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The Reverend
2011-10-18, 09:55 AM
So this thread is about characters and especially parties that ran counter to general expectations of both players, PCs, and NPCs.

I'll start. We had a very good game group, we all knew 3.5 well enough and were honest enough we did not need much DM intervention. So we were all talking about our upcoming campaign, discussion did not include the DM, and we decided to only tell him our description of our characters and a general background. There was a dwarf in heavy armor with a two handed ax, a human wearing fancy cloths and playing a zither, a half orc hide armor covered in tattoos and tribal decorations, a drow dressed in all black heavy armor, a halfling with a short sword and lots of pockets. Tough to guess class just by description. The dwarf was a battlemage, the human was a monk, the orc was a bard, the drow a knight, and the halfling a psionicist.

2011-10-19, 03:28 PM
I think my current group counts just because I ran the tenth session this week, and they've yet to kill any enemies except three goblins and one ogre. Every other combat encounter has been against humanoids with class levels, and so far the party has spared their lives each time.


Of course, they fully intend to kill the recurring villain once they get a chance (they've run from him once, he's escaped them once). Understandably so! But overall, this party's level of empathy is delightful. They're taking their role as The Good Guys quite seriously.

And PCs not being obnoxious, murderous vandals is just weird, am I right?

I also once played with a half-orc barbarian who was also quite the bookworm and spoke excellent Common. He was raised by his human parent, you see...And that parent happened to be a librarian.