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2011-11-14, 08:19 AM
What with Skyrim just coming out and all that, i thought it would be interesting to try and adapt some of the Elder Scrolls games to D&D, using 4e. i don't care if there is another edition that would be more suitable - i have just DM'd my first real session using 4e, without any prior experience, and i don't want to have to relearn the rules. anyways, i was thinking about it one evening before going to bed, and i thought "any of the Elder Scrolls games would make great campaign settings, and all the quests are already included, but set up in a way that you could do them in just about whatever order you wanted". anyways, i figured the hardest part about it would be converting the monster stats to 4e. i'm thinking of using TES III: Morrowind. anyways, has anyone already tried this (i will be surprised if no one hasn't)? if so, how did it turn out? i'll be working on this during part of my spare time, and hence i am considering a (very) long-term project. any guidance that anyone could give would be GREATLY appreciated.
to be specific, i am currently trying to create stat blocks for the more generic monsters from Morrowind, but i'm having trouble with assigning defense scores - will, ref, con. also attack roll bonuses. i shouldn't have too much trouble with transferring attacks.
oh, two more things. first, this is the first time i've ever tried homebrewing, so bear with me. second, PLEASE don't talk about Skyrim. i haven't played it yet, and i am trying to shield myself from anything (and i mean ANYTHING - tiny things to) that would spoil the game for me. not that i'm trying to be mean about it, i'm just the kind of person who believes in setting aside 3 hours of piece and quiet, so i can experience the game uninterrupted. so yeah. that's it. thanks.


Edit: i have skimmed the stickied "guide to homebrewing" thread - the section on monsters, and it really isn't helping. what i mainly need is suggestions for the defenses and "racial bonuses". a link for a list of the monsters i am currently working on is here (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Beasts).

Edit II: should this thread be put in the 4e section? i know its kind of homebrew, but kind of 4e. i think i could get more help from people in the 4e section...