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2011-10-26, 12:32 PM
Concept: A scout like character that can hold his own in melee combat. I wanted to make sure that the character had ways to escape AoO and over whelming odds when forced into melee combat. When my original version was posted I was advised that i needed to open the PrC up so other base classes could join in on the fun.

What should I add/remove? Any changes or opinions on the class features? Does the class need nerfing?

Swift Tactition


Attack Bonus: +6
Tumble: 4 Ranks
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Two Weapon Fighting

Class Information

Hit Die: d8
Skill Points: 6
Weapon Proficiency: Simple / Martial / Exotic
Armor Proficiency: Light
Alignment: Any
Attack Bonus Progression: As Ranger
Saves Progression: As Ranger
Skills: Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Heal, Jump,
Listen, Move Silently, Ride, Search,
Spot, Survival, Tumble, Use Rope

1 Skirmish +1d6, Spring Attack,
2 Swift Tactician +1, Swift Skirmisher
3 Skirmish +1d6 / 1AC, Swift Tactician +2
4 Swift Tactician +3, Bounding Assault
5 Skirmish +2d6 / 1AC, Swift Tactician +4

Skirmish: As Scout
Swift Skirmisher: Add your Dexterity modifier to strength checks (similar to brains over brawn feature for the Factotums Class)
Swift Tactician: Special ability. At levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 the Swift Skirmisher gets to choose from a list of Tactics to help him and his team in combat at the cost of Skirmish Damage
1) Experienced Tripper
Cost: 1d6 of Skirmish Damage
Ability: Make a trip attempt as a free action after your attack round
2) Kick Back
Cost: 1d6 of Skirmish Damage
Ability: Finish your attack round with powerful kick knocking your target back 2 squares
3) Agile Fighter
Cost: 1d6 of Skirmish Damage
Ability: Gain a +5 modifier to Tumble checks for the remainder of your turn
4) Expert Tripper
Cost: 2d6 of Skirmish Damage
Ability: Make a trip attempt against two adjacent opponents as a free action after your attack round