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2011-12-06, 09:51 AM
I AIN'T DEAD YET! I apologize to all of my avid followers (Or follower? I hope there's at least one, or I'm talking to myself) for the dearth of material lately. Some time ago I mentioned having several lines already written out, but no time to type and post them. Well... that's still kinda the case. Life has been busy as the Nine Hells and I am saddened by my lack of free time. But I did find the time to post this one! Hopefully things should calm down soon and I can dump a ton of the material I've finished.

Blood Chameleon

Of late, strange heritages have been manifesting themselves across the realms. Individuals with magical and terrifying powers, descendent from some of the most fearsome creatures that roam the Planes. With this surge of magical blood, some individuals find themselves absolutely surrounded by supernatural forces. This.. saturation, results in the ability to absorb and adapt to various kinda of supernatural bloodlines. These are the Chameleons.

Major1 Speak Language +22 Speak Language +2 Morphic Touch3 Constitution +14 Speak Language +2 Morphic Touch Blood Memory 15 Blood Affinity +26 Constitution +1 Moprhic Shift 1/day7 Knowledge (The Planes) +28 Morphic Touch Blood Memory 1 Brief Touch 1/day9 Charisma +110 Blood Affinity +2 Morphic Shift 2/day11 Bloodline Affinity +412 Constitution +1 Morphic Shift 1/day Blood Memory 213 Sense Motive +214 Knowledge (The Planes) +2 Morphic Shift 3/day15 Wisdom +116 Blood Memory Brief Touch 1/day Brief Touch 2/day17 Bloodline Affinity +618 Charisma +1 Morphic Shift 4/day19 Diplomacy +220 Bloodline Affinity +2 Morphic Shift 2/day Blood Memory 3, Touch from Afar

Morphic Touch: Chameleons possess the unique ability to touch supernatural beings and gain their powers. Or at least a little of them. The Chameleon gains a number of Chamelic Bloodline Points equal to 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8X their level, depending on bloodline strength. Unlike a Blood King, Chameleons do not have Morphic Bloodlines to spend these points on. Instead, they assign their points (Which in all other ways act as standard Bloodline Points) by maintaining contact with a supernatural entity that has, can yield, or is linked to a bloodline for a number of minutes, assigning one Chamelic Point to the relevant bloodline per minute of continuous contact. While assigning points, the Chameleon may not move or take any other action. The target creature need not be living to assign points in this manner. A total number of points may be assigned or reassigned each day equal to the Chameleon's Con mod + 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 the Chameleon's level, depending on bloodline strength. Chameleons may not use Morphic Touch to assign points into Chameleon. No yo dawg. For the most part, this ability functions as Blood Mastery - Attune, just taking longer to transfer points.

Blood Memory: One doesn't always have a plethora of magical monstrosities at one's disposal to go touching. The Chameleon gains the ability to store the properties of a bloodline within themselves, allowing them to recall them later. When they use Morphic Touch on a creature, the Chameleon may opt to store the bloodline in their Memory. Doing so allows them to, at any point, begin assigning points into the relevant bloodline as if they were in contact with the creature. A number of bloodlines may be stored in Memory as indicated in the table above. A Chameleon may choose to lose a Memororized Bloodline to make use for a new one. When indicated on the table above, the Chameleon gains additional slots for Memorized bloodlines.

Blood Affinity: The connection between Chameleons and blooded is quite strong, giving them insight into their personalities and emotions. Chameleons gain a bonus on all social interaction checks with individuals that have bloodlines, as indicated in the table above.

Morphic Shift: Only being able to change one's line makeup while touching an exotic and dangerous creature of magic is somewhat hindering. The Blood Chameleon gains the ability to shift a single Chamelic Point to any Chamelic Bloodline in which they have at least one point as a move action a number of times per day as indicated in the table above.

Brief Touch: Once per day the Chameleon may use Morphic Touch as a Full-Round Action, transferring a number of points of their choice into a Memorized Bloodline or touching a creature (With a melee touch attack if the target is I) to transfer points into a relevant bloodline. Points transferred in this way count against the daily limit, but aside from this there is no limitation on the number of points that can be shifted in this way. Keep in mind, however, points can only be moved into a single bloodline each use of this ability, so though it may allow an individual to completely reassign their points, they can only assign points into that one bloodline. When indicated on the table above, the Chameleon gains a second daily use of this ability.

Touch from Afar: Melee range is dangerous. Brief Touch now can be made as a Ranged Touch Attack from a range of up to 30ft.

This bloodline is kinda weird because it's actual strength is based on which bloodlines you absorb via Morphic Touch. I'm not quite sure about the overall balance - Short version is that you have greater versatility as a Bloodline Individual, but that you have less raw power.

And I know I need update the Blood King's Gifts for this bloodline, and I even have a Gift already written out. And it's about as meta as this bloodline is.

Also, Pyromancer, I know you've made a few lineages since I created the Inherent. If you'd like to send me a PM with links to those so I can go about updating the Inherent, that'd be quite nice.

2011-12-06, 11:11 AM
Love it :smallwink:

And I'm glad that you're going to post even more of you're awesome Bloodlines!

I intend to use some of them on a long-term campain (level 1 to mid 20s) and I have a player that I think will greatly enjoy the Blood King class.

Hope you are okay with the fact, that I steal this awesomeness for my campain and I will gladly pm you how it works out over the time of the campain :smallsmile:

2011-12-06, 12:20 PM
I need to say somewhere that my homebrew is open game for people to use in their games. I post material on these boards for two reasons: 1. To get feedback and improve 2. So people can use my work. There's no greater compliment to a homebrewer than involvement of their material in one's game. I've equated it to someone putting a picture you drew in their living room. And I'd love to hear how it goes!

2011-12-06, 04:31 PM
It looks good, but you messed up the table in the minor column for level 16. It says "Constitution", when I assume it should say "Blood Memory".

2011-12-06, 05:03 PM
It looks good, but you messed up the table in the minor column for level 16. It says "Constitution", when I assume it should say "Blood Memory".

Good catch, I wonder how I missed that.

2011-12-07, 08:02 AM
I like it; kinda limited by what your DM lets you find, but that is OK.

2011-12-07, 09:24 AM
I like it; kinda limited by what your DM lets you find, but that is OK.

Yeah, that's an inherent problem and not one that I plan on trying to address in full. Blood Memory helps you a bit so you don't have to CONSTANTLY be running around touching things, but you still need to find them in the first place. Unless Bloodlines are a large part of a DMs game world such that Chameleons aren't unheard of, it may be difficult finding suitable targets to Touch. This really is only for a saturated game world with tons of Bloodline Individuals and magical monsters that are related to bloodlines.

2011-12-07, 12:04 PM
A quick typo in Brief Touch: "(With a Melee touch attack if the target is I)"

So, I can just declare I touch the creature for everything, unless I want a Welknair based bloodline? :smalltongue: :smallcool:

But this is awesome. I've been waiting for this.
I'm also wondering when/if you'll do a PrC for bloodking, or if it's one of those things you've already written out. :smallwink:

I see the Chameleon cannot make use of Blood Gifts. That's good, actually. But, how would a bloodking WITH Chameleon work? Lets see... Chamelic Gift?! Sweet.... :smallbiggrin: You sir, are awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

2011-12-07, 04:31 PM
A +2 bonus to Speak Language doesn't do anything, because you never make Speak Language checks. You could give the ability to speak two additional languages (perhaps preset or from a small list), however.

2011-12-07, 06:21 PM
A +2 bonus to Speak Language doesn't do anything, because you never make Speak Language checks. You could give the ability to speak two additional languages (perhaps preset or from a small list), however.

Ah, you must not have seen my Name Given which got the exact same bonus. There I define that a +2 to Speak Language is indeed the ability to speak two additional languages.