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zegram 33
2011-10-12, 07:31 PM
hey, i was jus wondering, there seems to be a homebrewed base class, to varying degree's of obscurity, specialising in most forms of magic (summoning, teleportaton, etc) and something that caught my eye as looking very cool was the animate object, i believe its called, spell.
it seemed to me that a character specialising in that could be very cool.
it looks pretty impossible to do so as a cleric, but i was wondering if anyone knew of a class for that, say learning seperate spells for animate miniscule, tiny, small etc objects, to allow use before getting 6th level spell slots, and maybe add permenancy as a spell/SLA as well.
i would try and make one myself but my sole attempt at this type of thing has taught me that i REALLY dont know enough about the system.
just seemed a very cool concept, being able to animate a couple of dust particles open basic locks, create a house golem, and just generally play around with the freedom that this systm gives you.

Thanks for your time everyone

2011-10-13, 12:32 AM
I know not of any class of this variety.

From the outset, it seems like the class would have control over a lot of monsters... like a Leadership Feat with hit dice, which isn't exactly a good thing. The concept is interesting, but I can't imagine anything beyond "more objects", "bigger objects", and "heal objects". If you have some ideas, please toss some things out and I might be able to try the first five or so levels of the class.

zegram 33
2011-10-13, 10:47 AM
yeh, i was thinking something to boost it to greater levels.
this might be massivley overpowered, or massivley underpowered, but since the spell's effect is totally dependant on caster level, would it be possible to give the player animate plants and animate objects from level 1?
and simply add uses?
similarly, to at least vaguley match up to more powerful classes, could there be a clause/special class ability that meant for "animation" spells their effective caster level was x1.5 or x2?
x 2 would mean the ability to animate colossal creatures by level 16, which sounds reasonable at what is a fairly top level, but i dont know how strong they are in respect to what other PC's could do.
another option than having them gain levelled animate spells as well as normal ones

Class features

as a class benefit for taking first level in "animator", for want of a better name, i would allow the character to give more detailed commands to animated creatures, along the lines of "follow X", "go towards Y", "shield X", "close/lock" for doors, etc etc.
as an additional benefit, probably at level 1, im toying with the idea of giving the animator a "familiar"

a loosly defined "single object" that acts as if it was affected by the druids "awaken" spell, which will be restored when resting to regain spells in the event of its destruction.

the animator gains a telepathic link with this "object", and be able to affect it with telkinesis up to 10 ft/ "animator" level.
activating the telekinesis is a free action, but attacking with it as a construct means you cant attack that turn, even if the object is not your weapon.
the object can move up to 20ft per round as normal for telekinesis, and capable of lifting the "familiar" itself and an extra 50 pounds (100 pounds at level 7, 150 pounds at level 13) (useful at first for getting ropes anchored to surfaces etc, later on more varid uses).
due to the fat that as it is technically a "construct", it has the 60ft darkvision that all constructs do, and the telepathic link allows it to comunicate with the "animator" what it see's.
until 5th level it can only give verbal responses to threats of danger, but after that, the user can see what that see's, as a full round action. This allows the "animator" scouting capabilities, but at risk to the destruction of he/r "familiar" for that day

"object" in this setting can include a diverse range of things, from a hand of cards to a simple staff, but regardless, this will become a "weapon", able to be instructed to attack up to the full with the damage of an apropriatley sized construct (as in, sending a powerful sword to attack as a construct will only deal damage appropriate to that construct size, it will only be used as a sword when used as a sword). Up to 5 tiny or smaller objects can be animated, such as the aforementioned hand of cards. up to 2 small objects can be affected, such as dual daggers, shortswords, or even books, and 1 medium object can be animated, such as a quarterstaff or longsword. in all cases these objects share a single consciousness.
if away from the animator for more than a day, they will be destroyed automatically.

the object will be given an assumed hardness the same as stone if it was lower than wood, and this will increase every 5 levels thereafter till it has adamantine hardness at level 19.

this class feature is the thing im least sure of, but i like the flavour it gives.
if this is not feasible, the "animators" proficiency would be just "as wizard"
pages for constructs stats are http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/animatedObject.htm for theire stats and
http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/movementPositionAndDistance.htm#bigandLittleCreatu resInCombat for the creatures sizes table

i would also include the "permenancy" spell from say class level 6 (maybe later), with maybe a 1500xp-2000xp cost instead of the usual 3000xp (or maybe levelled based on the size of the animated creature, so animating a single short length of rope permanently only costs 300xp, roughly scaled down as caster points do, with 3000 being for the full colossal object) but only usable on animated objects or plants (or ropes i guess, if you want a mascot/throwing weapon) that you cast yourself
as for the animate object thing, the other option i thought of, and imo probably the best option, was to have the class have the ability like a cleric, to convert any spell slot taken up into a leveled animate X spell: ie 0th level spells count as caster level 1, 1st as 2, 3rd as 6, 4th as 8, and so on, as WELL as the bonus to caster level on "official" 6th level animate spells, and maybe allow an extra animate spell to be taken in place of higher level slots as well, if thats not already do-able.
would either of these ideas work and/or be better than the other? this way would tide you over with animation until you got your 6th level spells, at least. also note that in specifically excluding animate DEAD when i say animate spells, since thats a whole other ballgame
as an aside, i think it would make sense to state that you cant have more than , or a hard cap of stuff animated at one time (i say this to stop situations of "every scroll in this temple attacks this villan" where rolling for every attack would be pointless and meaningless
as to what this cap is, i dont know, call it your effective caster level, so its as if you can have only one animate spell out at one time (permenanted "creatures" do not count against this cap)
As for the spells:

oth level
i guess mend would be good if modified to allow it as an object "healing" spell, other than tha i guess allow one cast of animate object and one of animate plant (maybe more..?) up to a certain size per day?

1st level
animate rope is obviously in, even if its probably pretty useless, and maybe hold portal, thematically, and could be handy?
entangle would be good , if maybe bringing it too druid-y, and maybe include protection from law, since this is pretty chaotic as classes go
definatley also include mage armour, for purely pragmatic reasons

2nd level
bears endurance and bulls strength would be useful if they effect constructs, which i assume they do, but probably leave owls wisom and foxes cunning out to prevent from acting as buffer for the party at low levels, and maybe barkskin as well
make whole would be a great second level spell if modified to be able to repair animated objects
wood shape looks brilliant (to be able to create crude sorta dolls or such that you could then animate, if there are no handy tree's nearby).

3rd level
plant growth and diminish growth if you think entangle fits the class, not if not.
stone shape is a definite one, for the same reason as wood shape, but more applicable in dungeons etc

4th level
minor creation for small animated scouts etc , and perhaps secure shelter, that may be out of this area's specialty too far, but seemed tenuously linked, and since there arnt many oher decent spells this level, might be a nice party benefit,

5th level
getting the good stuff now
major creation will allow the use of iron creatures, break enchantments obligatory to let you fight ENEMY constructs, and then maybe rock to mud and mud to rock, to allow more creations to be made/trap enemies while current creations whale on em.

6th level
the big one: animate objects, and also animate plants a level early (if we're using the second option, see above)
other than that, nothing to see here, all options should be one of these for this class.

7th level
again, very little here
word of chaos fits the chaotic nature of the class, and would be handy to debuff groups of enemies, so i guess thats in.
i kinda toyed with control weather, but again, thats more druid-y than what im going for, so mostly just fill 7th level slots with some maybe metagagic'd animates.

8th level and 9th level
well...nothing here now
by this point your advantage is that your starting to be capable of animating colossal objects, which are incredibly powerful.
if there arnt any objects of that size around though, you can raise whole hordes of smaller (REALTIVLEY smaller) creatures.
these levels will probably be full of metamagiced animate spells, and such like. you could add in stuff like the clerics storm of vengance, miracle, or wish, but they dont really fit.
if i'm honest, i kinda like the idea of only learning up to 6th level spells a la bard, but then just gaining much greater quantities on 6th level slots.
metamagical animation might a massive deal though, so any opinions on this?

im honestly not well versed enough to even guess as to what skill points, stats or such would be required for this class, or whate levels classes should LEARN each level of spells(or how many spell slots they could gain each level, but i'd guesstimate it as being equivalent to a cleric) although i assume knowledge[crafting] couldnt hurt.

as for weapon and armour proficiency, pretty much as wizard, but with proficiency in only ONE one simple or martial weapon of your choosing.
and possibly exotic as well?
since you can ONLY use that weapon proficiently that would open up some snazzy optons like having dual Bola's as your "familiar" type thing, which can be retreieved by the telekinesis, but exotic (and even martial weapons may be way overpowered
again, the opinion of someone with experience in such matters would be greatly appreciated

To end things, even if this class ISNT as shambolic as it by rights should be, being outlined by a total amateur, id imagine its use is pretty sharply limited by what your dm considers as an "object" and what effect animation has on it. if you can animate buildings, boulders, hills, and such, possibly growing them minor appendages in the process (piles of boulders becoming boulder golems etc, or just ruined temples being able to attack things in them) this could work.

if your pretty much limited to statues and bookcases and other "manufactured" objects....not so much, its more like an inferior necromance that has to stone shape his zombies.
altough even then, spend enough time constructing a 20 story golem, once you have enough power to animate colossal objects and permenancy...:smallamused:

as a final point, thank you for your time checking over this, i apologise if the class is faulty, and i welcome any construction critiscism you may have :smallbiggrin:

Edit: added a psyeudofamiliar under "class features" which im unsure of but like the idea of

2011-10-13, 03:03 PM
I was working on a psionic conversion of the spell (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/animateObjects.htm), but if you look into the
reflavored Shaper Psion (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/classes/psion.htm) and the Astral Construct power (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/astralConstruct.htm) and creature (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/monsters/astralConstruct.htm).

For inspirations, you may perhaps look at the following:
Animated Object (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9867627&postcount=50), Monster Class (may or may not be finished).
Half-Golem Monster Class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179202)with the Animated Object (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10387126&postcount=79) option.

2011-10-14, 02:04 AM
Well, in the spirit of works in progress, I'm just going to take a dump right here then.


HD: d6
Good Save: Will
BAB: Medium/Full (still thinking)

1. Control Objects, Animate Scraps
2. Improved Animation

Control Objects (Su): You can control animated objects. They have the following traits:

Construct type
5 HP/level of the animator
NOT immune to Fortitude Saves. All Saves are equal to the animator's base saves +1 +1/3 animator level.
Regardless of the type of material used in creation, the construct has Hardness 1/level of the animator.

It takes a full-round action to control and object, and you may not take any other actions on a turn that you spend to control animated objects (including taking 5' steps).

These objects can take a move action and a standard action. They attack your BAB + your (Int/Wis/Cha) and deal 1d4+(Int/Wis/Cha) damage on a hit.

Animate Scraps (Sp): You can move dust particles and manipulate small objects. This is the equivalent of at-will prestidigitation, but only useable on dust or small objects.

Improved Animation:
This is where things would get tricky. There would have to be a large menu of upgrades, similar to a cross between the Astral Construct and the stuff available for the Grimoire Necromancer (http://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Grimoire_Necromancer_%283.5e_Class%29).

Now that I'm looking at this, the class seems like a hell of a lot of work and imagination. And I am low on the desire to do lots of work as well as my imaginative faculties. One thing I can do is try to re-do animate objects so it works better.

Animate Objects
Level: 1
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium
Targets: One or more animated objects; see text.
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No

You animate objects whose total Encounter Level is no higher than your Effective Character Level - 1 (If you are level 1, the total Encounter Level can be no higher than 1/2). Each object acts on the same initiative count as you, but directly after. You may give it directions to take during your turn as a free action.

You can change the designated targets as a move action, but the total Encounter Level can never exceed your ECL - 1 (or 1/2 if you are level 1). You cannot animate objects worn by a creature.


Another thing that's important for the Animator is a larger number of animated objects. This could be a subset of construct--with stats for medium mundane object (table, chair, desk, lamp) being the different from medium dangerous object (saw, spiked chains, pile of glass) and being harder to animate.

zegram 33
2011-10-14, 02:55 AM
cool, that looks good!
thanks for that input :smallsmile: