View Full Version : Need Help Brewing Gnorman-style E6 Wilder Feats.

2011-11-21, 03:16 PM
I am hoping to DM a low-magic urban-based E6 Game sometime in the future, and am making heavy use of homebrew rules and classes, including Gnorman's E6 Compendium as found here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=215986&page=5 and Frank and K's hombrew of feats that scale with base attack bonus or skill ranks. I am in the process of creating feats based on common fighting styles or combat roles, which is easy enough. The issue lies with creating psionic feats, which I would also like to have scale for characters, though I am unable to come up with either fluff or crunch.

Perhaps this is because my concept for my E6 Wilder Class is so restrictive. The list of powers available to the Wilder is restricted to three archtypes, all of which are supposed to convey the feeling of powers that are primitively understood and fuelded by catharsis: Pyrokinetic "Salamander" (which, to compete with the more versatile telekinetic, later gains control over cold as well), Telekinetic "Spectre", and Echokinetic "Banshee". The powers in each are mutually exclusive, and there are no generic powers to choose from. Like a Dread Necromancer or Beguiler, the Wilder gains access to every power at its level and within its archetype.

I feel that the combat feats will outnumber the psionic feats, which wil lhave Wilders resort to taking those combat feats for not having any other good choices. What feats, dear Playground, can be created to fulfill certain concepts or class roles without being so extensive as to warrant becoming a class or archtype on its own?