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2011-10-26, 07:11 PM
Recently, I have started a writing project based on the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, I am still unsure what to do with it, but I hope that one day I can pitch it to WOTC, although, it might just be a story to keep to myself or post somewhere online. I have a few problems though, one of which, is that I seriously lack main character developing skills.

I have always been DM of campaigns, and I have never really made my own character, so I was thinking maybe you could help me.I would like you to tell me about your favorite, most colorful, neatest hero you have ever made, so I (with your consent) can put the character into my story as a main hero or heroine.

The story starts with the main character waking up to the sound of alarm bells, very confused, he goes outside to see that people are fleeing to the church, from an unknown enemy. Being in his cities militia, he decides it is his duty to save his town from any danger. While donning his armor, he smells decay in the air. When he is ready to face the invaders, he finds that everyone is dying or dead from battle wounds. After discovering that some strange orcs destroyed his city, he sets off with friends he made in his childhood that moved away to avenge their friends and families.

That is a rough outline of how it will start, if you have any characters or advice at all, please tell me, I would really like to see this completed. So, please describe your characters with a little back story, I need good aligned characters for this, and if you have a villain, maybe I could find a way to put them in too. :smallwink:

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sir Augusta
2011-10-26, 07:28 PM
One of my favorite characters was a Dragonborn cleric of Bahamut. You could have him be a cleric in the church you mentioned- even if its not a church of Bahamut, he could be visiting.

2011-10-26, 07:32 PM
Not a D&D character, but by far my favourite of any that I've ever played: Jonathan Tory/Torialistraz

The game was Fireborn, a game that straddles an era long, long ago where myths are reality, where you play a powerful dragon, and the modern era, where magic is just beginning to return to the world and you play a reincarnation of that same dragon, as a human; slowing regaining your memories of the past.

Imagine you're an 8-year old kid, and suddenly, out of nowhere, you have these memories that aren't your own. You remember meeting gods, fae and demons. You remember soaring through the skies on wings of fire and thunder.

And you realise that these memories aren't your own. Poor kid was terrified. He didn't know what was happening to him and didn't know who he could turn to. Eventually, he started hearing a voice in his head; the voice of a dragon: Torialistraz. Torialistraz was unintentionally using an artifact he had acquired, projecting his mind far forward in to the future, in to a reincarnation of himself. He realised what was happening and tried to keep Jonathan sane, explaining what was going on and helping him come to terms with himself.

He was also terrified of the rest of the party; more so when they beat a guy to the brink of death in front of him (They felt they were justified in doing so since the guy had kidnapped Jonathan and was trying to sacrifice him in a ritual to gain huge power). I and the GM put that kid through the wringer, but he ended up as one of, if not the, best character I've ever had the enjoyment, nay, honour, of playing

2011-10-26, 09:36 PM
... a Dragonborn cleric of Bahamut. You could have him be a cleric in the church you mentioned- even if its not a church of Bahamut, he could be visiting.

Wow, creative, that works well :), thank you.

2011-10-26, 11:46 PM
I can't say "favorite" as every PC is my favorite, but one of the more interesting and unusual PCs I've made lately is a Tibbit swordsage/psion/jade phoenix psion. As it turns out, this is a combination that works fairly well. You can spend most of your time as a tiny housecat who can jump and stealth around lighting people on fire with your tiny claws, and you can kill bad guys with your MIND. It's fun.

2011-10-27, 01:36 AM
You want hear about some of my grandest characters I have played or even just made as one is till in the planning stage. Warning not all may seem appropiate until you realize can take aspects of them and turn them into a personalities or such.

Thigardox, Prinny Diety of Legend
Here is the first in more ways than one. My first character with through the Abyss and back again literally for his love. Not too mention nuclear explosions, Death's golfball, being skewed with a spear up his rear, goblin crap being dumped on him, shot through mountains, and worst of all having to travel through time the normal way watching the chaos and insanity that claimed his love by the human race almost become extinct by a cataclysmic world war.

The setting has that for some reason the humans basically went to war against all the other humans with the all other races caught in the middle. Such madness of so many dieing caused almost all five human pantheons to be wiped out as the human gods fought amongst themselves to the death. As an Einherjar of Odin he took on a quest from Freja whom he loves before she too died. Whatever the quest was he took it to mean to right this great wrong so set out to bring them back. In doing so he joined up with the village hero and friends to handle a wererat infestation. In the process he died given the option to become the DM's homebrew race a Prinny. With this silver lining Thig for short was punted by the Prinny God himself through all planes due to his prior status. As he travels and eventually lands he yells "Death was merely a setback DUDE!". With the relations between the village and wererat community the village hero who just so happened to be a Doctor (Doctor Who) grabbed my character and traveled back in time minus any aid.

In our new location for some reason some of the group managed to follow to a preserve/hunting grounds for the Arcane Order. After pissing off Death himself getting blasted all over creation and soaking some of a healing energy the equilavent of a nuke with several more events of meeting the new group we set out. The goal being to return to our time so we had to get to the Arcane Order base. After some time of dealings with goblins and dwarves managed to reach the edge of the desert. Here is where I pissed off Death again getting blasted with a lightning bolt for 2 days and nights straight which led to a new character being introduced. Thig having not learned his lesson yet made him mad again with the Abyss is the next destination.

Baphomet's layer. So wondering around through the maze had a few run ins with one of Baphomet's personal guards with the spear skewer happening here. This was also the turning point by having lost my recent memories reverting back to my heroic self aided a fellow prisoner of the place, and killed one of Baphomet personal guard by casting Backbiter on his weapon aiding him to commit suicide. Collecting the armor and weapons proved quite fortuitous when led out by the prisoner turned temporary master so as to get to a gate out. Managed to get 5 Ogres has my guards along with the Gnoll as the guide to get to the gate. This was not before encountering a Purple Worm on the way. Note at this point am still only level 3. But even with such a formidable opponent we managed to defeat the Purple Worm but not kill. How great that the Gnoll is a level 4 Ranger who can tame the Purple Worm.

Next step in the story is the rest of the group is in the Arcane Order base with their new forces having a hard time against the leader of the time travel gate. Through the process opens another gate with a Gnoll carrying a Flaming Axe, 5 Ogres, and Prinny riding the Purple Worm. Needless to say for some this insanity inducing for how can a prinny who inbodies failure be doing this. Well we entire into the gate room with only two level 5s one of them me a Prinny Adept. The rest are below that in level though mu retinue does prove to be strong. Confronted by the level 18 boss we have some words even during the fight. I use my prior status as Einherjar invoking divine wrath on her if she doens't stop with her plans. All in all we managed to drop an Elf Psion 16/Rogue 2 from 100hp to less than 10hp. IF wondering did we defeat her than answer is yes and no. We did manage to destroy the gate, but half of our forces turned coat while the other half either died or was captured.

Don't worry we are getting close to the end folks so just stay with me a little longer. After some time Thig finally managed to escape from there traveling back the normal way through the planes and times watching the cataclysmic world war, but this time he saw it from the material planes side. That was a SIX THOUSAND YEAR trek to return. He did manage to get back to his master the Doctor character who did escape before ther battle into the future. This was short lived though for the Doctor ordered a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster that in this setting had a drop of dwarven rum. Dwarven ale is explosive. The Doctor wanted it lit so yes I applied fire to the drink…setting off another nuclear equilavent explosion. Don't worry the Doctor and I can mostly not stay dead or are indestructible undead. After some days and meetings we managed to meet up with her forces again that Elf Psion Rogue. This time we managed to get to Wee Jas one of the remaining dieties. After some history lessons and reveals we diplomacied our way into become dieties at LEVEL 5!

End result is we gathered up the remaining humans as well who ever we decided to bring to our own little realms. The group become the pantheon of the areas with Thig has the second in command considering is possibly the strongest. Oh yea the servitude was paid in full yet the selfish Prinny God kept some hold on so still a Prinny just no longer under his thumb. The human dieties that are dead are now worshiped along with the pantheon so will eventually rise again. Later events are killing a Demon Lord, raising that Demon Lord's layer of Abyss to Celestia as his own, and starting a war with the Prinny God which is at a stalemate. Last known divine rank is 3 while the Prinny God is closer to 20.

Ok so basically we have a mighty guy who gave up his privileges for the one he loves to help her. However along the way his world is torn asunder. Now he has to deal with what he has making the best of it despite all odds to get back to his love.

Another character is nowhere as serious as the last character. Say hello to Lockheed my Baby Black Dragon Duskblade level 6.
Lockheed's story starts after the party kills his older brother. Seeing the opportunity to join this pirate bunch he joins them. Over time while he is pretty much only agile with little much else going for him he manages to save the day some of the time while causing all sorts of havoc. He manages to liven the mood while getting close to the others even becoming friends with one person.
In that one it is more about a story of growth in terms of personality and socialability.

I have several others I could recall though those two are my favorites in order. Thigardo, Prinny Diety of Legend will always be my greatest character.

2011-10-27, 01:51 AM
I've got 3.

1.) My first character ever. I pretty messed this one up. Elf Rogue (Level 11).

He shot holy arrows from a holy-spectral short bow. (We got rid of an undead plagued mine and Pelor/Lathander himself gave us magic items. It was fun to play a scaredy cat rogue that doesn't want to be where he was...) The Campaign broke after a Uber-Charger-Paladin/Purple-Dragon-Knight with Leadership and a Wizard started to play with us and made puns about the chin of the female dwarven druid...

2.) The Soulknife (just came to level 2 since the campaign broke up...).
He came from eberron, lost his memory about what happened the last year and started play as he fell from a portal(was kicked into) into a faerunian market place. He later achieved a pseudo-familiar-dragon as a "head-implant".

3.) This one's from Pathfinder (not that good aligned)
Tokias (Rogue 2/Fighter 1) NE, follower of the church of the one that walks through blood.
He was a pissed of Tiefling that happened to be human once. He was turned to a demon trough a mishappened ritual and later betrayed and lost his power. Afterwards he began working for the church. His Object 1 was stopping a Paladin (killing him[it was another player character and was to "outroduce" us both]) and to investigate a tower. After slaying the Demon inside the tower and aquiring the tower we moved on, with never being alone with the paladin. After another "quest" from the chruch to stop an undead experiment (a mhorg) that sieged a small village we were alone...Tokias killed the paladin and threw him into the fires but was seen and therefore his head made friends with a greatsword.

Hope this helps. (Remember NE can be played as a ruthless good aligned person).

2011-10-27, 04:41 AM
Why would you make the main hero miss the fight completely? Donning armor doesn't take THAT long.. Why not let him help protect the church? Orcs swarm them, he cuts a few down, gets wounded, town guard gets overwhelmed, orcs kill tons of people(almost every battle has survivors), orcs leave, he swears revenge.

My favorite character wasn't much of a hero really, he was a LE human wizard. Was the nephew of an archmage and so full of himself it hurt. A bit sadistic and VERY power hungry, but loyal and had a strong sense of duty, expecially towards his family. So if the orcs killed some of his relatives he'd be more than willing to join forces with anyone who was up for it.

2011-10-27, 06:10 AM
Sespen the Drunken Ranger, from a 2E campaign I played four or five years ago. That was his title: "the Drunken Ranger."

He got sober as he drank, and drank as he got sober, and his whole party was convinced he was absolutely nuts. He was a skilled swordsman, and he ended up getting in some pretty epic duels with his two longswords (one of which was probably intelligent and evil, it never became clear), although this almost always happened while he was drunk.

It didn't hurt that he also had the best stats I've ever rolled, a 16/18/16/15/16/15 spread that I'm sure the dice will never, ever grant me again.

Kol Korran
2011-10-27, 09:38 AM
i only played one that lasted a good while- Bruthus, the cleric of the Red Knight (to begin with).

he started as a very minor noble in Cormyr, and went to the Goblin Wars, and fought there a bit, also finding religion (and love) in the form of a half elf woman strategist (forgot her name). she was his commander, his tutor, and then they were lovers, in the midst of the war. due to his desire to prove himself, and thinking that "offense is the best defense" he made a big blunder near the end of the war, that sot many peoples lives and caused big tear with the woman he loved. sdhe blamed herself, but could stand to see him no more.

as the war ended with the death of the king, he returned home, trying to deal with his shame, and his desire to be more meaningful, to matter. surely the Red Knight had plans for him?

up till here was the background. the first campaign started with him leaving home secretly again, determined to show his worth (and redeem himself) by seeking his fate in Wheloon. the story is long (i kept journal on a wiki) and follows the "Cormyr, tearing of the weave" module, the main developments:
- developing a humorous bu very close friendship with the elderly accompanying wizard, who was ever edgy.

- developing a respectful companionship with the dwarf from far lands, trying to help him find his spiritual way.

- understanding his quest- to battle the forces of the priestesses of Shar.

- traveling into the shadow plane, it's darkness laying heavily on the priest's heart. he seeks more solace, and remember the teachings of Lathander. yet he respects the Red Knight and cherishes her. the two gods make a strange pact- they each grant them some of his power, and he becomes known as "the worshiper of the two" a fact that is not nicely welcomed by either church. he tries to emulate and join the two philosophies into one, believing he is their chosen weapon against the darkness.

- a strange and difficult romance with a drow.

- fighting a dragon champion of Shar, and preventing the tearing of the weave, yet finding ominous clues to more schemes of Shar agents.

there is more about another campaign, i'll tell if you're interested. hope this helps, take whatever you wish. :smallsmile:

The Reverend
2011-10-27, 03:39 PM
Dar- A dwarven slayer who was trying to escape his past and make up foe it by dying killing the biggest most dangerous thing possible. He was a warhammer fantasy RPG character, the system has something like 16 separate stats, and he had the best and worse stat combination I have ever had. Very funny at times. I rolled as low as possible on his ballistic skill and dexterity(hand finesse and coordination), very low on wisdom, intelligence, and fellowship. I maxed my roles on WEapon skill, strength, toughness, wounds, attacks, and willpower, got good role on leadership. So he was a dwarf that would jump at the chance to kill the biggest monster around, wore no armor save his sweat and the blood of his enemies, and could easily convince a group of warriors to follow him to DOOM! he was very hard to mind control and sometimes would pretend just to get a little closer till the caster. He had a magic axe made of stone that was so large that if you successfully parryed it you had to make strength check or agility check or suffer partial damage. He hated riding animals but carts were fine, drank like any dwarf,and unlike other slayers had no tattoos and shaved his head. One memorable moment happened when a demon was accidentally released and as it was releases its containment vessel was thrown off a thirty foot cliff. Dar surprised the demon as it flew back up by jumping off the cliff and attacking it mid air. I roles a perfect hit, dm ruled I did charging damage to boot so in one strike I tore it in half with my great atone axe. sometimes he makes guest appearance s in games I dm.