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2011-12-03, 12:30 AM
So, I've been playing me some Flames of Eternity

For those who don't know, it's a Chrono Trigger romhack that is essentially a brand new full-length game with a storyline comparable in quality to the original game, and consistent with the whole chrono cannon.

Think: Fanmade Chrono Trigger II - easily superior to, say Chrono Cross, or that DS port.

Anyways, the storyline goes really in depth with the consequences of time travel, including one segment where, well, spoilers I guess.

The entire human timeline is removed, and replaced with one where the Reptites are the dominant species on the Planet. Due to time-travelers immunity, the Chrono crew are sent into this reptite-dominated future, and encounter Reptite time travelers.

They eventually use the gates to travel back in time AGAIN to the event that caused the Reptite-dominated timeline, and undo it.

It is possible, in several places, to convince various NPC's that the reptite timeline is an aberration that was never meant to be. They willingly help the PC's, even though it means the retroactive nonexistence of their entire history.

This makes me want to run a game where either this all happens to the PC's and they have to convince a completely different timeline to accept nonexistence to restore their own.


Introduce a party of NPC's who are, in fact, survivors from a previously-existing timeline, who explain to the PC's that this current world they're living in was never meant to exist! They're fighting to send the entire world of the PC's to nonexistence for the purpose of reinstating the world that once was.

Just to see what happens.

I imagine one of those Time Abominations from the Epic Level Handbook should show up at some point.

2011-12-03, 09:03 PM
It's not exactly the same thing but I would recommend reading the House of M graphic novel. Clint Barton ends up having to help to restore the real world in which he is dead. As you can guess, he has some issues with this.

I would also recomend watching the Star Trek: TNG episode, "Yesterday's Enterprise". Not only is it one of the best episodes of the series but it deals with something similar to what you are discussing.

2011-12-03, 09:26 PM
I like it. Ever play Empirical Phantasia? Every week the island resets and you have to wake people up to the evil wizards plan. Once someone wakes up to it they keep remembering the past, but everything physical is reset, including your inventory and currency. Then you free the watchmaker, and she makes you a time vault.

My point being, in that setting, I'd toss in some safe-boxes with time-seals that survive alternate time-line shifts, like the party trying to restore the original.