View Full Version : harvest monster (some help)

2011-10-25, 09:32 AM
hello i be searching for lists of monsters to harvest ( collect usefull parts like spell commponents or alchemy materials, cloths, armor, weapons.food)

there are any?

for example

a dragon ( any )

the skin for make cloth armor or shields

the fangs, claws or bones ( for weapons staffs or bone armors )

the blood for power spells

the flesh or meat ( i dont know if that can eat )

2011-10-26, 12:11 PM
Mind Flayer: brain fluids for psionic stuff
Ents: For wood
Rust Monster: For... err... metal?
Golens: It depends on the kind
Earth Elementals: Ore
Skeleton: Humm... bones?
Mimic: Money? I mean...
Mummy: Bandages?
Kobolds: scales (less dangerous than a dragon)
Beholders: Eye for an eye
All those plant and fungi stuff for... spice?

All I could think of. Sorry. Not great, I know...