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Edge of Dreams
2011-12-06, 10:07 PM
I'm looking for examples from any game system of mechanics that allow an individual character to use hit-and-run tactics in melee.

Obviously, hit-and-run works fine as a group tactic and/or with ranged attacks. However, I've never seen a game or character build where it was a viable tactic as a single member of a group. I'm talking about a scenario where your archer/gunner/mage is attacking from range, and most of your melee fighters are standing right next to the enemy, exchanging blows. Is there a way, in any system you've played, for a highly mobile or agile character to gain an advantage in such a scenario by attacking, moving away, then coming back to attack again?

The main reason I don't think I've ever seen this done is that most systems allow you to make more attacks by just standing in one place, so moving in and out of range just means you're making fewer attacks than your stand-and-fight buddies.

2011-12-06, 11:21 PM
Well, the Scout from Complete Adventurer gets bonus damage dice from attacking and moving on the same turn, and maybe careful use of readied actions could get some of the effect you're looking for, but I'm not sure. I guess it depends on the situation. Maybe attacks that stun the enemy for a turn and prevent them from retaliating would be good for hit-and-run, since you wouldn't get AoO's. Ubercharger-type builds are run-and-hit, so maybe that's something worth thinking about too.

2011-12-07, 12:25 AM
as far as I can tell,(mainly from combat larp) IRL hit and run melee just makes things take longer, and if you have to change direction much, it gives a serious advantage to your opponent.

2011-12-07, 12:32 AM
I've met some fairly effective hit and run opposition in D&D against enemies like the quickling or the displacer beast. Not really a build or a class, but an enemy that is so fast it is better for it not to stop to accept retaliation, but just blaze on through.

As far as classes, it seems like a rogue or ranger should be able to pull this off on their own, though not effectively as part of a group, by attacking and then moving stealthily into a new position to attack again.

2011-12-07, 01:55 AM
I saw a build idea one time that I expanded upon: Warlock/Scout

Basically, you take Shot On the Run, grab Fell Flight, and fly around shooting stuff. The secondary build focus was speed: get things like the Quick trait, the Fleet of Foot feat, and the Dark template. Between all of that and (I think it was a magic item), I had a character moving at around 180 feet per round, if I remember correctly, and still getting a massive attack in.

2011-12-07, 01:56 AM
In my D&D game, I've had success pulling this off with an ubercharge Barbarian character - but I use a special mount to do it, so I'm not sure it counts. Basically, I charge in, and then my Gryphon flies overhead, picks me up, and drops me twenty feet away (mechanically, he does a flyby attack>grapple>drag, and I elect to fail my opposed grapple checks against him).

Realistically, I imagine we look really stupid - every time I get into melee, my pet flies overhead, picks me up and drops me away from the combat, and I have to run back in. But mechanically, I can make an ubercharge almost every round, so it works out. D&D is really silly sometimes!

as far as I can tell,(mainly from combat larp) IRL hit and run melee just makes things take longer, and if you have to change direction much, it gives a serious advantage to your opponent.

Also, unless you have some SERIOUS stamina, you're going to wear yourself out faster than an opponent who is slow and sure with his movements. Heck, even a horse will wear out after a few back-and-forths trying to joust with someone!

A "realistic" hit-and-run attack would be: hide, surprise attack when they get close, run away. You then run towards your friend who is also hiding, and your opponent doesn't see them - so they get surprise attacked a second time, and then your friend runs too.

Do it with a melee unit of about thirty and you can cut down a sizable chunk of enemy forces without worrying about counter-attacks, and then you can have your men form up into proper ranks to join a proper melee fight with whatever is left of your opponents - assuming that said opponents haven't routed from being killed by "invisible" soldiers!

2011-12-07, 02:00 AM
You can do this in Exalted, as it's very easy to boost damage and speed. Heck, Infernals who invest heavily in Adorian charms are practically required to do this, as their abilities don't work with ranged attacks, and they also need to keep moving at their maximum speed for their more powerful abilities.