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sir brad
2011-11-05, 07:22 AM
Long time Fan of the Comic, anyway I've over the years had some odd muesings about an other Alt team for the OotS world, not opposites just a mash up of the party, I thought it was all a bit of fun to work them out game stat wise and post them

Marabella "Mar" Bitterleaf (nee Flowersong), N/G Single Class Halfling Ranger.

the Wife (?) of Blakar, though he claims the cleric that preformed the ceremony wasn't fully ordained it doesn't count, but if pushed he will admit to Ex-wife. Mar is highly intelligent (just not Roy Smart), charismatic and possessing lightning reflexes, an Expert Woodsperson she is also a good leader and tactician but lacks direction in her own life, currently floating from good deed to good deed looking for some grate purpous. Physically Mar is tall (for a Halfling) & athletic. Mar has a weakness for Bad Boys and Wild Men (why she ended up with Blakar for a wile) who can be bad influences on her (dragging her Alignment to Chaotic and Neutral), of late Mar has come to think she has gone as far as she can as a Ranger for the time being and is thinking of taking a few levels in Rouge.

Ella Temple, L/G Human Cleric with levels in Paladin.

Mar's Right-hand Girl, they first meet wile both where separately trying to bring one of Mar's post Blankar boyfriends to justice, Ella was in over her head on this one being more a Healing and Blessing Cleric than a Smiting Cleric, but they made a good team as Ella's common scene confirming Mar's sharp mind. Ella had long admired Paladins and after a wile took some levels in Paladin to give her some Smiting Power (both physical and magical) but soon found Paladins to be too dogmatic (almost all requiring Stick removals) and returned to being a now more well rounded Cleric. Ella is charming and well mannered with a liking for pretty things, when not dressed for adventure she is often mistaken for some Princes Consort.

Selphel Bearzark, C/N Dwarf Barbarian/Destroyer in a Fur Bikini (yes the MWWG D20 advanced class)

Selphel is not one of those stereotypical Pseudo Scottish Dwarfs, she is one of those Stereotypical Pseudo Norse Dwarfs, she first left home on a longboat full of other young warriors to go A Viking (she is a Fjord Dwarf). She could out fight and out drink the rest of the (male) crew combined, unfortunately this lead to them being embarrassed around other Vikings, add that that most days she would eat three to four times as much to fuel her boundless energy they soon sunk all their accumulated treasure in to getting her totally legless passed out Drunk (something they had not before achieved) than abandoned her in some unfortunate village, for a few years she would rattle around slaughtering bandit hordes (to get drinking money) and terrorising villages (till placated with Alcohol). she would eventually link up with Mar and Ella and the rest is history.
She appears to be not the sharpest Axe in the Armoury (around Elan level smarts?), but is not encumbered by over thinking things, the rest of the party can't deicide if she is some kind of wise or had a large number of "Out of the Mouths of Morons" moments.
Selphel refuses to drink anything less potent than Fortified Mead and appears to have little sense of modesty practically living in her fur lined Chain-mail Bikini and Steel shod Knee-boots, though she refutes it with much physical violence she may also have a few levels in Expert (Mead Maid).

Well that's the Girls, next post the Guys and the Gender (Morally and Sexually) Ambiguous Elf.

every time I think of these guys I crack a smile and can't help but having at least a little laugh when I think of what it would be like to have them meet up with the OotS.

what do folks think so far?

2011-11-05, 07:35 AM
So, um, we have the counterparts of Belkar, Elan and Durkon.
So the guys will be a Male Assassin/Rogue (-->Haley), a Klerik (-->Roy) and a Sorceror/Warlock (-->V) ?

Well, as long as I don't see the whole party, I can't say, but they seem fairly balanced. Write some adventures for them, let them level up and let them meet the OotS or the LG.

Still, I guess, their story should either be told in the Arts and Crafts section (I think that forum not only covers comics but also creative writing).

sir brad
2011-11-05, 08:15 PM
Actually the Counterparts are a bit mashed up with two or three FotT (Fellowship of the Thing) members kind of matching parts of OotS members.

Mar counterparts both Roy and (in her own words) her "Sexy Shoeless Sociopath" being both Leader and the Halfling Ranger.

Ella counterparts Durkon being the Cleric but also Haley being the "Chick" and deputy leader

Selphel counterparts Roy being the primary Combat Monster, but also Durkon being the Dwarf and Elan for the antics of being the not so smart one (is it that permanently booze addled since she is almost all ways at least half ways smashed?), and maby Belkars with her antics and "Solve a Problem with the copious application of Violence" life philosophy.

to come

"Ben" Bendeguz, the Elf is V's counterpart but also in some ways Belkars (though not intentionally Evil he is Morally and Ethically Ambiguous and backsliding on his/her path out of his recreant stint in the C/E part of the Alignment map).

D'Eon, is both Heleys and Elans being both a Rogue and Bard and because of his antics Elans & Belkars.

then their is George who is the party's "12th Man"

sir brad
2011-11-06, 01:43 AM
D'Eon Silver, C/N Rouge/Bard (perhaps with levels in Gigolo).

Mr Silver exudes Charm and raw masculine sex appeal, he has a lean athletic body and long flowing blond hair and the voice of a higher planes outsider, he also possesses a quick wit a quick mind and a quick blade. D'Eon has bean forced to run out of many a town after stealing dozens hearts and of fortunes over the course of a weekend, this may have something to do with the fact that he doesn't believe in the concepts of monogamy or other peoples right to property ownership. though he lives the high life their is still no way he could have spent the many fortunes he has acquired over the years so he must have more than one kings ransom stashed somewhere. though not intentionally Evil his well concealed Narcissism prevents him from being truly Good (or is their more to D'Eon than their appears?).

"George", N/G (with strong L/G tenancies) Human Scholar.

Easily as smart as Bendeguz the Elf, just not strongly magically gifted, George knows a lot about many things and a little about just about everything else he can match any other member of the fellowship except Mar & Selphel in a fight but is thought of as the "Brain Guy" so he gets discounted when it comes to Combat, a better Arcane Caster than D'Eon but no match for Ben and his many and detailed studies are ignored because if he was really smart he would of become a Mage wouldn't he? his numerous practical skills that count in the Adventuring life are always 2nd best to someone else in the Fellowship, so he finds himself always the 12th Man.

Bendeguz, N (with C/E impulses) Elven Sorcerer/Wizard.

Their is Smart, then their is Gold Standard Smart and then their is Bendeguz Platinum Standard Genius(TM, Pat.Pen). Apart from being smarter than any other mortal you will ever meet "Ben" has undreamed of magical gifts (just ask him/her). Ben was thrown out of Elfhome because he/she was too smart for his/her own good and his/her magical talents made the Guild masters look inept. he/she now wanders the world on men sounded by magically bereft idiots, but in his/her travels he/she has stumbled upon Lore forgotten by the halfwits back at Elfhome. full of arrogance and resentment Ben is no longer the good Elf he/she was, perhaps if he/she can work through his "Issues" he/she can return to as he/she was as an Elfling. Though like all Elves Ben is Gender Ambiguous to the eyes of other races, Ben is most likely Male (but their is no way to be sure) and over the years has expressed romantic interest in elves who where most probably both male and female.

Nimrod's Son
2011-11-08, 10:22 PM
Bendeguz, N (with C/E impulses) Elven Sorcerer/Wizard.

Their is Smart, then their is Gold Standard Smart and then their is Bendeguz Platinum Standard Genius(TM, Pat.Pen). Apart from being smarter than any other mortal you will ever meet

"George", N/G (with strong L/G tenancies) Human Scholar.

Easily as smart as Bendeguz the Elf
You might wanna do a little redrafting there... :smalltongue:

(But yeah, this probably belongs in either the Arts and Crafts or Roleplaying forum.)