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I hereby swear fealty to the Brelish crown and pledge my loyalty to the king above all.

I hereby vow to protect and serve Breland, its ruling monarch, and its citizenry and dedicate my life to thwarting those who conspire against them.

I hereby vow to perform my duty to king and country to the best of my ability, and not allow other duties, obligations, or loyalties to interfere with this duty.

I hereby swear to guard any and all secrets of the Brelish crown, the King's Citadel, and the King's Dark Lanterns until death takes me, and beyond into the next life.

I understand that by breaking any of these oaths, I sever my allegiance to the Brelish crown, whereupon I may be branded a traitor and rightfully incarcerated or executed for treason, by order of the king.

- oath of the Dark Lanterns


You have served your King and country, fought and bleed for them. Though you were an aberrant, a dark blot on your families honor, the King welcomed you into his service and gave you a new family. When he called upon you for a special task you volunteered, eager to be working with others of your kind. Even when half the team was killed, and the rest left the service to make a mockery for the noble houses, you stayed and kept your oath.

Advancing in rank and privilege, earning honor and glory, the King once again called on you...and you answered.

House Tarkanan was formed by Thora Tavin, an aberrant like yourself. You served with her in the special aberrant team the crown created during the Last War. When your friends and teammates died in the crowns service, she begged you to come with her. You refused, and she took your surviving teammates and started House Tarkanan. In the two years since you've continued your service in the Dark Lanterns, traveling across the world in the defense of King and country, until you were called back home to Sharn. The aberrant house has expanded since it's inception and it worries the crown. You were asked to infiltrate the house, and you accepted the mission, but you didn't know just what it would cost.

Blood of Vol agents kidnapped your family, demanding the release of their comrades imprisoned by the Citadel. Your captain refused to negotiate and when the Citadel agents went in to rescuse them, the cultists blew the house. The agents died, the cultists died...and your partner and child died. Blinded by rage, you killed your captain and fled.

Hiding in the slums of Sharn you heard the reports of his funeral, with full military honors. There was talk about the victory over the cultists, but no mention of your family. A week later you heard the captains voice in your head. I'm alive. Your family can live again as well. Complete the mission. Bring down the house. You'll be hunted.

The captains sending proved true. The Lanterns have been looking for you, quiet, one and two man teams. They still talk about the captain as if he were still dead. And the only place you have left to turn is the House you refused years ago.

15th level Gestalt. 36 pt buy. Max HP. 200,000gp. Aberrant Dragonmark feat for free. Test-Based Prerequisites (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/campaigns/testBasedPrerequisites.htm).

Some recommend PrC's. Any of these would be fine for dual PrC's.
Cabinet Trickster
Child of Khyber (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ebds/20070416a)
Cognition Thief
Dark Lantern
Dungeon Delver
Ebonmar Infiltrator
Nightstong Infiltrator
Silver Key
Unseen Seer

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[Three Days in the Cage]

"Don't tell me you haven't heard of the Prism? Where you from anyway berk?

Really? I heard that the - nevermind that. Jink first. Right, thanks.

The Arcane Order is hosting a competition for all comers and they're throwing the party in Sigil. See this handbill? 'An exhibition and celebration of Art and Life.' Also known as the Prism. Don't ask why.

Archmage duels, spell creation contests, obstacle courses for golems...they're taking decades worth of mage fairs and packing it into three days of round the clock party. What's the prize? Grand Prize is secret, but it's the Arcane Order so it's worth the effort. The lesser prizes aren't just consolation either. Unique relics, famous spellbooks, even a few apprenticeships to be won. Every blood and berk is going to be there.

Me? Am i going? No...I've got other things to...

Look, the whole thing is going to watched by Mechanus' own Guvner's that the Order has hired with their Inevitable enforcers, not to mention squads of Sodkillers prowling whether anybody wants them there or not. Too much Law banging around, too many invisible eyes watching. Makes my skin crawl just thinking of it.

No, I've got a nice place picked out on a cool and shady Prime to rest my bone box. You should go though! It'll be the opportunity of a lifetime. Well, of your lifetime anyway."

- Tout


An invitation to wonder and learn.


An exhibition and celebration of Art and Life.


Prizes awarded every Peak to each skill category of Apprentice, Journeymage, and Archmage in addition to overall day Champion.

1st Day Champion Complete Set of the Seven Veils blessed by the Lady of Mysteries
2nd Day Champion Nel-Kahzhans Gate Key
3rd Day Champion Rod of Excellent Magic

Grand Prize: ???


Contestants must register with the Office of Deeds & Titles on the 3^8 Gear of Mechanus, Cog 87Star-UL. For those contestants whose existence is diametrically opposed to Mechanus a satellite Office is located within Union. Each contestant is responsible for obeying all local Import Tariffs and laws while registering. For reference see the Abridged Laws of Mechanus, Volumes 1AA - 299Z.

The Game: Dungeons & Dragons, 3.5
The Players: 3 - 5
The Place: GiTP
The Style: Mage Fair Mysteries

Level: 17th ECL with LA Buy-off
Content: Most of 3.5
Ability Scores: 32pt buy
Wealth: 340,000. No more than 1/2 on a single item.
Hit Points: Max
Alignment: Any

Allowed Sources: PHB, PHB II, DMG, DMG II, Monster Manual I-V (with 3.5 update for II) Completes, Races, Environments, Tomes, Heroes, Incarnum, Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness, Miniatures Handbook, Dungeonscape, Exemplars of Evil, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Fiendish Codex I & II, Planar Handbook, Spell Compendium, Magic Item Compendium, Online WoTC Articles. All 3.5 Forgotten Realms and Eberron books are allowed. Certain Unearthed Arcana material may be allowed.

Monstrous races and templates are allowed (Fiends, Celestials, Fey, etc).

Not Allowed: Truenamer, Savage Species, Fiend Folio, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, Unearthed Arcana Flaws, Generic Spellcaster, Sanctum Spell.

Metamagic: When using metamagic reducers like Arcane Thesis or using some other ability to apply metamagic for free or with some other cost, i.e. Midnight Metamagic or Divine Metamagic, you must still be able of casting spells of the non-reduced spell level.

For example, a 17th level Cleric could not use Divine Metamagic to Quicken a 7th level spell because the non-reduced spell level is 11th. A 17th level Wizard with Arcane Thesis: Fireball and Arcane Thesis: Sunburst could apply Empower Spell (+2 reduced to +1 via Arcane Thesis) to Fireball but not Sunburst, because even though an Empowered Sunburst would only cost a 9th level slot the non-reduced spell level is 10th and higher than the Wizard could normally cast.

Early Entry: Precious Apprentice and Southern Magician may not be used for the purposes of Early Entry into Prestige Classes.

Magic Items: Items that exploit loopholes in the rules of the game are not allowed. This list includes but is not limited to items such as the Thought Bottle, Candle of Invocation, and Acorn of Far Travel.

Homebrew: Magical homebrew classes or revisions to magical classes are not allowed. Revisions to mundane (non-spellcasting) classes may be considered. Monstrous Racial Progressions are on a case by case basis (WoTC has a few Savage Progressions online as well).

Your Character will be competing in one of three categories determined by the height of your Arcane magical ability: Apprentice, Journeymage, or Archmage. Those who can only cast spells from 0th to 3rd level are Apprentices. Journeymages are those who can cast spells from 0th to 6th level and Archmages are those who can cast spells from 0th to 9th level.

Important! Your classification is based solely on your Arcane spellcasting ability. If your character can cast 9th level Divine spells but only cast 2nd level Wizard spells then he/she is competing in the Apprentice classification. Spell-like abilities count as spell levels of the spell they mimic. For example, a CR 4 Pixie competes as a Journeymage (Permanent Image SLA, 6th level spell) while a CR 5 Pixie competes as an Archmage (Irresistible Dance SLA, 8th level spell).

There's no fighting below your Arcane weight-class as part of the registration process determines your highest spell level capability (Greater Arcane Sight). Theurges are not restricted in which spells/powers/maneuvers they may use during the competition by the letter of the rules but care must be taken. Judges take the Style of the spellcaster into consideration and a Theurge that tastefully augments their Arcane abilities via other methods is given more leeway by the Judges than a Theurge who obliterates his/her fellow Apprentices and/or Challenges with their higher level non-arcane abilities. Doing so will not lead to disqualification but it is a great way to make a lifetime enemy out of the Apprentices Mentor.

Requirement! Apprentice is the minimum classification allowed for characters. That means every character must be able to cast Arcane spells or use Arcane spell-like abilities of at least 0th level. Fighter 16/Wizard 1 would qualify, as would Fighter 17 with one of those feats in Complete Arcane that grant some cantrips a few times a day. I wouldn't put money on the Fighter 17 actually being able to win in a Mage Fair, but it'd be a legal character.

Three Days. Three Levels.

The entire game will take place over the course of three In Character days for reasons that will become known once the game starts (so don't bother about why at this point). Each new day brings a new character level so the characters will be level 20 by the end of the 3rd day.

This is not just a game about a Mage Fair in Sigil. The Prism is the reason the characters are in Sigil when the game starts. Something Will Happen soon after the Prism starts and the game is about understanding and solving that Mystery, which might mean different things for different characters. Who your character is and how they relate to this Mystery will be the most interesting part of the game (from my perspective).

Character Backgrounds.

Use whatever method you feel comfortable with but in my experience longform backgrounds are the hardest to read and tell me the least about a character. A good place to start is filling out all the RP boxes at the bottom of the Mythweavers sheet. One or two line entries for 'Traits' or 'Enemies' is often more useful than paragraphs for each, but feel free to expand if you think additional detail will help flesh out the character. Characters of this stature are going to have associates, accomplishments, enemies, etc. This is effectively a Multi-Verse game so you've got the whole of published D&D worlds to draw inspiration and conflict from.

Dungeon World (http://book.dwgazetteer.com/) (buy the book! (http://www.dungeon-world.com/buy/)) uses a brief system of choosing Bonds between characters as part of the character creation process (http://book.dwgazetteer.com/character_creation.html). The Bonds are written in the class descriptions and are one line sentences that describes a Bond between your character and another character. Read over the Bonds if you want to. Once the party has been chosen we'll go through the process. It's a simple and quick way to throw in some shared background without having to worry about joining backstories.


Deadline for Interest is May 3rd.

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[3.5, Dark Ages]

Title: The Magic Circle Artist: John William Waterhouse
Source: Public Domain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_Circle_%28Waterhouse_painting%29)

"There is no greater pain than to remember a happy time when one is in misery." - Dante

Three spirits lived in the void.
The earth, which was named Obad-Hai, followed around the Sun, known as Pelor.
Where the earth blocked the light of the sun was the shadow, called Shar.

Obad-hai had many animals and plants to tend to but Pelor and Shar were by themselves in the sky.
They knew of each other by way of Obad-Hai but they could never meet, for light pushes away darkness and shadow obscures light.

Many days and nights passed until one special day when darkness met light.
The three moons, Shars Maidens, gathered themselves in a perfect line with Pelor and Obad-Hai.
Darkness fell on the earth during the day, the light knew shadow, and Pelor and Shar knew the opposite of loneliness.

Two opposite natures cannot be held together.
Though they wanted to be together their spirits fought against each other, light seeking to brighten the darkness, the shadow seeking to hide the light.
This was the first conflict, the primal struggle from which strife was born, their son, Tempus.
The union between light and dark passed and left Tempus upon the earth.

Obad-Hai tried to kill Tempus but his every effort only made the godling stronger.
Struggle, conflict, and eventually war came to the animals of earth.
Pelor and Shar still live in the sky, able to talk with their son but not with another.
This is why Shar tries to forget her loneliness and why Pelor never stops shining, always hoping Shars Maidens will pass by again.

- From the Song of Sun and Shadow, religious text.


The Sarisian Empire has fallen and took civilization along with it. The world is at the nightfall of a dark age as the land is without law or order. In the absence of control, chaos rises and new powers struggle for dominance. In these times of uncertainty great power can be had by those bold enough to take it. A fragile light burns within the thrice ruined city of Saris and the gloom of shadow threatens to extinguish it for good.

Brought together by their own reasons, you find yourself in the company of those who have the will to take power rather than huddle in the shadows. Religious texts thought lost have been discovered beneath the ruins of an old church in the city that hint at undiscovered power hidden in sacred places of the earth. The scrolls warn of power strong enough to bring the world into a new age of enlightenment such as it has never seen or cast it down further into the darkness, trodden under the boots of cruel new tyrants.

System: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, E8 variant.
Player Count: 4-5
Style of Play: Exploration & Survival. Low Fantasy, Dark Ages, Post-Roman Empire with the serial numbers filed off.
Allowed Content:

Races & Classes from the list below.
All other character options (Feats, Spells, Gear, Prestige Classes, ACF's, etc): PHB, PHB II, Completes (Adventurer, Arcane, Divine, Mage, Scoundrel, Warrior), Races (Destiny, Dragon, Stone, Wild), Environments (Cityscape, Frostburn, Sandstorm, Stormwrack), DMG, DMG II, Dragon Magic, Exemplars of Evil, Lords of Madness, Fiendish Codex I & II, Heroes of Horror, Libris Mortis, Magic Item Compendium, Spell Compendium.
Homebrew: Allowed on approval, but the default answer is no for character classes, including prestige classes. I'll be more lenient with regards to feats, spells, etc.

Character Creation:

Backstory: Description, Personality, Traits & Flaws. A brief history (3 or 4 sentences) of their experience with the Devil's Tears plague.
Experience: 7th level.
Wealth: 19,000gp
Ability Scores: 32pt buy
Hitpoints/Health: Maximum
Alignment: Any

Variant Rules:

E8 (http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?206323-E6-The-Game-Inside-D-amp-D). All characters and NPC's (but not Monsters) are capped at level 8. After reaching level 8, characters receive a bonus feat for every 5,000xp they gain. Characters who reach level 8 in a single class will receive a Capstone bonus class ability, to be determined later.
Incantations. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/magic/incantations.htm) Spells more powerful than what characters can cast exist in the world (i.e. spells above 4th level), and they'll be handled through the Incantation system.


Common: Human (+2 racial bonus to any one ability score, 1 bonus feat, +1 skill point per level). There are no non-human civilizations in the world of mortals (i.e. no dwarf kingdoms).
Uncommon: Hellbred. A few thousand Hellbred were created at the same time after the Fall of Saris.
Uncommon: Necropolitan. A few hundred people sought out the Ritual of Crucimigration from the priesthood of Shar in order to survive the Devil's Tears plague. Necropolitans do not get the human +2 racial bonus to any one ability score and have a 28pt buy instead of 32pt buy, but do not lose a level or XP from the ritual.

Classes: See below for quick fixes and modifications.

Spirit Shaman

Class Modifications:

No Class Skill lists; characters may purchase ranks in any skill.
All classes receive 6 skill points per level with the exception of the Rogue & Scout; they receive 10 skill points per level. If a prestige class received 2, 4, or 6 skill points per level they now receive 6 per level. If a prestige class received 8 skill points per level they now receive 10 per level.
Instead of the normal feat progression, characters receive a feat at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, & 8th level. Every 5,000xp after reaching 8th level will grant the character a new feat.


Weapon Focus: At 1st level a fighter is treated as having the Weapon Focus feat for all weapons.
Weapon Specialization: At 3rd level a fighter is treated as having the Weapon Specialization feat for all weapons.
Weapon Expertise: At 5th level a fighter gains the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for a weapon of her choice.
Weapon Mastery: At 7th level a fighter is treated as having both the Ranged Weapon Mastery and Melee Weapon Mastery feats, both of which apply to all 3 damage types.


Paladins use the Holy Warrior ACF from Complete Champion.
Smite Evil: A paladin may Smite Evil once per encounter at 1st level, and one additional time per encounter every 4 paladin levels.


Rangers use the Champion of the Wild ACF from Complete Champion.
Favored Enemy: At 1st level, a ranger may select a type of creature from among those given on Table: Ranger Favored Enemies. The ranger gains a +2 bonus on skill checks against creatures of this type, including the appropriate Knowledge skill. The rangers study of one type of creature provides him insight when killing other creatures as well. He gains a +2 insight bonus on all weapon damage rolls.
At 4th level and 8th level, the ranger may select an additional favored enemy from those given on the table. In addition, at each such interval, the skill bonus against any one favored enemy (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by 2. When the ranger selects a new favored enemy his insight bonus on all weapon damage rolls increases by +2.


A spellthief's caster level for his spellthief spells equals his levels in spellthief.


Stances Known: Crusaders learn a new stance at 1st, 4th, and 6th level.


Stances Known: Warblades learn a new stance at 1st, 4th, and 6th level.


Stances Known: Swordsages learn a new stance at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th level.
Unarmed Swordsage: The swordsage gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat and the Monk's Unarmed Damage Progression. She loses her armor proficiency and her AC bonus functions as the Monk's, including the +1 bonus at 4th level which increases to +2 at 8th level.

Alternative Class Features.
Here are some common and/or popular ACF's that are pre-approved.

Human Paragon
Cloistered Cleric, Spiritual Totem, Totem Manifestation, Whirling Frenzy, Shapeshifter Druid, Bardic Sage, Bardic Knack, Paladins of Freedom, Slaughter, & Tyranny.
Wildshape Ranger, Optional Ranger Combat Styles (Dragon #326), Penetrating Strike, Divine Companion, Domain Access, Domain Granted Power, Focused Specialist, Immediate Magic, Wizard of Sun and Moon.

There are 4 Greater Deities in the world: Obad-Hai, Pelor, Shar, & Tempus. Their dogma is more or less the same as the standard versions of the deities but their relationships are different, as described in the excerpt at the beginning.

Other deities that are printed in a rule book can be included in the world if a player wants to use them. Regardless of their official status, here they will be treated as no more than demi-gods. Racial deities such as Moradin and Corellon should be avoided as there aren't any dwarf or elven civilizations.


True Neutral
Air, Animals, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather

Lawful Good
Good, Glory, Healing, Law, Nobility, Sun, Travel

Neutral Evil
Darkness, Envy, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Night, Pride

Chaotic Neutral
Chaos, Courage, Destruction, Luck, Protection, Strength, War

Saris. Metropolis, population 250,000. Saris is the name of the largest city in the world and birthplace of the fallen Sarisian Empire. What was once a beautiful home to the seat of the worlds power has been devastated by three separate invasions by the barbarians from the Hordelands to the north. The port of Saris once harbored ships from all corners of the Mageus Sea; now the ships who sail under pirate flags outnumber the failing merchant vessels. No statuary in the city is without disfigurement from the Hordes attacks and whole districts of the city have fallen to lawlessness.

Ruined farmland surrounds the city and deserted hamlets and villages line the north road. Most people live in the southern half of the city behind the Hundred Stone wall that divides north and south, built after the second invasion.

Hordelands. Untamed wilderness, population 100,000. The Heather Rose wood marks the southern tip of the Hordelands and is the last respoyr of civilization, the villagers that live there owing true fealty to the barbarians while giving lip service to Saris. North of the woods begins the true realm of the barbarians, the savage folk who live in the vast and sprawling wooded hills. They live in tribes and have lived in peace with Saris for centuries, following the Old Faith and only defending themselves from the Sarisian Empire. Tempus hated them as they were Obad-Hai's favorite and he heated their blood and gave them berserkergang visions of bloodlust and battle.

Mageus Sea: Inland sea, unknown population. A fast ship can sail across the breadth of the Mageus in a tenday, if the seas were calm as glass and the wind moved with the ship. As that never happens upon the Mageus, most ships take at least two tendays to cross the tempest tossed sea. Many small islands group around the coastlines; one of the largest clusters is a scattershot of a dozen islands less than a days sail from Saris. The Severed Isles are the home of Sarisian outcasts and island natives. Straits on the west and east coasts of the Mageus lead to the oceans on either side.

The Fallen Empire. Various lands and cities, unknown population. At the height of its thousand year reign the Sarisian Empire spanned seas and continents, discovering civilizations and cultures and then conquering them. The Sarisians took wealth and slaves and incorporated conquered military units into their own. From the Southern Wastes across the Mageus Sea to the humid jungles of the Eastern Reach, the Sarisians brought the nations and people under one banner, now torn and fallen to the ground.
"Above all else, know that devils can never be trusted. Not devils, nor devil-kin. These returned Hellbred who claim no memory of their blasphemous worship and deeds speak only falsehoods, their minds clouded by infernal blood, obscured even to themselves. I'll trust a horde savage with my life before taking the word of a devil-kin." - Reyn Seylanus, Inquisitor of Pelor

The Fall of the Empire

The four gods are not the only powers in this world, nor the worlds beyond. In the pits of the Nine Hells one devil rules over all the damned and he saw the shining Empire that gave homage to Pelor and desired it for his own. He whispered promises of power into the priests dreams and showed them the wonders of the Dweomer Stones in their visions. Though the fires of the Nine Hells are not as bright as the Sun, they burn with their own special intensity. Priests of Pelor who allowed themselves too many dreams of wealth and power began to listen to the Flare in the Sun as they called the new voice. They gathered in secret between themselves and discovered new ways of worship, drawing more followers into the heresy as the popularity of the Dweomer Stones rose.

Found by a priest deep in the mountains of Agar, the Dweomer Stones were strange ores of rock shot through with magenta crystals. Whomever smoked or seeped it into a tea gained phenomenal magical power, albeit temporarily and for a price. The Dweomer Stones granted supernatural powers of flight, mind control, the ability to conjure sheets of hellfire, hide from the sight of men and other great and terrible powers. The demand for the stones grew wildly out of control as thousands of people became addicted to their power. The side effects were slight at the beginning, merely sickness and nausea on the following day and cosmetic changes while they were active, such as intense eye coloration and increased energy. As they became more popular and more heavily used the drawbacks became worse, causing fatigue, exhaustion, and soon damaging the body and mind.

The first known case of Devil's Tears was seen in a priest who began to weep tears of liquid fire during a sermon. First thought a blessing from the Flare in the Sun, the priest quickly became deathly sick and spread the disease to those in the congregation. By the time the priests body had burned itself from the inside out 4 days later the disease was rampant, with thousands of people infected and hundreds dead.

Those who were still using the Devil's Stones, as they were now called, were hunted down and burned at the stake but the measure was too little, too late. The infernal fire that lived inside those sickened was strong enough now to spread on it's own and it tore through the city. While people died by the scores they cried to the Gods to save them and Shar responded. Her priesthood offered a life after the death of the disease for those who could pay, and hundreds did, transforming themselves into unliving creatures that the disease could not harm.

By the time the army from the Hordelands surprised the city tens of thousands were already dead. The Great Chieftan of the Hordelands stood at the gates of the city and shouted battle cries in the name of Tempus before the barbarians attacked Saris. The battle was a massacre. The cities defenders were too weakened by the plague to mount a proper defense and the divinely inspired berserkers rampaged through the districts, killing all they found and setting the city to the torch. All the Gods attention was on Saris that day and their presence was seen. As the barbarians advanced on the city the Flare in the Sun gave one final blessing to it's followers; thousands of those on the cusp of death from the Devil's Tears were saved from that fate, the infernal fire in their blood taking control of the body. Their skin turned bright red, horns sprouted from their heads, large leathery bat wings grew from their back and they screeched in the language of the damned as they fought the Hordelands invaders.

Priests of the Old Faith arrived in the city with an army of their own, huge trees of fighting fury accompanied by knights wearing golden armor. Obad-Hai's army of wrath attacked everyone in the city; barbarians, devil-kin, diseased and innocent alike. The city groaned under the weight of the three armies as chaos and death reigned. By nightfall the battle was over and the city was lit up by bonfires of blazing and ruined buildings. The barbarians fled the city and the dead choked the streets. The devil-kin who had not died in the fighting were sucked down into the pits of the earth by open fissures and the golden armored knights disappeared back to from wherever they had come.

The city was quiet, save for the cracking of falling walls and the moans of those not yet dead when a great light appeared across the sky, a flaming fireball that shot from horizon to horizon. As bright as the sun, the comet light up the night like day and in it's passing motes of heavenly light fell to the city. Where they landed the ground rent itself open and those devil-kin who had been claimed by the ruler of the Nine Hells clawed their way up from below. Though marked and branded as belonging the King of Hell, they no longer wore the full body of a devil. Their souls were given a new lease through Pelor's blessing and their memories were taken from them by Shar's embrace. The returned Hellbred wandered the dead and dying city, the only living things in it that did not fully feel the grief and tragedy of it's death.

An Empire does not fall overnight, but the Battle of Fallen Armies was the deathknell for the Sarisian Empire. With no one in command of the legions spread throughout the world, all the lands under Sarisian control fell to chaos. Within the span of a dozen years all the once-conquered nations had thrown off their shackles and each struggled for stability, none of them finding it. When the Horde returned to sack Saris a second time there were no armies of the gods to defend it. The barbarians faced thousands of Hellbred knights and the crusaders drove them off. While the city was being rebuilt, a great wall of stone splitting the city into two halves, a legion of knights pursued the barbarians deep into the Hordelands. They returned after a season of campaigning, confident that they had put a stop to the warring Horde for good but they misunderstood how Tempus had stolen the hearts of the barbarians. Three years later when the Horde attacked again the knights and the city were better prepared and beat back the invaders before they could conquer Saris a third time.

In the years since the fall of the Empire the land has grown darker. Priests wail that Pelor's light has dimmed and the chaos and uncertainty that has become life for all is testament to how much the Empire held back the darkness. Fifteen years have passed since the fall and some believe that the shadow is only growing stronger.

Recruitment will be open for 2 weeks from today. I'm very busy with work and school and this will not be a fast-post, heavy combat game. My desire is for one major DM post from me per week, though sometimes it's hard to meet that quota. Just letting you know ahead of time that's the planned pace for the game.