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The Reverend
2011-12-01, 01:15 PM
What are some awesome character concepts you never got to play? Any system any power level, maybe the campaign fell thru before it started or life interrupted or maybe people got disinterested.

One character I really wanted to play in oWOD Mage the Ascension was a dreamspeaker or hermetic that served Santa Claus. I was going to have a maxed out avatar, powerful ally, contacts on the other side etc and specialize in making wondrous items, magical toys, and basically trying to bring wonder back to the world. If anyone got nosy I would simply refer to him as "The Man In Red" or "The Old Elf". Was planning on having my magical power wax and wane based on what time of year it was, the closer to Christmas the more powerful I became. I thought it would be a great set of plot hooks for our party and be an interesting reveal at mid late game. If you think about it Kringle probably collects about as much fervent pure belief as any other major deity since large portions of the worlds population adamantly believe in him.

2011-12-01, 02:00 PM
I kind of always wanted to play a villager whose village was being ransacked by goblins.

It sounds like a cliche plot, but doesn't that sound oddly refreshing? So many campaigns (that I've been in anyway) start off so epic, that a nice simple, this-makes-since-that-I'd-be-fighting/running-away-right-now campaign sounds kind of fun. It might be a super interesting idea to play this campaign out as 1st level NPCs, so that the experience of the goblin raid may make you want to multi-class as a PC when you hit level 2.

From an optimization standpoint, this would be a logistical nightmare, and I don't know many people who would go along with it. But from a fluff point of view, I'd really get a kick out of it!

Maybe I'm home with my husband when Goblins kick in the door, or in the center of the village there's a town festival (yeah, I went for broke on cliche) when the Goblins maraud us at the brink of twilight.

After the raid is over, if no one in our party had the initiative, a DMPC Sheriff could easily round up the four most capable citizens to locate and route these Goblins once-and-for-all, thus turning the session into a campaign, or we could simply be forced by circumstances or requested by someone important in town to go to the patron city of our village and petition the Aristocrat to send soldiers to rout the Goblins for good and help restore peace to our village. Whatever dangers we meet along the way will surely help turn us into the proud adventurers we were "destined" to become.

I don't feel like I should complain about this, but I'm getting tired of fighting bizarre obscure monsters in implausible and unfamiliar settings. Just once, I'd like to go toe-to-toe with a goblin, orc, or kobold without it being a one-hit kill why-did-they-even-put-this-in-the-Monster-Manual experience.

2011-12-01, 02:05 PM
In my groups homebrew I wanted to be a bastard half-elf who had abandoned the order and the shrine of Ferthadre, Lord of Eagles, leaving the clerical path to become a thief after being persecuted by the elven members of the order for his parentage. His unfortunate name was Ilbren and he became known as ill-born before abandoning his vows and seeking life on the streets of the nearby city where the campaign was to begin.

Also, in Wod: Genius the Transgression I wanted to be a Druid style genius with high levels in Apokalipsi, Automata, Exelixi, and Epikrato. I would ride a dragon, wield a spear, and have a "health virus" internalized automata wonder that could heal me independently. I would be a member of the Hermetic Order of the 28 Spheres with a focus on life and afflicted with Narcissism and Fixation.

2011-12-01, 02:26 PM
A halfling barbarian/bear warrior.

The Glyphstone
2011-12-01, 02:52 PM
An unarmed melee bard with the dress and mannerisms of a masked luchadore wrestler. Intended for an XCrawl game that never materialized, but would work in a suitably silly normal game.

The Reverend
2011-12-01, 03:21 PM
Half orc bard who dressed in powder wigs, frills, lace, brocade, and stockings ala Louise the 14ths fashion.

2011-12-01, 03:23 PM
Multiclass cleric/battle sorcerer.

2011-12-01, 03:54 PM
Long ago in the hazy days of 2nd Edition I had a Sun Elf, I think it was, or maybe a Moon Elf, who was (somewhat implausibly, I admit) captured at birth by drow and rather than sacrificed, raised secretly by the matron of the house that captured her. She was utterly devoted to the woman that had raised her, believed completely in the drow version of history, totally worshipped Lolth, and in one version of the character (even more implausibly), had actually become a priestess. She wanted to either destroy or convert all other elves, and hated them (and partly loathed herself for not being a real drow).

Sadly, no campaign I tried to use her in ever lasted. I still think she's one of the most interesting characters I've ever written, though, even if some of the idea seems implausible. She has a sixteen page backstory, but now that I go back and read it after fifteen years, I realize it was relatively poorly written (and I seriously doubt any of the DM's I played with ever actually read the whole thing).

2011-12-01, 03:55 PM
Suggested by a friend of mine, for Exalted: A Perfect Circle of Abyssals based on the cast of Metalocalypse.

2011-12-01, 04:01 PM
There’s a really awesome pic of some sort of spellcaster that uses playing cards (or tarot cards) as spells over in the dungeons and dreamboats thread. This would be an awesome character for a wizard, or even a bard. It could easily be role-played as a gypsy fortune teller.

Spirit of the Century

There’s Dirk Solitaire-ace bush pilot. He’s a two fisted rough and tumble pilot. Think Indiana Jones with an airplane.

I also made Sir Christopher Fitzpatrick- gentleman hunter. He’s a great white African hunter and explorer. Unofficially he does a lot of work for Col. James MacDougal (an NPC and contact), the local constable in his part of Africa, when he’s not on safari.

2011-12-01, 04:05 PM
A couple times I have tried to play someone who discovers that they have necromantic/nethermantic powers (life draining, fear, creating undead, etc) but is just a good person trying to do good.

-a sorcerer whose spells are all necromantic in nature but who is doing his best to use them for good.
-a cleric who finds that the spells are slowly becoming more and more necromantic in nature, but he is trying to hold onto the good part of himself and not let him get corrupted by the evil powers all the while he feels he has to embrace the "blessing" of the increased power in his fight against greater evils.

Every time I make a character along that theme, the game dies out after 1-2 sessions.

2011-12-01, 04:07 PM
Orc ranger and an orc rogue. Something gritty for both.

Mono Vertigo
2011-12-01, 04:35 PM
There's a CoC game I was accepted into where I submitted a character who's pretending to be a medium as an easy mean to get money from naive people, but actually doesn't believe in ghosts, afterlife, or anything of the sort. She has psychology-related skills for her knowledge of vulnerable people, research in case she needs to drop names or dates, and disguise, chemistry, and some other whenever tricks get necessary, whether the appearance of a deceased relative or bizarre lights and smoke. She's a complete crook.
The catch is, her SAN is not very high. She never expected horrible rituals and entities to actually exist, and she's not going to take the news lightly. :smallbiggrin:
So, I have a "paranormal expert" who can easily be introduced in most CoC scenarios, and is expected to eventually do what I like best about the system: going absolutely mad!

... the game somehow died before the IC thread was even posted. :smallfrown: I hope to use that concept properly someday.

2011-12-01, 07:00 PM
Steam Pirate: A mighty android rogue with the ability to transform into a pirate cannon... that must be opperated by his crew. While ineffective in small skirmishes, the party would never need lockpicks.

...just cannonballs...

The Lore Binder: A Shaman of Pop Culture that has the ability to channel the powers and skills of Television heroes. This concept stopped short when I realized that the only characters he'd ever Bind were Darth Vader and Macgyver...

Blind Boxer: He's a failed evil science experiement that now has poison glands that seep a poison that effects others on touch typically causing temporary blindness. So... he punches people and they go blind...

Shut up, it's a good idea...

The Shivarian: A member of a nine-foot tall, six armed, race of warriors from beyond the stars... well, okay, this may be more of something I wanted to throw against my players.

Jay R
2011-12-01, 08:00 PM
I'm not sure this counts, since I got to play him once, but the character concept only becomes awesome after several episodes.

The rest of the party thinks I'm not interested in a single character, and play a different NPC each game.

In fact, my PC has Disguise skill, and is using the others in a series of political plots that they think are random adventures.

(The one time I played him, they thought the guy I was pretending to be is locked in the Bastille. In fact, he escaped, changed his look, and that person will never be encountered again.)

2011-12-01, 08:04 PM
There was this old, bitchy librarian, mechanically a binder, I submitted in 3.5 game that almost got past the first quest-giver who was chased out of her hometown for binding my her husband the bishop. Decent RP hook, right there.

The Endbringer Xaraphim
2011-12-02, 05:56 AM
Kelverrosh the Unfettered, Scourge of Man, Scion of the End Times, Harbinger of Ruin, Right Hand of Despair, Death-That-Walks: A half red dragon troll frenzied berserker with a ring of major acid resistance and godly armor.

Basically he had been created A Thousand Years Ago(tm) to lead the Army of Dooooom!(tm) against the Shiny Happy Kingdom of Goodliness and Bunnies(tm). Naturally he was stopped by some Valiant Heroes(tm) but had to be (gasp) sealed away instead of killed. And of course he had awoken later to go on the aforementioned ruin-harbingering and whatnot.

2011-12-02, 09:51 AM
Barbarian/Ranger/Beast Heart Adept tykebomb who rode on the back of his over-protective dragonne.

Generalist wizard who made children's toys with his magic. Firecrackers, living, loving teddy-owlbears, animated tinker toys and the like.

Bard/Dragon Rider who used perform (oratory) from the top of his draconic cohort to shout epic stories at the top of his lungs and inspire his allies.

A druid who was amazed by how animals like foxes and hawks survive in urban environments. Turns into an eagle and uses his natural spell feat to assassinate threats with lightning spells, known as 'Thunderbird'.

A chaotic neutral druid/sorcerer. Calls himself a 'phytomancer' and plays around, renewing damaged environments and adventuring so he can explore the world and get fun new ideas for environments to create.

A gnome fighter who uses a greatsword from the back of his riding dog.

Swashbuckler who actually uses a shortsword and buckler.

The Giant's Champion class.

A wizard/rogue who disguises his scrolls and spellbooks as playing cards and hides the fact he's a wizard. Uses his familiar to help in assassinations. For instance, a tiny viper could hide in his/her shirt and bite someone when they shake hands or bump into each other.

2011-12-02, 12:11 PM
Cleric/Boneknight. Army of undead, widen spell, and aoe de/buffs.

Grey Watcher
2011-12-02, 12:58 PM
Two spring to mind:

I actually got to play this one a little bit, but it was a one-off session, so her backstory never really came up. She was a deva nun (used the cleric class), who basically used all the Technical Pacifist options available to 4e at the time. (All her attacks were non-damaging debuffs, often with riders that healed or buffed allies, etc.) The twist was, her order was actually a secret cult of Vecna, disguising itself as one dedicated to Ioun. The prohibition against direct acts of violence was simply a means to help maintain her order's cover, and deflect any suspicion onto those more willing to use violence directly. Her reason for leaving the convent was that one of her order, Genovieffa had lost her faith in Vecna and fled. My character, Angelica, was sent to find her and bring her back. I imagined the party eventually capturing Genovieffa, then Angelica murdering her during the night, cutting off the head, and fleeing (possibly using a teleport ritual) back to her order.

The other one is just an idea that I've had rattling around in my head for a few days, but since I've lost touch with the gaming community, I've got nowhere to put him: a Warforged Warlock (Infernal Pact) who isn't selling his soul, he's buying one. (The phrase "walking, talking statue from Hell", from a humorous synopsis of Mozart's Don Giovanni, was the inspiration here.)

2011-12-02, 03:47 PM
In a Call of Cthulhu game, I once had astoundingly odd luck with the dice rolls.

In CoC, you roll 3d6 for most stats, and 2d6 for INT and Size. I managed to get sub-par rolls on _everything_, except for one 18(!). The I had to roll for 'credit rating' (net worth) and profession - I got a fairly high credit and profession 'dillettante'.

So I put the 18 in Power (the magic/luck stat) and made Bertie Wooster, Arcane Investigator!

Sadly, that game never came about. I think Bertie could have been a real asset to any group of investigators - by getting eaten first instead of any of the useful people. :smallbiggrin:

2011-12-02, 03:54 PM
I'm taking a page from Dragonlance with this concept as I was reading at the time when I was young.

I've always wanted to play a mage who is cursed where using magic bears a cost and advances the effects of curse. What would the curse do? It would break down his physical body into, literally, magical energy. The more he used magic, the quicker his mortal coil would break down. It didn't matter if he stopped casting at this point as that would only have delayed the process.

His teachers, who were sympathetic to their pupil, taught him a simple enchantment to help stave off his transformation. He was taught how to enchant bandages which he would use to wrap around his body to keep the energies in check and maintain his form, so to speak.

No matter what though, at some point he would have eventually turned into raw magical energy. Whether or not he would have maintained his form or his sentience would be a mystery.

Fast forward fifteen years or so and Blizzard comes out with the Burning Crusade expansion to World of Warcraft. What do I see? The Consortium mobs with the casters looking pretty much what I had in mind for this concept. I was very :smallannoyed:

2011-12-02, 04:16 PM
An NSFW cleric of Malcanthet, Demon Queen of Succubi. I even had her sacrifical rituals worked out. She was perhaps one of the most unpleasant characters I've ever created. Even more so since she was infiltrating a (relatively) good aligned party disguised as a priestess of Diana/Artemis.

Shirketh the Apostate, an epic level Arcanoloth sorcerer with an incredibly annoying sentient Staff of Passage. Ruthless, Evil, Cunning and Manipulative, he ended up being a major NPC in a campaign I ran a few years later (or would have been had the PCs not somehow managed to avoid every single encounter with him).

It's no wonder I have a reputation for always playing good characters really. Whenever I play evil ones the game never runs.

2011-12-02, 04:36 PM
I’m eventually going to play my priestess of Eilistraee. She’s a female drow bard/bladesinger NOT a cleric. She grew up in a surface village of good aligned drow, and was only recently inducted into the priesthood. She’s traveling the land trying to right wrongs ad show her people are capable of good and not entirely evil.

2011-12-03, 12:10 PM
I designed a homebody magic-user for a play test, and I'd love to play him in a campaign. It's Niles Crane as a wizard.

He was a librarian at the Wizard's Guild in a remote town, about to travel to a new job when half the people in town were transported to the middle of a vast and hostile wilderness. Half or more of his spells were domestic or research oriented, and he would never have gone adventuring voluntarily.


I also wanted to play a character whose scores were all elevens. At the time, the rules required him to be an assassin.

2011-12-03, 02:20 PM
Warforged Warlock who might or might not be a gnome in a powersuit...

2011-12-03, 07:54 PM
Half-Orc Cleric of Pelor. In all it's socially awkward, face-beating glory.

Also, I've always wanted to play a changeling in a good urban setting. A changeling warlock, really. 'Course the last time I tried to play a changeling anything, I wound up chained to a tree with my face beaten in (see: Pan's Labyrinth maybe a fifth of the way in) by my own allies 'cause I turned out to be an untrustworthy sod.

Really don't know why I played with them. Their type tend to fear things they don't understand (like wizards and gnomes and spells that don't deal hp damage) and those make the worst D&D players.

2011-12-03, 07:57 PM
An Indiana Jones expy.

2011-12-03, 10:09 PM
I've had an itch to play The Bard.
In his youth (read: low levels) he's basically Kamina from Gurren Lagann. Always running around shouting things like "Who do you think we are? We're the heroes!" and being way over the top in his attempts to use any inspiring abilities, in and out of character.

As he progresses, he calms down a bit, taking a more "Does my reputation
precede me, or was I to fast for it?" approach to things, flirting with anything that moves.

In the end, he takes a calm demeanor, spending his last years seeking an apprentice to train, to be just like he was...

Now "The Bard" is an npc in my game, that's as close as I think I'll get. He's at the stage where he wants to train someone, and the groups bard is a candidate.

2011-12-03, 10:19 PM
I've had an itch to play The Bard.
In his youth (read: low levels) he's basically Kamina from Gurren Lagann.


Lord Il Palazzo
2011-12-04, 02:55 AM
Kamina=/=bardI could see a Kamina-style character working as an oratory-based bard giving encouraging and badass speaches to inspire courage, competence and the like. You'd probably want to multiclass it with something more melee-oriented, but I could see it working.

2011-12-04, 03:10 AM
Favored Soul of Olidammara/Swashbuckler who commits piracy on the high seas!

The Endbringer Xaraphim
2011-12-05, 11:31 AM
Maurice Harpell: a wizard that had, through zany magical shenanigans, managed to turn himself into a talking Cornish game hen. He traveled around underneath his friend's wizard hat, which had a little hatch from which he could peek out and observe the outside world.

2011-12-05, 11:52 AM
A while ago when a thread like this emerged, someone here mentioned a Warforged Warlock that may or may not be a Gnome in a power-suit. I fell in love with the idea but have been similarly unable to play one yet.

The Boz
2011-12-05, 12:38 PM
I never got to play my D&D Dexter Morgan. Mild mannered cleric by day, cold blooded avenger by night.

2011-12-05, 03:16 PM
Mobile Suit Gundolon would have been great.

2011-12-06, 10:25 AM
Pretty much *ANYTHING* that isn't a Cleric. :smalltongue:
I've been in 3 one-shot low-level campaigns and always got stuck as cleric. Not that there is anything wrong with clerics! But in one-shots, I seem to just be deligated the task of healing. Maybe I'm too nice, or maybe my group doesn't think much of clerics?

What I really want to play:
A Transmutation dedicated specialist who is trying to put together a "Unified Magic Field Theory". Basically a theory that combines physics with both arcane and divine magic into one package, which can explain how magic works in mathematical terms. My character believes magic is simply not-yet understood physics and he thinks he can crack the code. The fun part is that his father is a prominant cleric and sees this research as a threat/insult to the belief of gods and the divine. So my character's own father brands him a heretic of the church (St. Cuthbert in case you're wondering) and sends people out to retreive and make an example of him. :smallbiggrin:

Recently, one player has decided to run a campaign where I could play this character, but the party already has 2.5 arcane spellcasters, so I'm wondering if it would be a bit redundant/overkill?
Eh, I'll figure something out I guess.

2011-12-06, 11:21 AM
I always wanted to play a Bard who is the Harper Scout/spy role. Goes undercover to the Citadel of the Raven and subtly works against the Zhents. Another I would love to play is a human orphan rogue. The adopted son of the adventurers group, gets into all kinds of shenanigans, kinda like Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Lord Il Palazzo
2011-12-06, 05:48 PM
I really want to play a character who started out a sorcerer, but hurt somebody he cared about when his powers first showed up and ran away from home for fear of the repercussions. He joined up with the first magical organization that would have him, trying to learn to control his powers, but instead ended up being trained in divine magic (preferably as an archivist, but a cleric will do). He comes to believe divine magic is good and arcane magic only leads to chaos and suffering, using his sorcerer spells only in emergencies. Over time, I'd like him to develop more of an appreciation for both styles of magic, eventually becoming a mystic theurge (or similar dual-casting prestige class).

An intelligent magical weapon that effectively browbeats some poor NPC into taking it on adventures and grand quests (maybe by way of some kind of magical contract), when all the NPC wants to do is go home and take over his family's general store or farm or mill or whatever.

A cleric with the madness domain. Casting like a pro, but absolutely off his rocker. Maybe he'd be a Don Quixote type, dashing off after perceived evils that may or may not be real, or maybe something more like an non-evil (or less evil) Joker.

There was a thread on here a few months ago about an Orcish barbarian who thinks he's a wizard and goes around "casting" damaging spells with the somatic component "hit target with great club", charm spells via the Intimidate skill and so on. I'd love to give that a try (especially if the party doesn't know my character isn't a wizard to start with.)

2011-12-06, 06:20 PM
Darfellan Dread Necromancer/Crusader/Jade Phoenix Mage.

Hiro Protagonest
2011-12-06, 06:33 PM
A while ago when a thread like this emerged, someone here mentioned a Warforged Warlock that may or may not be a Gnome in a power-suit. I fell in love with the idea but have been similarly unable to play one yet.

Warforged Warlock who might or might not be a gnome in a powersuit...

The Witch-King
2011-12-06, 09:27 PM
An intelligent magical weapon that effectively browbeats some poor NPC into taking it on adventures and grand quests (maybe by way of some kind of magical contract), when all the NPC wants to do is go home and take over his family's general store or farm or mill or whatever.

We had this happen in a GURPS Fantasy game. Crellin, our cowardly rogue, picked up and became magically bound to a sword of great magical power named Mayhem. Mayhem had it's own agenda--which was to fight and destroy the other great swords of the land so as to be number one in legendary magical weapons. Crellin discovered this when he walked into the first tavern in town after picking up Mayhem and it forced him to lift it out of its scabbard and in its own deep and booming voice shouted: "I AM MAYHEM! WHERE IS TITAN!?" Titan being one of its rival swords of course. The whole place falls silent and no one is more confused or terrified than Crellin himself.

Later in the campaign, we unexpectedly encountered a powerful demon in an ancient castle. Believing our chances of winning against the demon were slim to none, my mage leapt of the window. I was an earth mage and pulled up a column of earth to catch me and lower myself to the ground. In what I still take to be one of the greatest compliments I have ever received, the party's fighter threw himself out of the window behind me without knowing what my plan was to avoid a gruesome death by falling. Crellin was left alone against the demon and was forced to fight it because he was too afraid to jump out of the window. Luckily, with Mayhem as his weapon, the cowardly rogue defeated the demon single-handed...

As for the character concept I always wanted to play, back in the days of the OWoD, someone came up with the idea of the Batman Wizard (different from the D&D idea of the same name). This Batman Wizard was a Euthanatoi who instead of just running around killing people for having wasted their lives in his opinion, fought crime by night as a vigilante. The idea was he would only kill those people who murdered and otherwise preyed on other people--instead of the usual Euthanatoi thing of killing the poor guy who dropped out of night school.

2011-12-10, 01:40 PM
Typical full-orc barbarian, eventually going frenzied berserker, with abysmally low int and super high strength that is absolutely positive that he's a psion. When he rages, he pretty much blacks out, so from his perspective things just die when he thinks about killing them. In his youth he had seen a psion doing the same thing and decided that, obviously, that is what he does. It's really the only explanation that makes sense. Oh, and his axe is also psionic because it also kills things when he gets mad. He can do this with any weapon he uses though, so clearly he is capable of making magical weapons, which is something he is quite proud of.

I got to play him for one glorious session that never turned into a full campaign, and I named him Krug because it was as generic as I could get for his name. By an amazing amount of sheer luck there was an actual psion in the party, and Krug almost drove him insane (the character, not the player. The player loved it) by insisting that he would teach the "lesser" psion everything he knew because it was very clear who the more powerful psion was. I miss Krug :smallfrown:

2011-12-10, 02:07 PM
Suggested by a friend of mine, for Exalted: A Perfect Circle of Abyssals based on the cast of Metalocalypse.

I had something like that; a tiefling death metal bard. Think Nick Scratch from the No Man's Land Batman arc.

2011-12-10, 04:28 PM
A dervish named Sam Rockwell.

2011-12-10, 06:33 PM
A mime beguiler, who cast all of his spells as Easy Metamagiced Silent

A spellcaster with the chicken infested and incomprehensible accent flaws, who was headed for the Adamantine Mage prestige class. Basically, the swedish chef as a wizard.

2011-12-10, 06:58 PM
Lothar Bogatyr, Half-Orc gestalt Knight/Marshall (D&D 3.5). Basically, he was a foundling at a knightly monastery in fantasy-equivalent Russia. One of the elder knights adopted him as his own son, and raised him in the knightly traditions and instilled in him the virtues of loyalty, honor, courage, etc.

Lothar was ashamed of the orcish half of his heritage, and kept himself hidden away as much as possible -- long sleeves, trousers tucked into boots, gloves, and his face always concealed either behind his helmet or a thick, deep hood. He even had a special helmet made so that he could comfortably eat while wearing it, with a small hatch that opened to allow him to put food in.

His primary goal was living up to his adopted father's lofty ideals of chivalry and honor, and he was constantly bedeviled with doubt that the "taint" in his blood would prevent him from being a good man.

I got to play him in one session of a game that fizzled, and all he really got to do was interview a bartender.

2011-12-10, 09:45 PM
Dour McStoneface, the kind of man who fulfilled his duty to wife with the same grim determination as he fulfilled his duty to his country in the great war.

2011-12-10, 10:58 PM
A heavily toned-down illithid (pc-viable race version) sorcerer wearing a moisture bodysuit from LoM illithids use for extended surface travel beneath a heavy cloak and a plague doctor's outfit, complete with herbal cone emptied to fit his tentacles in, claiming a horrible disease has left him a scarred and barely-audible human, which has left him with a horribly wilted voice, monstrous hand deformities, and other terrible things. I had this idea after some doodling in highschool back in the early, early 2000's.

2011-12-11, 08:24 AM
Dour McStoneface, the kind of man who fulfilled his duty to wife with the same grim determination as he fulfilled his duty to his country in the great war.

Maybe he has facial structure or nerve damage?

Also, I lol'd.

2011-12-11, 10:42 AM
Sir Dalien, a paladin of the Red Knight (goddess of Strategy and Tactics in Forgotten Realms) who is in love with this goddess. Not just appropriate-for-the-religious worshipful, but straight on romantic love, in the wants to buy her flowers and take her out on dates kind of way.

His backstory was that he was called in a dream to become a paladin of Torm, but when Torm came to him, the Red Knight accompanied him - and Dalien was so struck with the Red Knight (she was beautiful and silent, and seemed to him to be sad) that he completely blew off his would-be patron god and swore fealty to the Red Knight then and there.

His goal was to serve the Red Knight until she deigned to notice him, and then achieve demigod status so that he could ask her to marry him.

2011-12-11, 03:57 PM
I could see a Kamina-style character working as an oratory-based bard giving encouraging and badass speaches to inspire courage, competence and the like. You'd probably want to multiclass it with something more melee-oriented, but I could see it working.

Kamina=fighter, only fighter

2011-12-11, 04:03 PM
Kamina=fighter, only fighter

Nah, Kamina is a Marshal. He himself says on repeated occasions that his only real talent is being a loud, inspiring showoff and that he's basically incapable of anything without Simon's help.

2011-12-11, 05:20 PM
an artificer/ bard who would try to sell things to the other pc with fascinate ability (my good deals) and inspiring them by offering them 25% off the next time they shop if they defeat their foe soon

2011-12-11, 07:17 PM
Gestalt Marshal/Warlock whose eldritch blast emanated from his eyes.


2011-12-11, 07:28 PM
Psion using soul knife feats to represent an asthmatic who'd honed their satsui into an actual killing implement. Would have wielded the thing with hands held out in a mantra pose to represent "using" those hands for "holding" it. Basically focusing hate so much on an enemy that they could be attacked and cut.

Mage in Shadowrun. Geas (Talisman: giant backpack thing with plugs and sockets). Spell fetishes: gizmos that made light/noise/spun. Lifestyle: abandoned fire station. Specialize in fighting spirits. Advertise services as astral exterminator.

Other Shadowrun mage. Talisman geas (electric guitar). Take powerball, one of the more pleasurable stun illusion spells, and Mentor Spirit (Dark King). When GM asks what my mentor spirit is, I answer RONNIE JAMES DIO. In all caps. My mohawk is pinkest of all mohawks.

2011-12-12, 02:40 PM
A half orc female monk who has the proper lineage to be the fulfillment of an ambiguous prophecy. The guardians of the shrine where the sword of the prophecy is housed are mostly paladins, their leader of the same lineage. She gravitated toward evil when young and served a nearby necromancer. While she jokes about fulfilling the prophecy and obtaining the sword, she has a secret half desire to become a paladin and discover through the prophecy a greater destiny.

2011-12-13, 07:29 AM
Got several ideas, not so much "never got to play", but more like "waiting for a fitting campaign"

Dwarf Non-Evil Necromancer/Cleric (trying to find some Deathless-based spells from Eberron) who invokes the spirits of dwarven ancestors for advice and power.

Mage/Warrior Hybrid - Not so much a "cannot play" as a "cannot play the way I want". My group uses PF and the options for mystical warriors in that aren't to my liking.

Some way of playing a Swain/Fiddlestick hybrid (champs from League of Legends), there aren't many "Spawn crows and have their damage heal you" type spells that I can see.

Anything Psionic...my group isn't a big fan of them and see them as overpowered, so I'm reluctant to use anything for fear it will be classed as "overpowered" after I use it and banned in future.

2011-12-13, 08:48 AM
To this day, I still want to play a half-orc monk/favored soul of Kord/Apostle of Peace that plays like a stereotypical wrestling face and demands that all conflicts be settled "in the ring". Unfortunately, the only DM I could possibly get to run a 3.5 game is deathly afraid of the Apostle of Peace after an incident involving non-lethally breaking necks.

Asta Kask
2011-12-13, 09:05 AM
A mime bard. Somewhat difficult with some of the powers, but I'm sure we could work something out.

Lord Il Palazzo
2011-12-13, 10:11 AM
Nah, Kamina is a Marshal. He himself says on repeated occasions that his only real talent is being a loud, inspiring showoff and that he's basically incapable of anything without Simon's help.That's my thinking. He's not bad in straight up combat, but what he's best at is inspiring his allies to be awesome.