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2011-11-27, 06:00 AM
RISING SURPRISE, or for fans of 3.5 nomenclature, PRONE ATTACK
Prerequisites: 11th level, Dex 13
Benefit: When you stand up from prone, you may make a melee basic attack as a free action. You may not do this during the same turn you became prone.

The "free action" bit means this can't be combined with other free-action attacks (the errata limits you to one per turn), and the line about timing prevents abuses like dropping prone and standing up again on your own turn. I also considered penalizing the MBA by -2 but it doesn't seem necessary for balance; there are enough limitations already, like having to be prone in the first place and having to be within melee range to benefit from it. It's just an occasional extra MBA, nice to have but not game-breaking.

Would this be better the other way around? I.e. if you make a MBA then you may rise from prone as a free action, or perhaps if you make any melee attack.

2011-11-27, 09:25 AM
As a bonus attack, my first thought is why? While the penalties for being prone are annoying, I could probably make a build around standing up as my move for the bonus attack, taking my standard normally, doing whatever with my minor, and then dropping prone again at the end of my turn as a free. Bonus attacks easily get into cheese territory.

If you draw further from 3.5 and say that it removes penalties for being prone and counts as an auto-stand if you make an attack, it's alright, but underpowered. Acrobat Boots are a cheap item that lets you stand from prone as a minor, and I'm pretty sure there's an Athletics skill power that lets you do the same thing. (If anything, these make the chain in the above paragraph even more cheese friendly.) It's an option, but one where a body slot is usually a preferable loss over a feat slot.

2011-11-27, 11:00 AM
Make it a standard action. Ie, you can stand from prone and make a MBA as a standard action. This leaves your move and minor actions free, and is a pretty decent feat.