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2011-12-12, 11:40 AM
Ok, so first off here's the scenario:

A player of mine took control of the Rod of Ruin (a heroic tier evil artifact). His PC then fled from the group, everyone split up. He ended up taking her (his character) to Whelhoon the prison city in Corymyr. We had a side adventure where the other PC's rolled up temporary characters and they were trying to break out of Whelhoon. He then decided he wanted to retire this character and use one of my older ones. I'm flattered he liked my old PC enough to take over and use him in this game, however he gave me his old PC's sheet. So, of course I have to use her against them, especially since she has an evil artifact. She's going to work for the BBEG now, and I'm trying to design her to be an Elite Skirmisher (she was a Elf Rogue). So please review my monster and tell me where my numbers are messed up.

Valrick Lvl 9 Elite Skirmisher (Undead) (800 xp)
INT +11 Senses: Perception +8, LLV (low light vision)
HP 226; Bloodied 113
AC 25; FORT 21, REF 23, WILL 23
Vulnerable: 5 Radiant
Immune: Disease, Poison
Speed: 7 Saving Throws +2 Action Points: 1

*Rod of Ruin - (At Will, Melee/Necrotic/Standard Action) +16 vs AC; 2d8+5 DMG and target is knocked back one and Valrick shifts 4 squares.
*Rod of Ruin - (At Will, Ranged 10/Necrotic/Standard Action) +16 vs AC; 2d8+5 DMG and target is Slowed (save ends).
*Shadow of Despair - (Daily, Burst 3~Ranged 10/Necrotic/Standard Action) +10 vs FORT; 2d8+5 and targets are knocked prone and skeletal hands burst out of ground to grab and hold prone - escape at -5 penalty.
*Sudden Doom - (Minor, Encounter/Recharges When First Bloodied/Ranged 10) target gains vulnerable 5 necrotic until the end of the encounter or Valrick dies and Valrick may shift 4.
*Bring the Horde - (Minor, Encounter) - summons four Rotwing Zombies.
*Riposte Strike - (Immediate Interrupt, Free Action) - when hit with a melee attack may make a Rod of Ruin attack for free against the triggering target.
*Eye for Weakness - +2d6 damage with Combat Advantage.
*Partial Mummification - On a crit target contracts Mummy Rot (this is thematically fitting to the Rod)
Stealth +14, Athletics + 10, Acrobatics + 14
STR 18 DEX 20 CON 16 INT 16 WIS 15 CHA 12

How I got my numbers:
Ability Scores: 13+half level + 3 to most important score (Dex).
HP: 8 + CON (16) + (9*8=72) = 96*2=192 + 34 (Elite Monster) = 226
AC: 14+9+2 (Elite Monster)=25
Fort/Ref/Will: 12+9+2 to two= 21,23,23
Attack vs AC: 9 (lvl) + 5 + 2 (Elite) = 16
Attack vs DEF: 9 (lvl) + 3 - 2 (for attacks that target more than one target)= 10.

So please let me know where I'm wrong and thanks in advance for reading this. Also, if the powers are too weak/strong or could stand to apply more useful/different conditions please let me know about that too!

2011-12-13, 07:39 PM
I guess I'm gonna roll with this as my baddie. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read!