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Freelancer Jack
2011-11-22, 09:48 PM
The brand new 4.0 build.

Name: Wrex Snaktail (Family name, on account of thier overly long tail)
Race: Dragonkin
Template: Barbarian.

Wrex Snaketail (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=351195)

Sources for this Home Brew:
the Draconomicon.
The other stuff. (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/srd35)

One I used in "Wispers of Taelarys"
Name: Wrex Snaktail (Family name, on account of thier overly long tail)
Race: Dragonkin
Age: 173 years old (young for his kind)

None. Works as Freelance mercenary.

Physical Description:
Reference picture (
Wrex stand at 6ft 10in, he has a wing span double his height (roughly 13 feet). His overly long tail is about 6ft 7in long. his scalely hide is a orange brown color, it is rough and covered in scars from previous battles he participated in. His elongated face resembles that of an actual dragon, and it is sometimes very hard to make out his facial expressions. His long, elf like ears have a few piercings in them. He is usually wearing a pair of loose fitting leather pants with a large belt holding them up, a pair of homemade boots with iron caps on them, and some old greaves made of iron.

Loyal, charismatic, trustworthy, and ferocious. Wrex is the perfect companion to have by your side in any situation. He will fight like a berserker, attacking his opponent with tooth and claw until he brings them down. Though behind this brutal visage is a kind hearted personalty, though few have seen it until they became good friends with him.

Wrex was born into a large tribe of Dragonkin. His family had the last name of Snake-tail for having extremely long tails. He got a basic education from the missionary's that frequently came to his village to try and gather new followers to their cults. Because of this, Wrex developed a Agnostic religious belief.
After 50 years of living in his tribe, Wrex wandered out into the world to find some adventure. He wandered into the first town he came across and was dragged off on a adventure with a young hotheaded group looking for fame and fortune. After a 30 or so years of traveling with these adventurers, he split off from the group and became a Freelance mercenary.
He was a poor excuse for a mercenary though, he often worked for free or in exchange for favors. his kindhearted personality always worked against him in his line of work. on one job where he was being paid to protect a large caravan, they were attacked by slavers and Wrex was captured by them after staying behind so the others could escape.
After enduring 12 years as a slave, in which he was sold off to become a gladiator, he escaped during an attack on the city he was in and flew away. after that he wandered the continent, trying to find a purpose.

Story Elements:

From far away lands:
The land Wrex is coming from does not have a formal name to it. It's geographic location sets it across an ocean and a huge desert. they are huge mountains known only in draconic as "wer juanth iri" or, "The Old Ones". This is a barbaric land that is indeed home to wild dragons who frequently venture out of the mountains to attack settlements, though the dragons have never ventured further then the desert. In these mountains live feral tribes/communities of elves, dwarfs, humans, and other beast folk. Wrex grew up in a tribe called, "darastrix kitril. they have the purest blood of any of the other Dragon kin clans (roughly 75% Draconic Gene's, the other 25% is human and elf). They are the most civil, trading with other communities openly. There are three houses in the tribe. the Bright scales, the inferno, and the snake tails. The bright scales are pure-blooded elf-draconic half breeds that look the most human/elfic, The inferno make up the backbone of the military being as they usaly are the biggest and strongest. The Snaketails are the farmers, the workers and the labor of the nobilty. The only rise above the normal rabble because of family ties with the other two houses.
Wrex left his tribe, and his family, long ago. He has no idea what has happened to them in the time he has been away.

The brutality of Ishvalla:
Ishvalla is a city in the middle of the desert that serves as a focal point into the barbaric lands beyond. all trade in the region is centered here. Wrex was captured by slavers while crossing the dessert and shipped here to become a Gladiator. He fought in the arena until he escaped with the help of the "Pirate of the sand's" Jacob Keyes, a long time friend of his. Together he and his former group of friends managed to murder the Kaisar with the help of one of the Kaisar's sons, and fled the city. Ishvalla is currently in a state of Civil war because of this and is extremely weakened.
In fact, it's ripe for the picking by others in it's weakened state...

Goods from another land!:
When Wrex arrives Via boat, He will be traveling with the first ship ever to have made it to a port owned by Taelarys. The various artifacts and goods they bring are sure to catch the eye of many influential figures, as this is the first ship to have crossed the sea in many years bearing loot from the land across the sea.
Some of these include complex Dwarven machines powered by crystals, or strange new fabrics and furs. What little food they have left is mostly meat and other salted goods. These Dwarven oddities include but are not limited too: Music boxes, motors, a steam powered rifle, some working robotics that run on steam, and a few other trinkets.
It also means Wrex will know next to nothing about Taelarys. He won't speak the native tongue, know the currency, and will probably confidently break a few laws he is not aware of.
(example: he uses Ruppees for money instead of gold coins, this will probably cause a good bit of chaos in of itself.)

Economic instability:
Money In the land Wrex came from was invented around Gem stone's. Thing's like Iron and steel are hard to find across the sea. Infact if you have a suit of steel armor, your considered to be very rich. Gold is considered worthless there, as they never found a practical use for it. When compared to the U.S dollar, this is how their economy works:
Amethyst: 1$
Garnet: 5$
Ruby: 10$
Sapphire: 20$
emerald: 50$
diamond: 100$
As an interesting side note, some weapons are made out of crystals. I.e: some swords are made out of diamond. (THEY WILL NOT BE APPEARING IN THIS

1. Dragon skin. Dragonkin have hides that are similar to that of true dragons. This makes them tougher then most.[Common]

2. Cunning. Skilled at improvising and using the environment to solve problems. [Common]

3. Intimidation. Wrex is an imposing figure to be around. His very presence tends to make people feel uneasy. [Uncommon]

4. Fire breath.[Common?]