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Totally Guy
2011-12-18, 05:09 PM
I've been involved in 10 different games this year.

D&D, ShadowRun, Action Castle (assuming it even counts), Burning Wheel, Inspectres, Lacuna, Delta Green, Mouse Guard, Dungeon World and In A Wicked Age.

I was a GM in 7 of these systems.
I was a player in 6 of them.
4 of these were done purely as one-shots. That's assuming we go onto play some more Wicked Age as we had our first session yesterday with the intention of doing more.

At least I've got some breadth even if I've not got the quantity of games I'd like now.

2011-12-18, 05:12 PM
D&D 3.5 strictly, and I've mostly been DMing.

Shade Kerrin
2011-12-18, 05:41 PM
Steady: D&D(Both sides), PF(Player), Anima: Beyond Fantasy(GM)
Short/Oneshot: Star Wars d20(player), WH40K(Not sure which one, didn't care for it enough to ask. Also, Player), Exalted(Player), L5R(Player)
Also made a character for, but didn't wind up playing, Weapons of the Gods.

2011-12-18, 07:01 PM
Been trying NuWoD fro the first time. Vampire and Changeling.
Continuing a long running Eberron campaign
Friend of mine has been trying lots of systems and we've tried 'Dr Who', 'Seven Skies' , 'Atomic Highway' and 'Pendragon'
Reaching the 20th Century in a epic Vampire: The Masquerade game, playing as Elders

2011-12-18, 10:24 PM
I've started playing D&D 3.5, playing in 3 PbP's currently, and DMing one. I've dinked around in a couple more games, too, but they've mostly all died.

2011-12-19, 05:41 AM
PF Campaigns begun:
2. Both broke up after second session.

DnD 3.5 Campaign:
Evil Campaign 1 or two sessions this year.

DMed a One-Shot for my GF and our normal DM to show them the system.

PF One-Shot:
Level 8 Oneshot.
Monster Oneshot Level 8 broke up midterm because one player said that a (SU) ability can't penetrate his SR...

I would've played more but either we were excluded or not asked or the others couldn't attend anymore or...

2011-12-19, 08:36 AM
Not counting PBP.

DMed:3x 3.5 campaigns, 2 of which are still continuing, one of which concluded.
Played: 1x 3.5 campaign, 1x D20 M campaign, 1x7th Sea campaign(continuing for it's second year, huzzah!)
Developing: White Rain. It's like what D20 M would be if it wasn't tied to D20 and was fueled by badassery.

2011-12-19, 08:51 AM
I ran an E6 game, that went up to 2nd level.

Aron Times
2011-12-19, 01:52 PM
All PbP:

D&D 3.5
D&D 4e

2011-12-19, 02:01 PM
Started off this year as a Player in the brother's and friend's 4e game before sitting back behind the DM screen to start up my own campaign just finished our ninth session and been pretty fun so far. Other than that I've played a handful of one shots in Gamma World and Star Wars D20.

2011-12-19, 02:50 PM
My group put a long-running 3.5 D&D campaign on hold a few months ago. We wanted to do something a bit different, so the last few months we've been playing Alternity.

2011-12-19, 02:53 PM
D&D 3.5
Call of Cthulhu
Mutants and Masterminds
D20 Modern

Things are looking up for new systems with the stuff being released by Rule of Cool this year though.

2011-12-19, 02:55 PM
I'm currently running a PF game that has so far had one session. Earlier this year I played PF twice as a player. We tested my homebrew sci-fi game twice with me GMing. I played in 2 DnD 3.5 games on the forums here, but they both seem to be dead.

I don't get to play nearly as often as I would like. :(

2011-12-19, 03:02 PM
D+D 3.5, both player and DM
Warhammer 40k
Dystopian Wars

2011-12-19, 03:30 PM
Had to end one campaign of 4e D&D after player left/had hissy fit
Started new one that is going well with me as the Dm
Player of a Pathfinder group
One Shot of Eclipse Phase
Ran the same CoC scenario for my normal group and the Pathfinder group
Ran a one shot(Was supposed to be a campaign. Instead we are doing the D&D campaign) of MaOCT's that ended with me a foaming frothing rage barely able to be called human.

2011-12-19, 03:59 PM
It's been almost exclusively Pirates vs. Ninjas for me (see sig for system). The two separate campaigns that we were running have currently merged for a big Oceans' 11-style infiltration mission gone horribly wrong. Hopefully, the games will be split back apart by the end of the year.

Other than that, I tried running a low-op 3.5 Dragonmech game, but I ended running out of ways to implement ideas in ways that weren't incredibly contrived. I would have been having a giant flumph telling the party how kaiju used to roam the world and that the lunar monsters have only been fighting the surface people to keep them from reactivating, Gurren Lagann style.

We were trying to get a 4e game off the ground as well, but with all the PvN, there hasn't been a place to squeeze it in. Shame, I've been looking forward to playing a shardmind vampire that actually makes sense.

There was also a Dark Heresy and a Mutants and Masterminds game, both by the same GM. He expected us to derail things....and to our horror, we obliged.

2011-12-19, 07:43 PM
I've been DMing in a long running 3.X game, which I will be taking a break from to let my friend DM another 3.X game.

I've also been playing in a 2e game, which will probably be taking a break when we begin the new 3.X game, possibly being replaced by AFMBE.

2011-12-19, 08:10 PM
D&D 3.5
Dark Eye

and a ton of boardgames (descent, Battlestar Galactica etc)^^

2011-12-19, 08:16 PM
I've been playing 4.0 on tuesday (while i write my next campaign) 3.5 on thursday (we are just finishing up our current game) and i just started playing world of darkness for the very first time on sunday (loving it by the way it's in my top 3 systems i have played ever!)

2011-12-19, 08:17 PM
Trudvang, played and DMd. Played also a little Call of Cthulhu. Also planned to DM traveler, but it never happened.

2011-12-20, 01:27 PM
Fridays are Earthdawn that I run. I tried to make it more like a "typical" D&D campaign as it was designed to retrain D&D players into a new system.
Saturday was a short lived Earthdawn campaign that I got to play in. It ended in a TPK to random mooks.
Sundays is Rolemaster, though everybody else is talking about doing a 3.5 campaign with all the LG modules. Not happy, but I'll tolerate it.

2011-12-20, 01:33 PM
Not nearly enough. That said:
Blood, Sweat, and Steel
Werewolf The Apocalypse

I've also been involved in some game design assistance:
Blood, Sweat, and Steel

Moreover, I've designed a game:
The Iron Fist of New Atlantis