View Full Version : Class Variant Challenge I: Arcane Ranger

2011-11-09, 08:02 PM
All right Playground. This thread is the first (that I know of) for the purpose of creating specific variants of base classes. If it's a success, then more challenges like this will come.

I have done research to find if there was an arcane casting ranger variant. This gave me the idea to create this thread. The challenge, Playground, is this: a Ranger variant who can cast Arcane spells.


Max spell level 4 (if enough people want it, might be raised to 6)
Cannot have casting before 4th level
Cannot lose combat styles
A spell list would be nice, but is not required

Note: I am not going to be the judge. After there are a good number of ideas, I will post a "Time to Vote" post. After a certain number of votes, a "Voting is over; thanks for voting!" post, and tally up the votes, and post the results in the OP. If this is a success, I will open up one more vote to decide what "Variant Challenge" will be next. Happy Homebrewing. :smallsmile: