View Full Version : Exalted- DnD 4E Style!

Lord Raziere
2011-11-10, 07:25 PM
Here is what I realized.

Exalted can probably be played well with DnD 4E. Here me out:

Power Sources = Type of Exaltation

Classes= Caste

Charms = Easily made with powers.

Artifacts = easily magical items.

Rituals = Sorcery, but without the stupid money thing. or Sorcery can be daily/encounter powers depending on the spell.

plus the fact that the 1-30 thing easily goes to epic level stuff, all one has to do is maybe set the minimum level at say, 10 for Celestial Exalted, 5 for Terrestrials and put the Terrestrials maximum level at 20.

has a balanced combat system, so thats a plus.

mass combat and extras can probably be simulated by mooks, they have only 1 health point after all.

mutations and permanent charms can be feats.

Devil-Tiger is easily an Epic Destiny.

Many already-existing powers can be repurposed and refluffed.

Monk class is awesome in 4E, therefore awesome martial arts.


4E has only one social stat and no rules for lots of things…..but then again, considering Exalted's system, thats probably a step up. we can probably just make something new and better from 4E's system.

might have to rebalance point-buy to accommodate nine stats instead of six

Exalted has a bit of a higher power level, so it wouldn't exactly work as intended and wouldn't exactly be 4E

no social powers, so we'd have to make them ourselves.

lots and lots of healing in contrast to Exalted's "the best healers in the setting still need surgical tools and a few hours, no cure light wounds and stuff like that"

any comments? problems I missed? protestations?