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2011-10-16, 07:11 PM
Recently, I was surprised to find there were some handy tools to writing aside from Microsoft word. What I found, was this: http://www.ravensheadservices.com/

This thing lets you organize your notes on different characters and so forth. I've still yet to try and learn how to use it fully with the demo (however, I'm not sure if it has any charts--charts can be useful after all).

Now I'm wondering: Are there any better writing tools than this one? I'm wondering about one both for campaign purposes and booking-writing purposes, since I do both of those things.

Any suggestions?

2011-10-16, 08:53 PM
You could try WikiDPad (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wikidpad/). It basically lets you make a non-online wiki for yourself. You could make a wiki for your campaign, and make a page for each session of a campaign, and hyperlink to other pages with the stats for each NPC and the combats. It's also good for organizing writing in general, for characters, settings, and extraneous notes.

2011-10-16, 10:23 PM
I've been using EditPad since it was still PostCardWare (instead of shareware, send him a postcard). There's a Pro (http://www.editpadpro.com/) and a free Lite (http://www.editpadlite.com/) version. I've never used the Pro version as the Lite version does everything I need.

2011-10-17, 01:28 AM
Hmm... From a brief look, edit-pad looks pretty much like Microsoft Word.
Wikis can be useful, I know from playing around on a couple of personal ones. But then, I think the program I currently am trying out has most of the wiki-features.

Just trying to work out which to use... the WriteItNow is more focused on writing books, so it mightn't suit campaigns so well--but then again, it does have all the sorts of categories and features that seem like they'd work...

On a side-note, any other programs worth looking at for writing books and campaigns?

2011-10-17, 02:13 AM
Most of the large corporate donors (this is very much a relative term, they are still small donors compared to anything involving actual large corporations) here (http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/donations) have programs attached. Scrivener is one I've only heard good things about, and they are working on a Windows version, as well as the current Mac version.

2011-10-17, 05:40 AM
I work in Microsoft OneNote, which essentially combines Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Paint, and a couple of other handy tools all in one. You can fill pages with text, tables, pictures and web pages, organize pages into tabs, arrange your tabs in a notebook, and hop between different notebooks with ease. It auto-saves everything as you work so its impossible to lose data by forgetting to save. I think it's got an app for making coffee and giving me foot massages while I work, too. Pretty cool program.

2011-10-17, 06:50 AM
Will definitely need to look into that one.