View Full Version : [Pathfinder] Science Fiction Cybernetic Prosthesis (PEACH)

2011-10-25, 01:43 AM
Just thought I'd get some of your thoughts on the Cybernetic Prosthesis I've developed for a game I'll be running in the next fortnight or so, not entirely sure the prices are balanced properly.

Cybernetic Prosthesis require a Fortitude Check after Electro Magnetic Damage.They run out of Energy but which can be siphoned safely from power outlets. Magic (both Divine and Arcane) has a small chance of temporarily shutting down your Prosthesis, and in some really rare cases, with healing magics, regrowing the replaced limb crushing it under the prosthesis and causing horrific pain, and as such you should be careful. Prosthesis tend to be resistant to harsh environments (+4 vs warmth, cold and other temperature-based damage, a further +1 if caused by magics). Magic users can never have Prosthesis (exemption for Alchemists) as it interferes with their casting.


Basic Limb (Arm/Leg) Prosthesis (Max 2 Gear Attachment Slots)**** ~ 750gp
Organ Replacement**** ~ 1500gp
Torso Reinforcement Prosthesis (+5 AC, max 5 Gear Attachment Slots)**** ~ 1000gp
Gear Attachment Slot ~ 300gp
Weapons ~ Base Weapon x 2 + Masterwork Cost* + Gear Attachment Slot** + Basic Limb/Torso Reinforcement Prosthesis cost.
Surgery ~ 1000gp + Prosthesis cost.***
Ability Mod Upgrade (STR/DEX only, stacks, requires prosthesis) Per +1 ~ 500gp (x2 to cost if not balanced by penalty, i.e: +2 costs 1000gp, +3 costs 2000gp, etc, etc.)
Ability Mod Penalty (STR/DEX only, stacks) per -1 ~ -250gp
Neural Implant Ability Mod (+1 Bonus to Intelligence & -1 Penalty to Charisma, stacks)**** ~ 500GP
Neural Implant Ability Mod (+1 Bonus to Intelligence, no penalty to Charisma, stacks)**** ~ 1500GP (cost doubles per +1)
Neural Implant Skill Mod (+2 to INT/WIS/CHA based skill of choice, stacks)**** ~ 75GP (cost doubles per +2)

* x2 for Ranged Weapons (which must be guns, as bows, crossbows and slings don't exactly work properly).
** Technically a mount, bought seperately from Gear attachment Slot.
*** N/A if starting game with prosthesis.
**** Requires Surgery.