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Dusk Eclipse
2011-11-03, 08:26 PM
After debating with myself on whether it would or wouldn't be a good idea I finally convinced myself to start writing a campaign journal, so here it is.
Now before I start there are some things you should know about my A:BF group (besides that they are awesome):

All of us, and I mean all, are huge anime fans and it tends to bleed into the table, be it with OOC chatter, references and even inspirations for both characters and enemies.
We are a HUGE group, 12-13 characters in the game; but usually not everyone is present at the same time.
We as a group, have the uncanny ability to tun ANY situation, no matter how serious into something to make fun of. Normally OOC; but we also do that IC and sometimes even both
This games has been going on for a long time, almost two years if I am right.

I present you a cast list:Classes (important stuff, like blood legacies, Elan and/or Ars Magnum) [Catch phrase, if they have one] (Which character are they base on if any)

Athena: Wizard Mentalist (Based to a T in the character of the Same name from KoF)
Captain :waves hand: Edward Swift: Free Lancer (Uriel's Elan) [Now... where is the Rum? and Parley] (Based on Captain Jack Sparrow)
Demian: Technician (Blood Legacy, Eyes of Destiny) [I copy it] (Based on Kakashi from Naruto)
Dusk:Technician (Blood Legacy, Natural Weapons, Libra) (Me, based on Kimimaro from Naruto)
Eric: Summoner (Uriel's Elan) (AFAIK completely original)
Joahanna: Just joined last sessions, so I don't know her class I assume either Warrior or technician (I don't know, but she uses throwing needles...)
Princess Isabela Silvermoon: Acrobatic Warrior (Uriel and Raphael's Elan, Aquarius) (OC but her player refers to her as a Disney princess)
Ricco: Warrior Mentalist (Erebus' Elan) (Appearance-wise based on Edward Elric)
Oukami: Weaponmaster (Blood Legacy, Blood of the Great Beasts) (Based on Kiba from Naruto)
Shaina: Tao (Original Character)
Steffano Holyblade: Paladin (Azrael's Elan) (Original Character)
Urd: Wizard (Ice focused) (Based on Ur from fairy tail)
Zeer: Techncian (Blood Legacy, Eyes of Destiny) (Based on Pain of Naruto)

Some of my felow players were kind enough to give me a brief description so I can re-post it here, I will be adding more of these descriptions if/when they give more. I also have to mention I am only translating them, hence the different styles of them.

Athena Asamiya

Birthday: March 14
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood type: B
Measurements: 83-57-82 cms.
Birthplace: Abel
Personal Treasure: Petter Rabbit tea-set
Favourite Foods: Bean shaped maple-leaf pastries, sesame flour mixed with milk.

She joined our party due a fluke (which was essentially a black hole in human shape), she was hired by the sponsors of the Tao-San tournament to serve as Entertainment between matches and be the presenter of the price to the winner; but she was caught inside a battle which ended with all the people in the nearby zone to be transported into the Wake.

And she is married to a Centaur..

A member of Miguel's Order, Steffano is also an agent of the inquisitors; but not a normal one, as his methods are more in line with Tol Rauko's ones and yet his kind and protective spirit drives him to protect rather than cage the supernatural beings.

He is a 16 years old teen, blond and blue eyed, not particularly tall or bulky. His sight not as good as it could be forcing him to wear glasses, he always wears a brown tunic over his full armour.
He has shown natural psychic potential, has been trained in the dominion of Ki by the Inquisitors, he was also trained by an expert exorcist, all of this would have made him the perfect Inquisitor (and would have the rank of high Inquisitor) if he was more obedient and actually follow his orders of "search and destroy". Furthermore his recent interest and subsequent relationship with Princess Isabela Silvermoon of Dalaborn is bound to cause problems in the future.

Birthday: May 16
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: ??
Measurements: no one has bothered to ask o measure
Birthplace: Shivat, The Lost City*
Personal Treasure: Her three friends Silia (her personal maid and bodyguard), Remilia (the genious and musically gifted of them), & Saki (A demon hunter cursed with demonic blood)
Favourite Foods: MEAT :3.

*invented for story purposes

Appearance: Hair that starts off silver and turns to brown. Red dragon-like eyes. Small chest. Traditional chinese dress with bike shorts underneath.

As I've said before the game has been going on for a long time, so I will just write a quick summary of the situations that had lead up to the last session.

The story so far:
The party entered a martial arts tournament known as the Tao-San in order for an ex-member of the group to finish some family business, during the tournament a group of contestants tried to kidnap another contestant. For some reason we were drawn into the conflict and while we were able to defeat them; but the leader managed to use the kid to form a portal into the Wake... we all were sucked into it.

Once in the wake, we started looking for ways to return to Gaia, eventually we finally got the knowledge on how to make a portal to escape The Wake, those were the good news; but as always there are bad counterparts. This time we had to get a set of 5 keys, which were located all across the wake.

(At this point in the story I had to leave the game for roughly 6 months due personal Issues, so I don't know what happened, except that they did got 4 keys)

Next thing I know is that we are in a flying citadel heading towards Malekit's (the BBEG) city, where we met Malekit's personal bodyguard... a Duk´zarist, and due really..really bad luck the only fighters that were present at that time were me and Isabela and neither of us use metal weapons...so yeah we couldn't make use of the Duk´zarist most powerful weakness.. their allergy to iron. In the end we had to trade our keys for him to spare our lives. Due sheer luck Captain :waves hand: Eward Swift had pickpocket one of the keys for himself so we didn't loose all of them. Also he accidentally blew up the fort we were fighting in, making the Bodyguard escape and me to be sent flying and almost falling off the edge of the flying citadel.

Eventually the flying city lands just outside Malekit's city, the GM tells us that there are two mansions and one castle, Captain :waves hand: Edward's magic compass points us to one of the mansions, where the last key is located.

With the help of an NPC tag alone, we managed to get inside one of the manors, a Victorian style IIRC. Once inside it is described as being almost empty and only light up by torches with blue flames, after unsuccessfully looking in the ground floor for the key, we decide to migrate our search to the upper floors. Once we reach them things started to become screwy...after entering one room we found ourselves in a graveyard and to make things even weirder, we can't see the end of the graveyard just mist in the edges, the Captain who had tied one end of a spool of rope to handrail outside the "grave room" and the other his own waist, he tries to follow the rope but he ends up reeling it in and for some reason the rope never ends and he reels in some sort of Eldritch Abomination... we all gear up preparing for a fight and then the Eldritch Abomination ... just leaves.

After that the party starts to wander about the "Grave room" and well obviously something is really wrong when we start finding graves of people who we know are still alive. Suddenly we notice we are alone in front of a single grave, and from there the undead version of a loved one rises.

Isabela: Her mother, lady Silvermoon
Steffano: The monk who trained when he was little boy
Zeer: A zombified Damien (who is his teacher)
Captain :waves hand: Edward Swift: The Vampire pirate he owes money to..
Eric: His father
Athena: Her centaur husband.
Dusk: Juugo (the DM had to wing this out as I really haven't give him a real backstory for Dusk, so he took something out of the inspiration of the character).
Oukami: Illien Drey (a former member of the Party, I don't remember the relationship between them).
(Those are the ones that I remember; but I am pretty sure we were the only ones present for this session).

Some people (like Dusk) entered combat right away with the zombie, others were paralysed with fear, indecision, disbelief, in the end only Eric managed to deduce it was some kind of illusion and just talked his way through it waking up. He then proceeded to wake other people through a clever form of pain, jabbing needles in painful but not damaging ways... and Dusk actually woke up because Juugo managed to break every bone in his body with a critical hit and a those of plot (being able to control bones Dusk only needed to be healed to a non-critical level before he could fix his skeleton).

Next session I wasn't able to attend; but apparently the party met a Bone collector and as I wasn't there Dusk entered standby mode and couldn't help with to pay the bone tax the collector was asking for. Instead of trying to fight their way through the bone collector they decided to look for an external source for the bones.

When I came back next session I was dropped in-medias res into a battle with an enhanced and armoured bull skeleton, which then proceeded to send people flying throughout the halls of the mansion. The captain for some reason thought it would be cool to mount it, he tried and actually did it! )In the end after a somewhat embarrassing fight (being thrown away like a rag-doll tends to be bad for one's ego) we managed to bring it down. Then we hauled it towards the room with the bone collector and paid our tax, letting us go through it.

After a bit of exploring we came to a really strange room which had two sets of stairs, one going down to an o shaped platform with a pitch dark pit, on the other side another set of stairs whose top was shrouded in darkness. Then suddenly rows of those blue flamed torches and we were greeted by Lord of the Dead, who activated a Forcefield around him before summoning his pet... the Ultimate Undead Abomination, a massive undead construct made from a huge amount of cadavers twisted into a horrible and gigantic form. When Erik (who is the party knowledge monkey) asked if it had any weakness it prompted this exchange:

Erik: Does it has any weaknesses or disadvantages?
GM: Yes, in fact it has two really crippling disadvantages.
(everyone sight in relief)
DM: One, it is incredibly difficult to construct one as it needs a lot of corpses and incredible amounts of necromantic power.
Me(OOC): Ok that is a disadvantage; but not one we care..
DM: And the other is that once activated it is completely uncontrollable.
Other player: So that's why he is in a force-field.
DM: Yes, roll initiative.

In the end the battle wasn’t as hard as I expected, Erik summoned the Hierophant and dealt heavy damage with it’s “Holy Blast” which coupled with the melee attacks it took from the rest of the party we made it escape underground. Meanwhile we tried to (unsuccessfully) negotiate with the Lord of the Dead for a few moments, up until the UUA decided to come back chomping on all of us managing to swallow whole everyone except Dusk and Damien. From the inside of the UUA the others started using their techniques to damage it and signal us where they are inside the monster. After seeing what the GM described as a heartbeat (Athena’s Psycho Ball from inside) Dusk used his Bone Drill technique (+10 Breakage +25 Atk and +70 Damage) but I fumbled in the attack roll… meanwhile Damien not only copied the technique and managed to open a gap in the UUA from where the other players could escape. The UUA took heavy damage but managed to survive and counter attacks. We survive the attack and on the next round Dusk took it down with a 6 attacks (re)killing it.
The Lord of the Dead (which I can only describe as a humanoid bat skeleton with glowing runes etched on the actual bones, incredibly powerful magic and a temper to booth) then turned off the force-field and started his BBEG speech, we try to take advantage of that and attack him all at the same time trying to take him by surprise… but he blocks every attack and activates the machine behind him., which shoots a giant beam that all but razes the mansion to the ground leaving a ruined courtyard, two standing walls and lot’s of debris (difficult terrain). We survived the blast due the actions of the tag along NPC’s (they are a lot of them and I have yet to learn their names: smallredface: ) who protected us.

Mid-season Boss battle vs. The Lord of the Death.

I’ll cut here for the moment because this is starting to become far too long and depending on the feedback I may or not may continue this campaign log. So please tell me what you think about this

Shade Kerrin
2011-11-03, 09:42 PM
Ah, 'The story so far...' When you need to start the journal/log in the middle.
I had to write one up when our local club president wanted us to post our games in a private forum, was not very fun to slug through, and wound up needing two rewrites before I could consider it acceptable.

Good luck on the writeup, I look forward to seeing how it goes.

Dusk Eclipse
2011-11-04, 11:41 AM
Yeah I too had to rewrite the journal a few times till I was happy with it. I'll try to post the rest later today or tonight and I really hope I can finish the write up up till the last session, because I don't want to have a big backlog.

I should post once a week since we meet up every Saturday from 11 to 16 hours, though sometimes we keep playing till 18.

2011-11-04, 05:24 PM
your group sounds like my group, except theres only 9 to 10 players in mine.

im sure ill keep an eye on this :smallcool: