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2011-10-21, 11:51 AM
A re-post of an old class concept that I posted a long time ago who's thread died. I'm still looking for help to prefect it and general advice. If anybody feels they can get this up to par for a (PEACH) thread please, feel free to help.

Soulslave Sovereign

-fluff goes here when mechanics are finished-


Alignment: Any Evil
Feats: Spell Focus (Necromancy), Greater Spell Focus(Necromancy), Skill Focus: Knowledge(Religion)
Skills: Knowledge(Arcana): 15 Ranks, Knowledge(Religion): 15 Ranks, Knowledge(The Planes): 15 Ranks, Spellcraft: 15 Ranks
Spellcasting: Must be an arcane spellcaster with the ability to cast the spells Animate Dead and Magic Jar.
Special: Must possess the ability to rebuke undead and cannot be an undead creature of any kind.

Class Features

Hit Die: d4
Skills per-level: 2+ Int Modifier
Class Skills: Bluff(Cha), Concentration(Con), Craft(Int), Decipher Script(Int), Intimidate(Cha), Knowledge(All Skills taken Individually)(Int), Profession(Wis), Spellcraft(Int)

Soulslave Sovereign
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Impure Resurrection, Rebuke Undead, Allure of the Grave|---

+3|A Piece of Thy Soul for a Sea of Power|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

+3|Like Pieces in a Game of Chess|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

+4|Your Will is No More|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

+4|A Soul for a Soul|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class[/table]

Spellcasting: At every level except first, the Soulslave Sovereign gains new spells per day (and spells known, if applicable) as if he had also gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class she belonged to before she added the prestige class. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. This essentially means that she adds the level of Soulslave Sovereign to the level of some other spellcasting class the character has, then determines spells per day, spells known, and caster level accordingly. If the Sovereign had more then one arcane spellcasting class before entering this class she must choose which arcane spellcasting class to level up.

Impure Resurrection (Su): The signature power of the Soulslave Sovereign is the ability to preform the dread ritual to create soulslaves by ripping the souls of the fallen from the afterlife. This ritual acts as the spell True Resurrection, except as follows: The person you choose to resurrect is resurrected even if they are not willing, and they cannot resist being resurrected in any way. The person resurrected by this power is resurrected with the soulslave template. The Soulslave Sovereign can give up their charisma modifier worth of Rebuke Undead uses during this ritual to make any number of the soulslaves they created that fall within their control limit bound to them and forced to follow their commands.

This ritual lacks the material component of the true resurrection spell. Instead, the user must sacrifice at least one living creature with at least 3 intelligence who's HD is equal to at least half of the HD of the soulslave to be animated when preforming this ritual. The user must also have at least some of the remains of the creature to be resurrected present while preforming the ritual. These remains are consumed in the ritual. To successfully create a soulslave the Sovereign must succeed on a caster level check against a DC of 10+ half the HD of the soulslave he is seeking to animate + the will save that the soul in question had during it's life.

The user can resurrect as many soulslaves as they wish with one use of this ritual, but he can only control his caster level in HD of soulslaves. For each extra slave the sovereign creates, he must sacrifice one additional living creature with 3 or more intelligence with HD equal at least half the HD of that soulslave, and must make an additional caster level check for each soulslave he seeks to make. All soulslaves under the Soulslave Sovereign's control can be given both verbal orders and telepathic orders by the Soulslave Sovereign, and the Soulslave Sovereign need not have any prior telepathic abilities to give telepathic orders. However, telepathic commands can only be given out to a soulslave within a range of 25ft+ 2ft for every 2 caster levels the Soulslave Sovereign possesses. Soulslaves beyond this range still can still carry out previously given orders, however, and are not freed from the Soulslave Sovereign's control.

While he can only control his caster level's worth HD of soulslaves, the Soulslave Sovereign as a standard action can release one slave under her control and replace it with another slave he created that is under the effect of his rebuke undead power. The new slave is summoned to the soulslave sovereign's side and placed under his control while the released slave is sent to the location the newly controlled slave was summoned from and considered to be automatically under the soulslave sovereign's rebuke undead power.

Rebuke Undead: Levels of soulslave sovereign stack with levels of other classes for the purpose of rebuking undead.(So a Dread Necromancer 14/Soulslave Sovereign 2 would rebuke as a 16th level cleric.) If you have levels in more then one class that grants rebuking, you must choose which class to advance at 1st level and that choice cannot be changed.

Allure of the Grave: The tantalizing power offered by the creation of soulslaves is so great that no man can resist it's allure. When you take your first level of soulslave sovereign, you can no longer take levels in any other class until you have taken all five levels of soulslave sovereign.

A Piece of Thy Soul for a Sea of Power (Su):As the Soulslave Sovereign delves deeper into the dark arts he learns a dread secret...the ability to trade a portion of his own life force for greater control over his soulslaves. At 2nd level, the Soulslave Sovereign perminently loses 1 point of constitution and increases the amount of soulslaves he can control increases to 2x his caster levels worth in HD instead of just his caster level's worth in HD.

In addition, whenever the Soulslave Sovereign gains a new Soulslave Sovereign class level he may choose to permanently lose 1 additional point of constitution. If he dose, he increases the amount of soulslaves he can control permanently by one step.(So a level 3 Soulslave Sovereign who gave up 1 point of con could control 3 times his caster level.) This effect is cumulative, and each level at which he chooses to do this moves the amount he could control the previous level one more step higher.(So if the aforementioned level 3 Soulslave Sovereign sacrificed an additional 1 point of con at level 4, he could not control 4x his CL in HD of soulslaves.).

This choice is optional, and if the Soulslave Sovereign choose not to lose 1 point of con at any given level he dose not alter the amount of soulslaves he can control other then increasing it with his caster level. If a soulslave sovrigen chooses not to lose any constitution at one level, he can choose to lose them at his next level but the increase to his soulslaves controlled would be equal to the increase he would have obtained if he had given up the points of con at his previous level, adjusted for increase in caster level.(So a Soulslave Sovereign who lost 1 point of con at level 3 but none at level 4 could lose an additional 1 at level 5 to control 4 times his CL HD in soulslaves.) Any ability score points lost from this ability cannot be gained back in any way, not even through a wish, miracle or epic spell.

Like Pieces in a Game of Chess (Su): As the Soulslave Sovereign grows in his craft he learns how to command his soulslaves from afar. At 3rd level and every level after the soulslave sovereign can give telepathic orders to soulslaves under his control from any distance and at-will can switch between normal vision to seeing through the eyes of all of soulslaves he controls simultaneously. In addition, the soulslave Sovereign can speak through his soulslaves using his own voice. The soulslavse he speaks through cannot resist this ability.

Your Will is No More (Su): The Soulslave Sovereign's thirst for power becomes so great that eventually they learn how to strip the remaining pieces of will from his soulslave minions. At level 4,the Soulslave Soverign gains the ability to erase the will of a Soulslave as a standard action a number of times per-day equal to 1+ his cha modifier. Soulslaves whose wills have been erased are no longer effected by mind effecting abilities, spells ect.. and cannot have diplomacy, bluff, intimidate and any similar skills used on them. In addition, these soulslaves loose the ability to speak freely on their own, however, the Soulslave Sovereign can still speak through them as normal with his Like Pieces in the Game of Chess ability.

A Soul for a Soul (Su): At the peak of his power the Soulslave Sovereign learns how to do something no arcanist can ever hope to achieve: use the power of resurrection in it's purest form. However, due to not being connected to a deity, the Soulslave Sovereign must trade one soul for another. At 5th level, the soulslave sovereign gains the ability to use True Resurrection once per-day as a supernatural ability by sacrificing a soulslave he controls who's HD is equal to his caster level. In addition when the soulslave sovereign dies he is immediately brought back to life as if he had the spell true resurrection cast on him and one soulslave he controls who's HD is equal to his caster level is destroyed. He is brought back to life in the area that the soulslave destroyed was occupying. If there is no soulslaves of the right HD to be destroyed then the sovereign remains dead and cannot be brought back to life except through a wish spell or an epic spell.

New Feats and Templates


Necromancer's Rebuke
Prerequisites: Arcane spellcaster, 1st level.
As an Arcane spellcaster focused in the arts of necromancy, you study the divine to gain greater power over the undead. You gain the ability to rebuke undead as a cleric of your arcane spellcasting class level a number of times per-day equal to 3+ your cha modifier. If you gain another arcane spellcasting class this ability remains keyed off the arcane spellcasting class you had when you took this feat. The arcane casting class you had when you took this feat is considered a class that grants rebuking for the purposes of determining whether or not a prestige class advances your rebuking ability. This feat can only be taken at 1st level.


Soulslave Template

Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to undead. It retains any subtypes except alignment subtypes and subtypes that indicate kind. It does not gain the augmented subtype. It uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Hit Dice: Raise all to d12s.
Speed: As base creature
Armor Class: As base creature
Base Attack Bonus: As base creature
Attacks: As base creature
Damage: As base creature
Special Qualities:

Reborn Soul: A Soulslave retains all class levels, racial features and/or HD and both retains and can use any and all abilities, including spellcasting, manifesting ect.. that it possessed in life. For creatures with class levels, instead of calculating HD the standard way, each individual class level, racial hit die and point of LA is considered a single HD for a soulslave. While a soulslave possesses any and all class levels it had in life it cannot gain experience or level up. Any spells or other abilities which would require a soulslave to pay or otherwise use XP instead uses the XP of the soulslave sovereign that created them.

True Reflection of the Soul: A soulslave is a special kind of undead that dose not bleed or drip with gore. Rather it appears as a pale, corpse-like version of their original selves. A soulslave when created has all items, cloths/armor and weapons that it commonly carried with it in life.(Such as a wizard's spellbook or a fighter's magic sword.) These items, however, are not the original ones but rather copies, as a soulslave's is a reflection of a soul rather then an actual animated corpse and as a result it possesses the things most dear to it in life. If a soulslave is destroyed these items are also destroyed. These items cannot be used by anybody except the soulslaves they belong to. Any item that is separated from it's soulslave owner is destroyed immedatly and cannot be brought back in any manner.

Memories of the Past: A soulslave retains it's personality, mind and memories from it's life. While a Soulslave Sovereign can burn rebuke attempts to bring a soulslave under his control once he has died the soulslaves are severed from his command and operate freely. In addition, soulslaves are effected by mind-effecting spells and abilities as normal creatures. The diplomacy skill can be used to put a soulslave at ease and/or make it except death as it's only means of gaining freedom, causing it to forever be destroyed. The DC for this check is different for each individual soulslave due to all souls having different lives, burdens and personalities and as a result is to be set by the DM personally for each slave.

Forever a Slave: A soulslave is automatically rebuked(not dominated) by the rebuke undead ability of the soulslave sovereign who created them. There is no check required for this to succeed and the rebuke lasts one day instead of it's usual duration. This ability only applies to the soulslave sovrigen's rebuke power. Soulslaves can never be dominated by the rebuke undead ability. Characters other then Soulslave Sovereigns cannot rebuke soulslaves, no matter how strong their rebuke undead ability is.

Saves: As base creature
Abilities: As base creature, except it has no constitution score.
Skills: As base creature
Feats: As base creature
Challenge Rating: As base creature +1

(Important Notes: I know this class is most likely broken. There is a reason for that. It was made primarily for NPCs, specifically BBEGs. I like the idea of Kabuto's Edo Tensei jutsu from Naruto but could not see it working as a spell. So I decided to make this as a means to emulate most abilities that come with it, though with a slightly different flavor. Basically, this was a class made for bad guys inspired by the idea of one BBEG bringing back all the past baddies of a campaign to be his super-powered minion squad. However, I feel that as it is, this class is just TOO broken, even for BBEGs, so I want to know what you would do to both keep the concept of a class that creates undead that had all the powers they did in life but make the class slightly more balanced. So, any ideas?)