gouged out IC by a fellow PC, Naive Half-Orc Warlock, Knight of Thor with an Anti-Magic Complex, Female Druid who was molested IC by another PC, Satyr Druid, Lycanthrope Fox Warblade (Tiger Claw) who I forgot to give ranks in Jump...

You know what? I think they'd all be relatively civil towards me! Except for possibly the Druid and the Pony. They'd be pissed I let that happen.

2011-10-13, 01:55 PM
Well, I'll start making a list since my first proper character.
I don't know why but the higher level my characters are, the more evil they are.

Maelthra the 1st:
He was a Sulatar Drow from Eberron, except he didn't understand why they worshipped the fire giants, then he got sucked into our world in an accident.
He'd be pretty cool and mostly be friendly and chat with me.

Maelthra the second:
He was a Umbral Drow sorcerer, who would most likely set fire to the tavern mucking about, but he's good natured.

Cannotrememberhisname the gnome witch:
He would swear alot, and sit in a corner drinking, not doing alot since he's level 1 and not a threat to anything. He was also the first character in a proper game I played, I really should have tried something more interesting for my first character.

Soth the Deathknight Paladin/Rogue
He would be quite quiet and blind and deaf some of the more evil people, he was level 6.

Maelthra the 3rd. A level 22 gestalt mystic ranger/paladin of tyranny/ur-priest/Dragonlord/dragon-based divine casting prestige class
He would and could kill the entire tavern in about a minute if he prepared the right spells. (I had no idea what to prepare and since this was a pvp game I knew I was screwed, the nice other players helped me make him a bit better though.)

Point the Warforged War-marked//Ranger
He would ask me why he spent the first few years of his life a slave to a warforged scout and Titan, he would then ask me why I decided to have this scout chained to the bottom of the ocean and ask me when it would escape.

Hoban the Human Voidlord//Keeper//Lord of the Uttercold.
He would be solidly the most evil person in the tavern and would likely team up with Maelthra the 3rd and kill everyone.

Shinji the digger
A d20 modern 1st level person who was a mixture of shinji from evangelion and simon (Pronounced Seemon) from Gurren Lagunn

Yes there would be two me's because I played in a say dnd was real game and we made characters supposed to be ourselves, minus me being accident prone.

Wash, basically wash from firefly as a wu jen/artificer/theurge class

Whatshisname the human expert into the tome of something or other by frank and k.
He went through a zombie apocalypse and hasn't finished it yet, he would be paranoid and likely protect anyone who can't defend himself, in an all-out brawl, he would die first.

Maelthra the 4th, A Daring Outlaw//Ranger/Dervish/Tempest
He would likely form the 3rd evil person and would cut through the level 1's in about 3 rounds.

Very true. If we include video games, well, I and the whole world are probably screwed. Especially if you include playable characters from non-rpgs. I mean, even just the Katamari guy has massive potential for destruction. And even if we include only CRPGs, I recently bought one where you play Cthulhu.

Cthulu saves the world!
I just had to say that.:smallbiggrin:

2011-10-13, 03:37 PM
Let's see:

My first real character, may have been the first 3.0 cmapaign the rest of my group played too. REALLY poorly built elven ranger/cleric. Somehow survived into low epic levels. Had a druid cohort who had a bard/3.0 dragon disciple cohort. All Neutral Good. I'd probably get along with them fine, though I hadn't really fleshed them out much so they'd be lacking in personality unless it sponaneously developed.

My Half-Celestial/Elf Monk/Paladin, 2nd 3.0 campaign. Played until about 8-9th level. Had memory loss due to massive pixie memory arrow attack (this was how my Dm introduced him Had a cohort, another half-celestial monk/3.0 psion She wasn't very powerful and was further hurt by not getting level-appropriate gear and being level drained. Both Lawful good, though Thalaise was kinda messed up from the incurable memory loss.

A drow sorceress follower of Elistrae. Died when she sucame to a confusion effect and attacked the party. Another character had a pathological hatred for drow (same character that would later betray the party) and took the opportunity to slice her in two with a greatsword, scored a crit... "I'll just go make a new character now," I think I said.

Replacement character for Elis.
A member of a cat-folk race from the 3rd party supplement "Mythic Races" Also a monk. She was an emissary of sorts from her people to learn about/help defeat the githyanki invasion the world was facing. Ended up falling due to unlawful behavior into ex-monk status. Took levels in whirling barbarian and fighter. Thanks to the method we used to generate stats at the time, and her racial abilities, she was quite effective. Unfortunately, died when our token evil teammate ineviatably betrayed us. Died arround level 10

Cade the Wee:
I inherited this character when a group member moved to Canada. I played him at the same time I played varis A strongheart halfling bard with the song of the heart and Words of creation feat. I also gave him afew psion levels. He managed to prevent the evil teammate from healing himself enough to kill more party members by hitting his potion belt with an energy missile. Campaign ended prematurely when the plot-central paladin's player left for college. Made it to level 12-ish.

A copper wyrmling dragon (taking only the first level in the relevant monster class from Dragon Magazine)/ Psion(kinteticist) I played in the Shackled City campaign quite a few years ago. Ended up blowing himself, another party member, the adventure's main antagonist, and several of the MacGuffins we were supposed to collect after a near TPK that had ended with said other character appearing to betray the party (different player from last time.)
I actually commisioned a picture of him and still have it somewhere.

A Gold wyrmling dragon (again, taking only the first level in the relevant monster class from Dragon magazine)/Barbarian with the Massive feat from... the 3rd party sourcebook "Quintissential Fighter" I think. Fluffed him as being born of a non-concentual union between a gold and a red dragon, and having to chew his way out of his mother as his egg became impacted, but developed anyway. He ended up dying in a fight with a necromancer and my DM got to try out the new zombie dragon template from Libris Mortis.

Yeah, Robert would probably hate me.

A CE spellwarped human barbarian. He was a psycopathic cluck. I won't list the things he did to civilians one time. (Hey, it was the first time I tried playing in an evil campaign, I went overboard.) Fortunately, he died at relatively low level (7-8, including LA, irrc.) So he wouldn't be too dangerous with some of the others on the list around. Died when the party killed him after he cleaved a wizard we were supposed to capture alive in two with a greataxe crit.

I'm sure there were others between these two, but I can't remember them and the next entry is kinda ironic...

Kay of the Blade:
Didn't really get to play this guy properly, on account of his getting cleaved in two by a grimlock barbarian greataxe crit in the Age of Worms adventure path.

Marin: Kay's replacement in Age of Worms
A wood elf twf fighter/whirling barbarian I made as a replacement for Kay. Got her most valuable weapon sundered, got pranks played on her by another party member, got REALLY drunk and screwed a dwarf, left the party due to confusion caused when her alignment changed to lawful from handling a piece of the Rod of Seven Parts.

Straxus: Lv 12: Marin's replacement in Age of Worms
Paladin/Rogue/Greyguard of Tyr and his Blinkdog cohort
Died from cloudkill,enervation, and blasphamy soon after introduction.

Zannary: Straxus' replacemnt in Age of Worms Lv 13, CN
A sublime chord I pissed the party off with by hitting some of them with glitterdust one toomany times, and by almost killing an important NPC by having Cacophanic Shield around myself. Became a recurring thorn in the side of...

Cannary: Zannary's replacement in Age of Worms, hopefully final character for that campaign, currently active.
Zannary's half-sister. A somewhat similiarly built Sublime chord whose fate it is to "clean up" after Zannary's messes. Is often confused for Zannary by those in positions of authority, causing her many headaches and one sentence of lashing. Also angered the party by once casting amplify to call out a warning near a nighttwist (a nasty mind-affecting plant with a sound-based aura, result: party members that had been outside its area of influence suddenly were within it.) Got a couple of members killed, nearly caused a TPK. Fortunately, by this time she had shown herself to be useful, and was... barely... forgiven. One more mistake, like that, I may be banned from playing spellcasters. level 18 Neutral Good.

A sea spirit folk water shugenja/sorcerer. Neutral good, died really early in the Savage Tide campaign to an alligator he was foolish enough to try using speak with animals on.

Sentinal 61: Renshi's Replacement. True Neutral A warforged fighter sent by the party artificer's father to act as his bodygaurd. Either died in a T-Rex's stomach or left when the Artificer died and couldn't be raised.

Jalana: Sentinal's replacement. Human True Neutral. Was a wizarding "prodigy" having Spellcasting Prodigy, Colligate Wizard, and Preccousious Aprentice feats. Wizard/Human Paragon. Level 7 (I think) Got surprised and killed by a floatasm ooze while we were in transit to or from the mainland, before I got to play her much.

Savrial: Assimar Healer of Pelor Neutral Good and her celestial companion Couatl. My final character in the Savage Tides campagin. She brough despreately needed healing capacity to the party and was devestating in the few battles we had against undead. Ended the campaign as Lv 20-ish, including LA.

Zahri: Lv 5-ish CN idiot sorcerer. Got another party member killed by forcing a squeeze with a large creature from a bag of tricks near an enemy. Then got himself killed by trying to use a melee touch spell against soemthing more than capable fo sreading him apart as he tried to get into position.

Dravos: A Half-elf Rogue/Ranger Zahri's replacement, a defector from decadence (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DefectorFromDecadence)helping the rebel group fighting a Roman Empire subsitute. Specialized in countering supernatural foes, by using the mage slayer feat and an SR-lowering ambush feat with his sneak attack. Would be reasonable to deal with. I think he was level-10-ish when that campaign ended.

Darvin: LE Cleric 10 of Kelemvor
Started out as the Token non-evil character in an evil campaign. Ended up turning after his attempt to help indigents pay rent taught him they were actually useless deadbeats and participated in the buring of a bunch of tenements in the capital of free Unther down. Not actually so bad a guy, just doesn't view death as such a horrible thing.

Taraj: Currently active. CN (though bordering on NG) Halfling Psion (telepath) 3/Wizard(divinver)3/Cerebermancer 2
From a Fantasy Counterpart culture of India. Lost his father to yaun-ti assassins, then his village when a corrupt offical (actually a disguised Rakasha) solved the yaun-ti infiltration by ordering the village razed and most of its citizens slain. Was banished when said offical turned evidence he gathered for presentation to the ruling council of his province against him.

Maer: Currently active. TN Sun Elf Cleric 8 of a TN god of Death, Time, and Fate. Originally seemed destined for the life of a scholar but was sent a vision setting him on his current path, and a mission to slay his vampire uncle.

Dyn: Yet to play, made for a PbP run of the Shackled Ciy campaign Strongheart Halfling
CG Beguiler 1, aiming for Ultimate Magus.
His mother ( a guild thief) died while he was still an infant. He was raised by her best friends, a couple of (human) arcane tricksters. Their natural son resents him. That's basically it so far.

Derrick: Yet to Play, made for an Epic Gestalt PbP campaign that takes place at durring an armageddon senario. TN Human
Bard 20/Lyric Thaumaturge 10//Warblade 10/Sublime Chord 10/ Seeker of the Song 10
A Warrior/scholar of sorts who seeks to preserve a record of armageddon and the world that came before for anyone that survives. Had to pay an as yet unspecified "great price" to a colony of illithids for his halfwieght mithril fullplate armor. Probably wouldn't be too happy with whatever that price ends up being, but otherwise would (hopefully) be friendly enough.

So, I'm not really sure what would happen if these guys ended up in a bar together.

2011-10-13, 04:53 PM
Other than the smell, I don't think things would be too bad. I think the worse that could happen is someone tripping on that one character's armpit hair.

2011-10-13, 04:54 PM
A lot of my characters have very different opinions and ideals, even when of the same class.
I even had a character who replaced a dead one (an Elf cleric of a god of self perfection) be racist to a dead character whose gear they inherited (a Half Orc cleric of a god of Death and Birth), taking the time to scrub out the gear to "remove the taint".
I had a Paladin, though quite good at the killing, preferred to "Destroy Evil by Converting it to Good." and a Holy Warrior (Pathfinder full BAB cleric with no domains) of an Evil God of contracts who enforced the Social Contract. I had a magic-less ranger who worshipped no god but Technology and eschewed magic to almost the point of paranoia. I had a Witch with an obsession with the stars and everything that came from them and who took an almost preternatural joy in chaos. I had a Gnome Barbarian with a throat clawing bad Scottish accent who worked for a nation of slavers and devil worshippers. I had a pox-marked middle-aged human woman Barbarian who was barbarian bastard princess
Basically ,their would be a lot of fights, a lot of arguing, but I would love to know how they are all doing.

2011-10-13, 05:20 PM

I guess I'd try to keep a low profile. One character in particular (my most powerful to date) I coordinated with the DM to make sure she had a tough time, I have a feeling she might hold a grudge.

There would be several characters that are sorta similar, but I still think we'd see a nice variety of folks. From vampires to jedi, very dark anti-heroes to paragons of goodness (no outright irredeemable villains though).

2011-10-13, 05:44 PM
If we include characters from free form chat role play, I would love to meet Kithst Jarte, the first character I ever really role played. A very innocent little half demon with rage issues who lived on the streets, she went through a lot of emotional turmoil. I just want to make sure she's OK.

2011-10-13, 07:34 PM
Half-Elf Druid: Why didn't we tell the party about the secret door to the main treasure room?

Human Jedi: Why didn't we kill the Dumb Jedi and the Crazy Merc?

Given Starship Operator: What happened to our ship?

Clone Sniper: We hate that Jedi.

Githzerai Monk: We wish we had been smarter.

Human Monk: Wasn't it awesome when we caused Dwarvian Grey to be trapped in the Soul Well at the end of the River Styx(alive)?

Human Jedi 2: Arbitrary death sucks.

Human Wizard/Beguiler: Thank the "gods" that we had the Spell Compendium on back.

Ry'leh (Twi'lek Jedi): Why didn't we get the chance to kill that council?

Bissra (Shadow//Gloom): How many times did we kill the Black Knight by accident?

Gideon Riddle (pre-Solar): We have to get away from these people, they are insane.

Gideon Riddle (post-Solar): Being a Solar is cool and Pelor is a pretty good guy when you get to know him.

Over all I think I would be pretty safe any and all deaths weren't my doing.

Edit: Me: Wait what happened to the druid...and the jedi...and the monks. Where did you guys all go? /search... /sees them all dead...

???: Did you forget about me?

Me: no...NO, I destroyed you. You could never come back. No, get away. /backs up ... no...no...nooooo, aggggggghhhh~...

???: /signs corpse "Fluffles McSpanky Killjoy was here, beware all who follow"

2011-10-13, 07:37 PM
I would apologize profusely for making their lives so miserable.:smalleek:

2011-10-13, 08:15 PM
I guess because no one else has said it yet,


2011-10-13, 08:41 PM
Do NPCs you've DM'd count? If so, ouch. I'm not worried about the evil ones, its the crazies you'd have to watch out for. My PCs on the other hand are generally a fairly good natured bunch except for one guy who'd rather manipulate than kill you anyhow. One would be pretty pissed off at the external control thing, but he'd be too happy to have just gotten out of that and too curious what the heck was going on.

Since its a bar, one of my characters would have to try pretty hard to not get drunk. By someone, not intoxicated. Jin, a parsley gin and tonic, noble of Bad Ideas.

2011-10-13, 08:48 PM
Since its a bar, one of my characters would have to try pretty hard to not get drunk. By someone, not intoxicated. Jin, a parsley gin and tonic, noble of Bad Ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

2011-10-13, 09:44 PM
Since its a bar, one of my characters would have to try pretty hard to not get drunk. By someone, not intoxicated. Jin, a parsley gin and tonic, noble of Bad Ideas.
This seems appropriate:

Arthur Dent: "What's it feel like?"

Ford Prefect: "It's like being drunk."

Arthur Dent: "What's so bad about being drunk?"

Ford Prefect: "Ask a glass of water."

2011-10-13, 09:50 PM
I'd be robbed blind and the place would be on fire inside 6 seconds, given how many pyromaniacal rogues I've rolled up over the years.

Pie Guy
2011-10-13, 09:53 PM
It's fortunate that I'm the only guy in my group that plays good characters, because they'd probably be pissed that I get most of them killed so fast.

2011-10-13, 11:36 PM
It would be....interesting. On the one hand, I think the majority would want to beat me up for the hell I've dragged them through. On the other hand, there's a couple of paladins in the mix who, while having gone through the same level of hell, would want to discuss things non-violently. Then, of course, there's the guy who would encourage everyone to fight because he thinks it's funny, and the girl who would have hysterics if everyone started fighting...

Edit: Wait, disregard all the above. We'd be too busy getting out of the burning wreckage of the bar to fight. I'd forgotten about that character...

2011-10-14, 12:18 AM
Hoo boy. Alright, assuming only RPG PCs, 'cause otherwise I'd be here all day, we've got an interesting mix...

The Human Malconvoker would probably ask about how the hell she suddenly became Chelaxian, while her bodyguard wonders why his abilities keep fluctuating so wildly (given the different systems he's been ported to).

The Elf fire mage would probably at least thank me for helping her ascend to godhood.

The Soulbow would probably wonder why I made him be such a terrible class, and why he became the party interrogation specialist despite his amazingly bad -8 to Intimidate.

The Assassin is a tricky one, because one one hand, she'd probably be a bit peeved about being mute, but on the other, she's kind of a badass. Trouble is, if she is more mad than not, there's no escape, given her speed.

The Duelist would be as hot blooded as ever, while wondering why the hell she hasn't gotten her country back yet, and why her wedding should be so delayed when she's the Baroness of a countr- sorry, colony and Loria needs a baron.

The Mage would probably ask why we stopped playing right after he learned how to punch the air in people's lungs into lead, but overall be more anxious than upset, given that the game is only on hold.

The scion of Amaterasu would be a pretty awesome guy to be around, although he might be a bit confused as to why he suddenly became a brony over the summer, while the scion of Hades would just be sitting at the bar, trying to avoid all the idiots around him.

The Dresdon Files character, though... he might be a problem, given he's a gangster with a loaded shotgun and the "Bored Now" aspect. I'd probably be watching him like a hawk the whole time, ready to take cover or bolt the second he decides things aren't interesting enough, and shoots the bartender.

Golden Ladybug
2011-10-14, 12:56 AM
Oh, this would be fun. I'd have a fun time with the Sorcadin/Incantatrix, because she is fairly friendly and fun to be around for someone who tries to stick to the Paladin code. I have no idea how she would get along with her Champion of Gwynharwyf alternate self (that was a fun campaign), but you never know. The Barbarian would probably try to mentor me, and that could be cool. He was pretty fun to be around.

The Golem would be hilarious, especially depenind on what it had been told to do recently.

The Insomniac Wizard would be a bit of a downer, but I think she'd come around. She might be paranoid and perpetually tired, but I think she'd have fun at a party.

The Bard would probably invent Rock and Roll if we introduced him to Alchohol, and it'd possibly end in the destruction of the entire place. The Generalist Wizard would probably join him in the Alchoholic destruction of the place, with all sorts of Prestidigation related shenanigans. I fear for the world.

The Drow Sorceress would be even more of a Downer than the Wizard. She'd sit in a corner and sulk, unless we managed to get her about 10 levels later in her Personal timeline, because she'd have lightened up a bit by then. I think.

The Kobold Monk would probably have left with all the waitresses to go find a nice place to show them his "flurry of blows". Charismatic little bastard, I wish him well.

Hmm...who else? I guess that just leaves the Ranger. When I say that some of the others would have been a bit depressing to be around, he would have them all topped. He tries so hard to make the world a better place, but he always, always fails at it. He knows he's destined to slit his own throat to try and stop himself from being turned into a demonic shell of a creature, in an attempt to save his friends. Most unlucky character I've ever made really, because he fails his way through every adventure, ostracises everyone but his only friend (a Dwarven Paladin) and is an incredible cynic. He's also an Atheist, despite having direct empirical evidence that the Gods exist.

Poor guy. I'm sure he'd have a few choice words to say to me...

2011-10-14, 02:48 AM
I would be nervous. For the most part, I think the nice characters should be able to keep the others in line, and a fair number might even be glad to see me. On the other hand, there's one particular character ...

Nil, self-made (stolen) Demigod, planning to trick his way to full godhood.
Portfolio: Loopholes, Hubris, Fulfilling the letter but not spirit of the law
Being lawful evil, and with his history, I expect he'd be rather quickly trying to mind control me into raising his level. And if the metaphysics of that didn't work, he'd probably stick me in temporal stasis until he figured out how to make them work. Being a high-level 3.5 spellcaster, with the degree of potential cheese that entails, the other characters might have a hard time stopping him.

Assuming that wasn't an issue though, let's take a look at some random characters, see what a sample would be like:
+ Luchadore, fun guy to be around
- Mage, laconic pessimist
- Mage, pleasant enough but obsessed with theories
! Juicer, fricken' nuts
- Quasi-juicer, talks annoying fast
+ Biowared-up Ork, actually a really nice person
! HK-47-esque robot, avoid!
! Intergalactic con-man, would be pissed at me for his history
- Pulp adventurer, likewise not happy with me but unlikely to act on it
+ Swashbuckling merchant, pretty personable
+ Tony Stark-esque superhero, knows how to party
- Sentient polymer blob, nice but a bit hyper and immature
+ Robot chef, would cook me amazing food
- Lazy telekinetic criminal, not nice but wouldn't try anything with the rest around
- Un-retired dream sentinel, has no time for me, or bars

Hmm, could be fun if I talked to the right people.

2011-10-14, 05:35 AM
This is a pretty cool question. Let's see....

Kane: Half Gold Dragon, Lawful Good, third level Cleric of Pelor. Became Saint Cuthbert. He'd be a bit of a buzzkill.

Tank: CG Human, Cleric of Saint Cuthbert (the one step alignment rule wasn't in affect in this world). He was very charismatic, became a King at the end of his campaign. He'd be telling stories at the center of the bar.

Aegis: CG Half Celestial Human, Cleric of Saint Cuthbert. The son of Tank. Again very charismatic, but a bit spoiled and naive. Probably would have already wandered off to a dark alley with one of the waitresses.

Cultlock: CN Human Warlock. Not very developed, his campaign ended prematurely. He'd be nursing a whiskey in the quintessential dark corner of that bar waiting for his story to begin.

Aedificanon Godfrey: TN Human Fighter/Occult Slayer. Didn't believe in magic. Mostly a shameless coward but could be convinced into heroics if it was thrust upon him (He'd try to free slaves or rescue a child in danger if he came upon them, but probably wouldn't overthrow an evil King). Godfrey probably would have run as far away as he could from the bar after seeing all the clerics.

David: LG Human Paladin. Tough as nails and had the mentality that "Lawful Good doesn't mean Lawful Nice" Not much of a personality otherwise. He was killed by his own party for his Full-Plate. They became evil directly afterward. He'd be drinking water at a table by himself.

Connery MacGregor: NG Saint Human, Cleric of Apollo. Probably drinking to forget his woes. Before having his soul destroyed by a sword archon. Connery managed to accidentally kill his entire pantheon by unleashing Tharizdun, as well as send his entire country into ruin. He would have been a great guy to go drinking with prior to the campaign, not so much afterward. (based off of Sean Connery)

Frankie MacGregor: Currently Active. NG Human Radiant Servant of Pelor. Replacement for Connery, as well as his cousin. Frankie's more jaded and world weary than his cousin. But he definitely knows how to party. He'd be clinking a wine glass with Connery. (Based off of Frank Sinatra)

Culter: Currently Active. CN Human Sorcerer. Naive and impressionable, hates bullies, and get's his power unknowingly from some great yet undetermined evil. Possibly making mafioso-like connections in the back room.

These guys would be a fun bunch to drink with. Probably lots of stories and laughs, though there is a pattern in my games of inns being lit of fire...

2011-10-14, 07:26 AM
I would throw my glass up in the air and run for it. Those muther****as are crazy.

2011-10-14, 08:35 AM
Hmmmm... I wonder how my tyrancial minotaur king and my heroic half-giant knight would get along?:smalleek:

2011-10-14, 08:47 AM
Most of my characters are good heroic types so it should be pretty safe even if the discussion gets heated. Sadly, the chief exception is an epic level guy with a custom-made Mass Mindrape epic spell... Fortunately, I think the ECL 74 playtest character would be able to keep him in line.

I think one of my top interests would be asking for lessons in magic.

2011-10-14, 09:37 AM
My one Gary Stu Paladin and I get drunk to ignore the supremely annoying antics my Warblade and the various anime character ripoffs (and actual anime characters - thanks LJRP) get up to.

2011-10-14, 01:46 PM
All my characters are mostly fairly safe to be around, if alittle socially awkward. I've played two paladins, but only one of them was a zeal filled smiter of evil. The only forseeable problem is one evil character I have played who is unfortunately the most powerful character I've played.

Frankly I can't really see them getting along. I have a pretty much perfect record for keeping my characters alive though (though sometimes just barely) so hopefully they would be nice enough to me and maybe buy me a drink or two.

2011-10-14, 02:08 PM
Hmm... They would have quite a bit of fun, actually. Most do share the outlook of "if he ain't trying to kill me, he ain't my enemy; as well as none of them getting off on stabbing people.

So there wouldn't be much lethal conflict, but about a third of them would beat each other for fun in what could easily last days. The other third would be chatting about the implications of being who they are, as well as wonder how to apply it to "War", "Politics", "Magic", "Sex", "Quality of Life" and "Gardening", in whatever order.
A couple of them would practically get off on the knowledge of how many new forms they can take (changelings!) and at least one would be horrified to discover that he was, in another time, a monk. Then said monk would be offended and duel him tor a week.

And all of them would laugh together and mock me for the hilariously horrible decisions they all had at a point or another in my stead.

2011-10-14, 03:26 PM
The OP said "characters you made", so I believe that pre-made characters doesn't cound, so, no godzilas, supermen, or chutulus (unless you played some game that lets you create your own monster/superheroes/deities).

I guess we'll all get together to some game or geekery in general. And then band together to fight crime, since the majority of my characters are clerics and paladins.

And lots, lots of dwarves.

2011-10-14, 05:44 PM
First off, I'd apologize to all of the bad characters I made and tell them how sorry I was for making them so two dimensional. I'd hang out with the good and great characters I've made, and likely answer a whole lot of questions about what I have against good father figures.

And finally, I keep an eye out for that one great character that went evil, although, I've played a lot of good Jedi so he'd be taken out kinda quick if he starts trouble...

2011-10-14, 06:09 PM
Dead. Very quickly. The only outcomes i'm not dead in under a minute, I'm somewhere worse :smalleek:

I tend towards characters who are NOT NICE PEOPLE. Not necessarily villains, or evil, but more of those who do good only because they happen to be pointed in that general direction. The few valorous character I do make tend to be on a lower power scale than the unbalanced (mentally, not mechanically), so no help there.

Lord Raziere
2011-10-14, 10:22 PM
Well lets see…….

there are the multiple versions of my character catfolk Trizap over there arguing over which is the real one, an offshoot character named Zarakkan who was once the first Trizap, but was changed so that the dragon-trizap and the catfolk-Trizap wouldn't be confused for each other…..Trizap is more of a thieving catfolk kind of guy, while Zarakkan is more of a godly draconic inventor wizard kind of guy (he invented Icefire)

There would be multiple, but less, versions of of my rebellious Kalectro Stelvanna character, each displaying their own powers over storms, wind, speed and lightning, along with the similar multiple versions of his brother Jatone and his sister Skyrial, wielding Earth and Water powers respectively.

Over here are my characters Nesalar Valvani, an elf summoner who just wants world peace and his wife, Jasla Mekrang, a war-loving cyborg super-soldier human whose magic makes her able to turn into a giant demon, she was once racist against elves until Nesalar came long.

Then there is my army of DnD characters on that side of the room, most of them simple and undeveloped, having never been used, but include many interesting concepts like halfling paladin, dwarf monk, half-orc monk, Shardmind Swordmage, and so on, all of them 4E.

On the other side of the room are all my Exalted characters making all my DnD characters jealous, again most of them are undeveloped and unused, but since it is Exalted, they are still more fleshed out than the DnD ones. that and a couple of them are actually in games, like Freezing Blaze and Kalectro Stelvanna, Green Sun Prince Scourge version. or have featured in my Exalted short stories, like Sanalos Peleps, Cats Eye Lantern's Shining Brilliance and The Weirdest Sidereal Ever….Kelgan Drakar! The Wolf in the South! A sidereal ronin of Journeys who is confused as to why people keep forgetting him.

There is one 3.5 character named Lelk, an elf rogue/sorcerer, being the life of the party, wielding a mite mace and electric dagger, jumping off everything and singing whatever song he feels like, like "Explosive Hallejulah" and "My Paladin Buddy", while telling the tale of his exploits- like when he invented the dirigible, or when he successfully found and opened diplomatic relations with a god of thieves…on accident. or when he sang two forces of barbarians and paladins into one force to fight a hydra for him, even though they hated each other. and lets not forget the time when he and the ranger of his party teamed up to set an entire army of mites (giant wasps/bugs) on fire with a single arrow and succeeded.

over there in that dark corner is Ganrez, one of the few villains I ever came up with, brooding.

In some other corner are four Dark Heresy characters, also unused, whose original purpose is probably forgotten.

and finally, the newcomer…..Kinita Kami-Aesir! a shapeshifting trickster, born from Loki and a Kitsune! she is completely crazy. say hi, fox-girl!
"Hi! Anyone want to blow go do crazy stuff?"
"Aw, your no fun! what am I supposed to do with this explosive lollipop now? normally I'd give it to someone, they'd started sucking on it then their head would explode but now…eh, I'm gonna have to go donut-clouding again…"

"Hey! You forget me!"
Oh Sorry Connic. Though to be fair, you are always busy creating new half-elemental life forms in the lab, hows Aquatia, Smokewood, Glacella and Sannad?
"They're good, but Smokewood is having another argument with Glacella again, I just hope smoke-whips and ice-knives aren't whipped out this time….."
You and me both. Connic is a alchemy-scientist, his created life with alchemy, got the Elemental-Born. also invented a bunch of steampunk stuff, and flies in a zeppelin.

double edit: as for how they react to me….
*they stare in wonderment at me*
"Its……God! He created us all!"
They all bow down.
"Oh, hi guys, no need to be so formal, at ease at ease…."

2011-10-15, 01:18 AM
It would be... Entertaining. The majority of them would be CN/CG warblades, who pretty much incarnate HOT BLOOD. There'd be a couple of assassin types, but of the evilly affable, so they'd be trusted enough to not be poisoning stuff.

The illusionists... I'd be keeping an eye on. The overpowered CN Elf Wizard lich would likely be keeping the incident-in-preperation in check, along with the Artificer-Warblade gestalt..

The LE overlord would be looming at... everyone, but would likely be near getting punched by the warblades...


Chaos on the edge of breaking loose, but still under control.

Jay R
2011-10-15, 10:24 AM
This is an incomplete list, but it's what I came up with off the top of my head.

First, I'd ask Nabonidus if he would cure my ulcer and a couple other minor health issues.

I'd tell Darkstar that the evil wizard/ scientist he's looking for lives 100 miles north of where he's been looking.

I'd ask for a fighting lesson from Darkstar and a fencing lesson from Jean-Louis. And I'd warn Jean-Louis that he'll need a new patron; Richelieu has only a few more years to live.

I'd probably enjoy a trick-shooting demo from Cal Young. (If he's in disguise, I might not recognize him, but he'd still be the only cowboy present.)

Endora and Morgan are high enough level to cast Limited Wish, so I'd probably come up with a request for them.

I suspect I'd have very little to say to the super-heroes, so Leprechaun, Paragon, Hyperion, Pinball, and Dr. MacAbre would probably stay at a table talking to each other.

I'd need to keep an eye on David. Nine-year-olds can't drink, and he'd certainly try to.

I would do my best to avoid Ragnar Rabbit. TOON characters are crazy.

Ornrandir would sit in the back and view us all with suspicion. He's kind of a jerk that way.

We'd all listen to the bardic performances of Fflewdder and Gwydion (and maybe even me).

And when it was time to leave, I'd ask Jean-Louis, David, and Robin Banks to give me my wallet back.

Hiro Protagonest
2011-10-15, 04:29 PM
I'm just going to include characters I've played, rather than created, otherwise I won't remember them all. And not the ones from FFRPs.

Haley: CG human warblade 5. Played in only one session that had zero RP, and no time to come up with character backround.

Feng: CG half-orc fighter 3/ranger 1. First character I made. At least it taught me that barbarian and ranger were better than fighter, and half-orc sucks.

Kator: CG orc barbaric fighter 2. Would ask me why I gave him the Quick trait, Fast Movement, and Pounce when the only two combats so far were in tight spaces.

Alyss: PF CG human martial artist monk 2. Would ask me why I didn't ask the old man if he could cast Haste and instead just let the game die. She would also see the bright side to it; no more of Jack's antics (I think Jack's player has a disorder where all his characters have to be overconfident lying braggarts who wander off to do whatever they want, judging by his long lists in the "2000 Things I'm No Longer Allowed To Do in an RPG" thread where he said he could give the story behind any of those).

Cassandra: NG human unarmed swordsage 3. Would be quiet.

Lia: CG human warblade 4//factotum 2/spell reflection feat rogue 2. Would challenge someone who looks strong (which is all my other characters) to arm wrestling, except for Erik, who she would ask to train her instead. She'd ask me who her parents are.

Erik: CG human warblade 17/whirling frenzy spirit lion totem barbarian 1. Haven't actually played him, but it's very likely, seeing as how only a couple other people have posted sheets. Would ask when he gets to fight the homebrew Tarrasque for the playtest.

Emily: PF CG human rogue 1. That game died fast.

Mark: CG human swordsage 5. That game also died pretty fast.

They'd probably all wonder how a teenager made them. I'd tell Erik to train Kator, and ask Lia to train me.

2011-10-15, 05:21 PM
With my characters, it could very easily depend on when in their life I'm meeting them.

My main paladin, Janus, would usually be a pretty easy-going guy, but then again, if I met him when he was a teen....
"You're the reason my parents are dead? Why!?" :smallfurious:
Later on in life, he'd be all, "Life's tough, sure, but I have some awesome friends and a hot wife. Thanks, man!"


Luckily, there'd be enough good-aligned characters around to curb any problems. Especially that chaotic stupid dwarf barbarian (Midgy!).

2011-10-15, 05:24 PM
Bar? What bar? I don't drink alcohol and half my characters don't either.

One wizard... two wizard... three wizard...
Goodness knows how many variants of the "scholar" I've made.

They'll start a university in short order. As well as compare notes. The two most recent ones use a different magic system than D&D's and both sides would want to examine the new types of magic.
And given how both systems work, a knowledge singularity would happen in under a month.

Other characters include a rogue who specializes in UMD, a druid who is a-ok with civilization, a hyperactive gnome mechanic, a merchant and a dwarven blacksmith.

If you include stories, one of them already HAS created a knowledge singularity. One of them is high epic levels (D&D story) but incredibly paranoid and built to be as undetectable as possible; so I guess we won't be seeing her.
One of the modern day characters commits suicide basically immediately unless stopped. One of them has a pair of feather wings with a 10 meter wingspan (new story) and thus probably won't fit into the bar. A couple of them have access to a universal magic system which can rewrite itself on the fly.
One is a ghost.

One is a magical girl. Oh... she's going to be *painful* to watch.

One of them has consistency-based time travel (ie. only self-consistent loops, single universe time travel). Which will immediately generate alot of interest.

PairO'Dice Lost
2011-10-15, 08:16 PM
If this includes NPCs I've run, things would not go well for me. Every BBEG I've ever made in 13 years of GMing in one room? Yeah, not good; all it takes is one of them getting a bit peeved at my "allowing" PCs to kill them and I'm toast.

If it's just the PCs, I'd be mostly fine. All the evil ones favored mind control and manipulation over violence, and one of my good PCs was a dedicated counterspeller/buffer wizard type, so between his mind blanks and his counterspells I don't need to worry about having my mind messed with. I feel like I'd get along with all of my PCs, since I never really gave any of them the stereotypical traumatic backstories and none of them have died due to stupid decisions or the like. In fact, all but two of my several dozen PCs over the years have retired safely, and many of them didn't ever die; because I get to play very infrequently, and when I do I tend to have to play support, my characters have many fewer deaths and disabling injuries than the more combative party members. So they'd probably thank me for that.

Since all of my PCs tended to have plenty of team-focused or buffing abilities, having all of them working together towards, say, world domination optimization would actually turn out well. After asking to be trained in magic, given super-high-tech gadgets, paid lots of cash, and otherwise gifted with whatever perks they had, setting out on a mission to fix the world (and of course gain a lot of temporal authority in the meantime) would be the most likely thing to do next.

2011-10-17, 02:43 PM
Hm. My very first character wouldn't say anything. A nervous drow rogue, who left play after a single 3-hour session (about 7 days ingame).

Then there's my druid, who'd be awesome, chillax and spread around cigarettes.
Two warlocks would sit and happily chatter, one because she's a skank, and the other because he's horny (and she's good looking)
A pixie ranger would be flying around, possibly poking things with his two-bladed sword.
Then there's my shadow-caster, who'd be sitting around getting drunk.

I think we'd get along just fine.

2011-10-17, 06:02 PM
I'd ask my shapeshifter (with +10 against fear) how he failed that save against the Shadow demon.

2011-10-20, 11:36 AM
Concidering that Wolfgang probably would have killed off the other several dozens of characters in a matter of moments... I'd probably have a good time drinking with him. While he has never been a good guy, he's never been strictly evil. I have enjoyed roleplaying him on and off for the past 12 years, but I'm fairly sure he'd get jealous and decided to off every other character. Since Wolfgang's highest power level was Dungeon Master (yeah, he killed off all the gods, re-wrote time, and became the DM), it wouldn't be that hard for him.

2011-10-20, 11:44 AM
Are we including significant NPC's we've vreated a DM as well? Assuming no, my first PC (from who I take my User Name: Mordaenor) was an assassin-turned-wraith-turned-death god. So I suppose an awful lot depends where he currently is on that path, but if we assume its as I left him? He'd thank me for giving him ultimate power. Then he'd reduce me and all my other characters to ash.

2011-10-20, 01:09 PM
Well a drink might be nice if we're just talking about my PCs. Most of my characters were actually quite reasonable people, even that one CE cleric of Talos wasn't that bad(of course I never got to do enough with him *grumble*). Though if they knew i was the one who thought them up a few of them might take issue with their terrible childhoods. But I think I'd actually enjoy talking to most of them now that I think about it. :smallsmile:

Now if we're talking about characters I've introduced when i was DM I think fighting would begin within seconds and more than one thing would catch fire or explode for unexplained reasons. That's excluding all the straight up monsters and mindless beasts I've thrown out. :smalleek:

2011-10-20, 03:17 PM
In short, we'd all decide to go raise some money to buy an island on which to create a utopia together. There'd be lots of nookie and soul-searching on the way. Good times. :smallsmile: