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The Boz
2011-10-31, 05:51 PM
I literally ALL my games to date, there has always been an item, NPC or location that is intended as something random, default, generic or improvized, but the players somehow seem to "like" it.
In a PF game that I'm currently running, in a session last week, the party was trying to make a corrupt businessman talk. They were in his office, which I described in some detail, and he was at his desk. When diplomacy and bluff failed, the barbarian grabbed the flower vase that I mentioned was standing on the desk, hoping to threaten him with crashing it against his skull, or something. He rolled a natural 1, so he just explained his actions as "I pick up the vase, stare at it menacingly, then put it back down."
That night, the party rogue tried to sneak into the office, hoping to get some clues or steal some loot. He, too, rolled a 1 on his stealth check, and I just mentioned how he hears something fall and break (I was not specific, and I didn't mention it). The player immediately assumed it was the vase, and he abandoned the office for fear of being heard.
A few days later (and the next session, this week) they arrange a distraction for the business man in order to plant some evidence in his office. The rogue opens the door and surely enough, there's that vase, on the table, in pieces, with a pot of glue next to it. Naturally, he grabs the vase, plants the evidence and leaves.
Afterwards, the wizard changes his spells to cast Mending on the vase. It is now in the hands of the barbarian, who is carefully trying not to break the vase. Rolling a Reflex save for a trap? Check if the vase is OK. Being knocked down by a half orc barbarian? Check if the vase is OK. Falling from a window ledge? Dear god, no! The vase!

Do you have any similar stories, items or NPCs that you'd care to share?

2011-10-31, 06:43 PM
I know I have some, can't recall them right now (tired), but love how your group went through so much trouble for that vase :)

If I was you, I would make sure to at some point (a month or in half a year from now, depending on how long you plan to take this campaign/how long the campaigns usually last) and then make some significance to the vase.

That Lich phylactory? Well, the lich seems to have reappeared in this small village you was in not long ago, the one with the corrupt businessman.....

Or that unique artifact/relic that turn any liquid inside of it into healing elixir? It's shaped like this white and blue (or however it was colored) vase, but has been lost for centuries, it got this charm on it, giving anyone who damages it a compulsion to repair it and protect it...

The Boz
2011-10-31, 06:47 PM
Or that unique artifact/relic that turn any liquid inside of it into healing elixir? It's shaped like this white and blue (or however it was colored) vase, but has been lost for centuries, it got this charm on it, giving anyone who damages it a compulsion to repair it and protect it...
Tee hee, I like that one.

2011-10-31, 08:07 PM
In my 3.5e campaign, a demon loli(don't ask) got attached to one of the players(Saying, "Nii-chan! Nii-Chan!" and such all the time. Manga ftw). Eventually, they ended up facing the demon loli and her minions down, and I listed out the loot they got: A few magical girl batons(lol), some semi-expensive girly dresses(which were quickly redeemed for cash value), and a few rings of sorts. In any case, they didn't seem to detect the magical nature of these items, despite there being a warlock in the party. So when I managed to unarm the person carrying the batons at one point, he asked if he could use the batons as a weapon. I said sure, and being impatient, I had the baton randomly discharge a spell and reveal its true nature(a wand) after a few swings with it. In the end, all the players got fond of the magical girl batons, and still use them(this was a few sessions ago). Also, the demon loli has come up recently once as a minor recurring villain, due to enthusiastic reception from all players except one. You can guess who.

2011-10-31, 09:56 PM
In my current Exalted campaign, we first started playing on Maptool, so there was a token and picture for every character. I'd made one of them this sort of spunky hero-looking guy. I didn't have a name or anything for him and didn't expect him to show up at all after this first session. When things started to get a bit slow, I had him start shouting at the top of his lungs in order to direct the attention the party was getting to himself. He was taken in as a temporary party member for some reason, so I made up a name for him: Blade McIron. He only speaks by shouting and tapes motivational posters to the inside of his armor for inspiration. He doesn't own a formal suit; he owns formal armor. I tried to kill him several times and almost had him kidnapped once, but somehow, he managed to stay with the party all the way up to the first timeskip, despite being a mortal. In Exalted. All of you who've played have seen the poster, right?


2011-10-31, 10:39 PM
Jack, the random encounter.

So, the party was lurking in some monster-infested woods, grinding for XP before they take on the decently-leveled BBEG of the campaign. I pulled up an Eladrin Necromancer (4e campaign, if you're wondering). He and his single skeletal minion proceed to kick the butt of the Half-Elf Bard, and as they had split the party, noone was the wiser.
Later on, another party member enters his clearing, although he now has two skeletal minions. I need not explain the second minion's existence. This one tries diplomacy, and manages to get the as-of-yet nameless necromancer to leave him alone.
Finally, the party reunites and marches into the mountains, towards the BBEG's castle home. Along the way, they are interrupted... by two powerful, four-armed, scimitar-twirling skeletons (Tomb Guards), a strangely hook-clawed bird (Hook Horror), and a certain, familiar Eladrin Necromancer (and, no, he still didn't have a name). The true party diplomancer steps up before any true blows can be delivered, and pleads with the Necromancer to turn from his evil ways. Now, here's the thing: Jack is True Neutral. With some convincing, he agreed to aid the party with his host of undead. At this point, I gave him a name.

He died in an RFED brought on by the players. When rocks fall, EVERYONE dies. However, despite this, he remains the most famous and lovable antagonist I've ever created. And, I repeat, he was a random encounter.
I am going to make an Elven Necromancer named Jack in my current PF campaign to let the memory live on (it's a different party, but one of the gamers in the group was in the old one, as well, and she will recognize him).